Money Comes from Known and Unknown Sources–Mine & Yours

Money Comes from Known and Unknown Sources–Mine & Yours

Hello Dear Ones!
I have begun Level 4, Immersion 1 today. It is so affirming, and I am so excited to be moving “onward and upward” as Walt Whitman the famous 19th century American poet said. Indeed,”nothing collapses.” I am feeling rich in pocket and mind. I am walking with an insouciance and a swing.

Earlier today I went into the grocery store and bought my favorite rich people’s fruits:cherries and grapes. I didn’t look at the price stamped on the package. I just went to the cashier with the sense that I had the cash in my purse and the purchase would be covered. Fact is, I determined if i had any change left, I would give it to the first homeless person or “spare-change? person” I saw. As it turned out,when I left the store, I saw none. That was unusual as the train station in central Copenhagen where many stores and markets are, is replete with needy,somewhat grubby people. Not today–not for me. So, maybe my vibe is too high to attract that .

What I did attract was a Visa card lying on the ground outside of a salon near some bicycles. I picked it up and went into the shop as it seemed to me that someone in there may have lost it. My intutition was on target, a woman had. I asked if it were someone’s in there, and she was surprised and relieved to have it returned. She didn’t know she had dropped it. This tells me that money does in deed come to me from known and unknown sources, and though this was not mine, it was an indicator that what is mine is coming, manifesting. And even without money, I can help others. How much more will I help when I have more disposable, discretionary income? Best of all, this was an opportunity to introduce myself and my services, so what did I do? I gave her and the shop keeper my business card. Double my known presence and the awareness of my business. Triple it! Quadruple it!

Financial Destiny, Level 3, 5 Immersion

Financial Destiny–Level 3, 5 Immersion

Yesterday I shared that July is always an important month for me. It marks the halfway point of the year and makes me halfway to my next significant birthday. So many things have seemingly happened in July, starting with my mother’s death when I was age 14. She died of cancer on the 4th of July–quite auspicious,no? In that same month of her year of death, I was made a ward of my father’s family and moved from Illinois to Alabama. Quiet a cultural transition;yet part of the path that brings me to you today.
None of my graduations took place in July, but after school was done,I set off,in July for Illinois, only to leave 3 years later, driving across country with certainty to my glamorous and fulfilling new life in California. I arrived on the Fourth of July, which now becomes my beacon day of independence, freedom, hope, self determination.
In the years to come, I fell in and out of love, found work, taught, chased my writing ambitions,married, divorced and went back to school. I arrived in Ohio in July matriculating there 4 years as I pursued my doctorate. In time I arrived again to California where in July 3, 2006(on a short vacation to Las Vegas)I was–surprise of surprise–struck by lightning during an electrical storm there.
Today is the anniversary of that terrifying event, and I am just thankful I am still here to tell the story,and enter another season of my life. I was protected and saved back then, and I see that I managed to come through great loss,health challenges, and near destitution by the Grace of God, all this on the road of a strange prosperity which is leading me to my Financial Destiny. And just think, tomorrow is the 4th of July again,hip hip hurrah. All things work together for good.

Macy’s Day Parade Blimp (Level 3,Immersion 3)

Checking in–Level 3, immersion 3–I am the Macy’s Day Parade Blimp

On the eve of the full moon which is a blood moon this July, I find myself poised for greater wealth, more mobility, and a broader engagement with life. I feel rich and competent, what I see I can have. I do not have to count pennies or check my bank balance. Whatever is in the bank is enough. Whatever I want,even now, is coming to me. I am satisfied that I can have all the money I want, and it is coming through doors and windows I never imagined.
Let me ask: is anyone having sharply different dreams ? Aches and pains, wild rises in energy and activity? I believe that these are the symptoms that the brain retrain is working. Real physical symptoms of energy being released, changes in my body atoms and the frequency of my vibration.I am energized,and omnipotent, I know my capability, my outstanding difference from others my age, race, and gender. It’s humbling and confidence building. I am privileged to have the opportunity at this time in my life. I can hardly hold the joy and the experience. Just call me the Macy’s Day Blimp full of myself and possibilities floating high above New York City, one of the places I clearly see in my out-picturing, visualization. Every July I spring forth. It is my own evolutionary month, as proved by decades of my life. Big things happen for me in July. So why not this extraordinary shift to greater fortune? Hallelujah!

Winning the Game of Money–Helping Others and Being Helped

Level 2,6–Helping Others and being Helped–We All Want to

I am responding to John’s invitation to share who I am and what I have to offfer. This connects in to today’s immersion simultaneously. In his balanced and instructive voice, in the audio John says,”with each passing day, more and more we realize people want to help us achieve our financial goals, and we want to do the same for them. So, his offer today, is a realization of that programming and an opportunity to do just that.

Yesterday Dave Sjol shared some documents from Mark Waldman’s wisdom treasure chest,among them, “My Daily Neuro Cheat Sheet and “20 Proven Ways to Build Life Long Satisfaction.” He sent me copies free of charge and expressly. It was generous and exemplified what John is hoping we can do for each other in the Achievers Community. These addendum to the program and my life will help me, enable me to be even more efficient and empatic in what I do. What do I do?

I am a clairvoyant spiritual healer,public speaker, and educator. I am an author and poet. I advise and lay hands, draw upon my inner God-given knowing and wisdom and teach other’s how to do the same. I use prayer,trance,sound therapy and chakra visualization techniques. You may have already noticed a certain quality of empathy,sincerity, and willingness to encourage and support in my posts. I have been giving of myself self since I started this program, sharing in such a way as to inspire aid and awaken others. I do this for a living. I desire to be a global name, serving the Most High, financially secure, and living well as I aid those that God sends me.

My goals that you can help me with—
1. Becoming a client–I can work with you online, via email or Skype.
I can see you in my office. I can talk to you by phone.
You can pay through Pay Pal,direct deposit to my account, or send cash.
2. Providing me services for promotion and visibility in exchange my advice
3.Introducing me to a publisher for my books, alternately,publishing them
4.Helping me gain more media attention, interviews,demonstrations,etc
5. Inviting me to speak

I am a certified Life Coach, Certified hypnotist, certified Massage Therapist, and I hold a Ph.D. in American Literature and Composition. You may find out more about me by Googling “Shariananda” “Oracle Shariananda” or SDiane Adamz Bogus (sometimes Diane Bogus)
My web address is (testimonies there)
My email is shariananda!gemail.come
Phone in denmark: +45 3966 6999 or +45 5056 3717


Loading the Gun


I had a partner once who liked to use the expression “loaded for bear,” to mean ready to take on the biggest and baddest challenge; it was also a sexual expression meaning ready to make babies with a boat load of sperm. The expression of course also is a term derived from bear hunters who knew it took a strong bullet to kill a charging bear. I tell you now, the season of plenty is fast approaching, and if you’re busy with reviewing your wish lists, and resetting or adjusting your targets from the new year, go sit on the front porch and keep an eye for what’s coming down the road. Your mind is the shotgun and what materializes from your constant and dedicated focus on fulfillment is the fierce bear of your dreams and goals..
I am busy answering phone calls, e-mails and requests for readings as a result of having placed an ad in a Copenhagen publication that offers deals–my deal was a low cost reading/treatment and the response has been tremendous. I can hardly catch a minute to meditate. But I will.
This is the dream that I have held as long as I can remember embracing my psychic gifts to serve humanity. The crows are crying out and they are walking about as if the treasure ship has become beached. The magic and the signs are everywhere. I sit now astounded and overwhelmed, while Vivi smiles Mona Lisa style, knowing her visionary genius has helped me realize this much of the dream for our lives. God bless the sister-girl, my wife. Here’s your Daily Word:

True answers are revealed as I quiet my mind and open my heart.
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Albert Einstein is said to have asserted, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Rather than provide a solution, some thinking may even perpetuate my problems. If I catch myself repeatedly mulling over a problem, I pause. I release the struggle and relax. For every life question in my mind, there is a Divine answer in my heart.

The place from which my problems are solved lies deep within me—where wisdom lives. Resting in my heart, I perceive the presence of wisdom and activate it simply by becoming aware of it. I shift my attention from a busy mind to my knowing heart. All worries dissipate. All struggles cease. In Divine time, the answers come.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.–Luke 12:34

Good Things Happening–Patient Steps

Good Things Happening–Patient Steps

Well, I have been here almost a year and a half as of July 1. Little by little Vivi and I have paved the path before us and our future. We got our papers of temporary residency and identity in order. We worked with the State Church and the Immigration office to marry and validate that marriage. We waited through processing and meanwhile we sought work. Vivi got a new position, and I did not get the Copenhagen U interview. But we did a psychic fair and that launched workshops and our joint gifts working with people. We were waiting for the further establishment of our presence on the scene and offerings as Light workers. The Word-of-Mouth has begun and Viv remembered and connected me with a firm that rents offices by the hour for therapuetic works. With that in place, I could see people in my own office on a by-appointment basis. No overhead! Easy and in order is how it work s with God and the Holy spirit–when it’s right.

Then we connected with Kobenhaven Business Services and have been attending free workshops to learn the ins and outs of doing business in Copenhagen/Denmark. We have drawn up a business plan and we are considered part of the entrepreneurial team that is striving for this years prize of thousands in support operations. Meanwhile, Viv has put up a web page for me. The page allows you to make an appointment or ask a question to be answered by mail, on skype or in my office. I do a weekly video of readings and other topics. Visit me: Last week the Danish magazine Ud & Se did an article on the Red cross Cycle program and featured me prominently. This is a boone. So, we have our ducks lined up.

Now we are about to launch an offer to the whole of the area for either a three card reading, a 1 question ask or a touch reading for only 349dk. We expect to be busy in July until the end of the year–with a small psychic fair in August and another in October, the work and the livelihood is building brick by brick. This we have had to be patient for, taking one step after the other, not sure how it would unfold, but it is unfolding. May your dreams and plans follow the moment by moment, step by step realization of your purpose and needs also.
Here’s your Daily Word:

With energy and strength, I wait.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Patience is an act of confidence that all is unfolding as it should—even when the process takes longer than I had hoped or expected.

Patience is not laziness or indifference. I don’t have to push or force a result in order to feel as if I am making progress. But just as a farmer cannot hurry or worry a harvest into existence, I cannot rush results that must unfold in their own time.

True patience is a silent energy, one that restores and strengthens. I deny power to any feelings of doubt or impatience, and while I wait, I pray. I stay focused on the present moment, comforted by a quiet faith, and patiently expecting the greater good to come.
May you be made strong … and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience.—Colossians 1:11

Attitude of Gratitude–Preamble to Daily Word “gratitude”

(Please follow my website

Today I prayed to God for forgiveness (in this way I forgive myself).
I have been complaining and pissing and moaning about wanting work, a new place to live (more space),a new phone, a new car, a better income and mulling over my health as if it is all down hill.

I hardly ever act this way, but I see that I still have old programming about “things”, my own timing (not divine), and what it means to “age”. I apologized for my inability to think positively about my knees (which have been giving me trouble since I came to Denmark). I apolozied for not being more patient with my progress and my acquistion of more “comforts.” I apologized for thinking hard of V because she misunderstands my need to ocntribute. I have been in a slight funk and it was not clear to me until just yesterday.

So after an acupunctur treatment today, I painlessly walked from the doctor’s office to the train statio, and I stopped at a church along the way. I asked for forgiveness, and talked it over with Spirit. I offered gratitude for what I do have, especailly Viv’s good attention to my needs and education. I felt contrition and relief. To close, I asked for a “red car” passing as a sign that my prayer had been heard. I waited patiently for 3 minutes, a small red stationwagon zoomed by. That proof was not to prove God but to affirm I can create something out of nothing, and that I am in the flow of Spirit. I am so grateful to come back to myself–again. Here’s your Daily Word:
I am grateful for all!
Friday, May 30, 2014

Even when circumstances are not what I hoped for, I find an aspect for which to be grateful. Even when my outer world changes, I am grateful for the unchanging spirit of God in me.

Spirit gives me life. I draw on perfect life with every breath. Spirit provides me love. I am loved unconditionally and I share that love with others. Spirit provides me peace. I liberate myself from burdensome thoughts and struggles as I reconnect with inner stillness.

I am thankful for all that Spirit provides. Although outer conditions shift and change, I remain centered in gratitude for the divine gifts that are mine.

Thank you, God, for everything!
Since we are receiving a

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Prayer of Thanksgiving–

Thank you God for my life
Thank you God for my health
Thank you God for waking me this morning
Thank you God for the activity of my limbs
Thank you God for the sharpness and clarity of my mind
Thank you God for the joy of my heart
Thank you God for answered prayers
Thank you God for the new opportunity in my life
Thank you for the awaking that I am living through
Thank you for my wife and sweetheart, Vivi.
Thank you for the blessing of our union and partnership
Thank you for her complimentary skills, talents, powers, and brillance and zaniness
Thank you that we can work together and heal together, and make things godo together
Thank you God for Izzy’s new home and the love he will receive
Thank you for the time I have had with him and for the time I will again in the future
Thank you for beth’s magnaminity.
Thank you for my family

My new nephew, my aunt Beaulah, my niece, Akasha, my niece Deidre,my niece carla and my nephews: James and Melvin. I thank you for my borther Weddie and my borther Carl.

Thank you for the new people in my life, and the new organizations that are supporting me.

Thank you God for those who follow my work here on Facebook and YouTube.
Thank you for the Spring and the bright sunshine today
Thank you for the prosperity of found and given things
Thank you for healing of old wounds and release of distructi ve inner patterns.
Thank you for the lessons of Denmark, the consolidation of my identities and consciousnes.
Thnak you that I am an American.
Thank you for those who trust me to advise, read or other wise lay hands and energy on their bodies.
Thank you, Thank, for the protection and guidance of each day.
Thank you for making yourself known to me in a way I can underdstand.
Red Amen.

Here’s ther Daily Word:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
In prayer, I commune with Spirit.
I treasure the act of prayer—communing with Spirit about what is on my heart and mind. I may say a prayer of gratitude for a specific blessing, or seek a change in circumstances. I may pray for clarity about a difficult decision or for the needs of a loved one. As I live in constant communication with Spirit, my life becomes a prayer.

Answered prayer comes to me as an opportunity, a divine idea, a sense of hope, or perhaps a serendipitous connection with another. Whenever I pray, I feel connected, one with God. I believe in and expect answered prayers. I pray for “This or something better,” and I give thanks. As my prayers are answered, my faith grows.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;

Easter Blessing–Preamble to the Daily Word

Easter Blessings
Easter Sundays of my past were always dress up days. As a child or an adult, I got new clothes or wore my best looking frock–with hat–to church. This was a symbol of renewal. Church on those Sundays was always full. Folk who had not come in months or for the whole year, in fact, showed up for the festivities and sermon.
The children had always been collected and taught dramatic presentations of the Easter story, and they would step forward and rattle off their little poem-like sentiment for the occasion
What you looking at me for?
I didn’t come to stay.
I’m just here to to tell you
It’s Happy Easter Day!
Their little exposiitions were always the best part of the day at church–next to the community pot luck that followed. But the sermon was always a dramatic elocution from the shameful denigration of Jesus to the triumphant resurrection “Come Easter Sunday morning!” The blood of Jesus was spilled for the nations, to show God’s love for us. This is the teaching, but the great news is not in the brutal and harsh death of Christ, but in the splendid message of His over-coming death. That we do not die, that we are eternal. So blessed be upon your mortal body and the Spirit that animates it. And greater awakening to the Spirit that you are who owns and controls that body. Just remember, it is only a machine for your motal use. You are no less a daughter or son of God and alreay transcendent.

Here’s your Daily Word:

Friday, April 18, 2014
I am one with the Christ of my being.
Good Friday signifies the day on which Jesus was crucified and laid in the tomb. It symbolizes the process of transformation followed by resurrection. We can see it as a time to rest in God and enter into a higher state of consciousness as we release what no longer serves our spirit.

Today I prepare for my own transformation as I retreat from the world and enter the Silence. In this sacred space, I let go of any worry or fear. I release any sense of inadequacy or doubt. I let go of anything separating me from the love of God.

At rest in Oneness, I reawaken to my spiritual nature. I am one with the light and life of the indwelling Christ.

Now there was a garden in the place where he was crucified, and in the garden there was a new tomb in which no one had ever been laid.—John 19:41

“Peace Like”-a Preamble to the Daily Word–“world peace”

Peace Like (c)2014 SDiane Adamz-Bogus (aka Shariananda)

Peace like a still life painting
Peace like a baby sleeping
Peace like self-satisfaction
Peace like grandma rocking
Peace like sleeping wasps nests
Peace like the receded tide
Peace like melting chocolate
Peace like the silent mount
Peace after the night has passed
Peace like the mind gone empty
That’s how the Peace of God lasts.

Here’s the Daily Word:
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
I emanate peace and love to all the world.
If I have been feeling angry or critical, I recognize that I may be disconnected from God’s peace within. Today I rise above these feelings, release them, and reconnect with the presence of God in me. As I meditate, I feel divine love moving in and through me. Loving-kindness begins to emanate from me to each person I meet.

Love is the greatest harmonizing force in the world. It dissolves any feelings of negativity or judgment. It fills my heart with peace.

As I discover and express the peace of God, I share it with others. As I do, they, too, awaken to peace within. As each individual recognizes and expresses peace and love, the world is blessed. One person at a time, we contribute to a world of peace.

A harvest of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace.—James 3:18