Compounded Interest, Level 7,2, Pun Intended

Compounded Interest, Level 7, 2, Pun Intended

I began Level 7 yesterday, but it was such a surprise and drubbing that I came away numb. The new level accelerates the wealth reprogramming we already have undergone. It is tri-furcated with a sub-dubbing of John’s voice. It repeats and echoes, climbing over itself, coming up from below, snaking round the inner mind, and exiting in hallways of thought and rememberance.

The previous lessons at the previous levels return like the adages of a guru, they affirm, they direct, they encourage, they declare. Where one sentence leaves off another begins, while yet another returns and rumbles beneath. It is phenomenal, like the echoes in a fun house,his voice–calm,soothing,clear, knowing, bounces about the inner cranium like a set of colored ping pong balls inside a lottery globe. It is a challenge and very foolish–I discovered–to try to follow one line of reiteration, for crossing it is another, and yet another. It all was a ticklish kind of force feeding far too advanced for my comprehension. And I think that is the point.

At this level we find just what we have taken in and what not. I was particularly jolted by phrases like “and you are” “financial destiny” “you can earn all the money you want”,”money comes from sources known and unknown”. “Double it!” It’s as if I’d met a classmate on the road of life, and we stood chatting about our old professor whose teachings we recalled: “Do you remember how he used to say,’You now have all the intelligence you need to earn all the money you want?'” “Yes, yes, he was a trip!” Yea, he was that!” But he taught us a millionaire’s mind set!” Haaa haaa
Imagine all of us at one time or the other meeting in the moment or in the future, sharing this collective experience, could we say it has been with (and brought us) a compounded interest?compounded interest

Macy’s Day Parade Blimp (Level 3,Immersion 3)

Checking in–Level 3, immersion 3–I am the Macy’s Day Parade Blimp

On the eve of the full moon which is a blood moon this July, I find myself poised for greater wealth, more mobility, and a broader engagement with life. I feel rich and competent, what I see I can have. I do not have to count pennies or check my bank balance. Whatever is in the bank is enough. Whatever I want,even now, is coming to me. I am satisfied that I can have all the money I want, and it is coming through doors and windows I never imagined.
Let me ask: is anyone having sharply different dreams ? Aches and pains, wild rises in energy and activity? I believe that these are the symptoms that the brain retrain is working. Real physical symptoms of energy being released, changes in my body atoms and the frequency of my vibration.I am energized,and omnipotent, I know my capability, my outstanding difference from others my age, race, and gender. It’s humbling and confidence building. I am privileged to have the opportunity at this time in my life. I can hardly hold the joy and the experience. Just call me the Macy’s Day Blimp full of myself and possibilities floating high above New York City, one of the places I clearly see in my out-picturing, visualization. Every July I spring forth. It is my own evolutionary month, as proved by decades of my life. Big things happen for me in July. So why not this extraordinary shift to greater fortune? Hallelujah!

Being Friends, Choosing Friends–A preamble to the Daily Word

Being Friends, Choosing Friends

When I was a girl, living in Chicago, my friends were not chosen. They were incidental to my elementary school life. I may have become “friends” by being a “talking acquaintance” in gym, during morning recess, or in holding hands in rows of two as we were ushered through the hallways by our teacher. I tended to adore my friends, thinking them better off than I, or living in better homes with calmer conditions. I could be easily lead to small shop lifting or mischievous class-clown pranks or lead to spend my lunch money on sweets just to be a part of the crowd. If I lost favor with a friend, I would chase behind that one until I made it right on any terms. I did not value myself above what they thought of me. I just wanted to be included in our circle of separation from other groups of kids. That pattern lasted a while.

In high school I made friends on the basis of seating in the classroom, also of like interests in chosen courses and with those who were “the smart ones.” I could always get help with homework this way, and be thought of as a smart one, too by the company I kept. It never occurred to me that I was really of the same ilk as those I associated with. I followed trends with my school mates but I didn’t follow the wrong crowd and get in trouble. An improvement over elementary school. I struck out on my own occasionally,too!

In college, I made friends based on the roommate(s) I was assigned, and the study or lab partner my teachers paired me with. I joined a sorority. I also made friends in my areas of interest writing club, broadcast, track, and teaching. Some friends came at parties, some at civil right’s meetings. I learned civil disobedience at the level of pot smoking and non-passive resistance. I learned sex was a responsible passport to adulthood and a membership card among the coeds. I realized my individuality and difference in a heterosexual reality governed by gender role behavior. Friendships came under fire. Hard balance. Kept a few.

In graduate years of schooling, my friends came from course seminars and parties and a few scholars who liked my writing and points of view. They were the audience for my performances, and I was the ears for their paper presentations. These friendships born of idealism were rich and inspiring.But many evolved onward with the good memory of drinking or eating together, taking tests,and teaching or being taught together.

In later life, as I moved from city to city, employment to employment, my friends grew out of mutuality and proximity, as well as conjoined life experience as workers, or women, or lesbians, or political animals.Some of us stood at each others weddings or were present at the birth of a child. Some of us referred one another to our next job, or attended the funeral of other friends together. We visited; we share our achievements. Many of these friends are still in my life. Many allow me to still be in theirs.Some write recommendations on LinkedIn, some show up on or some drop me emails through Facebook, and some I phone chat with or write by post. Some are lynch pins in my maturity and development as a person.

They are friends because we are in touch and occasionally support each others’ lives financially or emotionally. some of us live far apart. Most of us are not the same people we were at the start of our friendships, but the bond is binding not defining. We remember who we have been and applaud each other as we evolve. Friends can be divided into categories of intimacy and activity,but no matter the degree of intimacy or the nature of activity as old friends(continuing friends),we value friendship because the entire history of friend making has taught us the progressive value of the instinct to befriend.

Special shout out to: Ida, Gwen, Theal, Daisy,Trilby, Elani, Ann S., Ann M., Marquita, Diana H., Three-J, Teresa, Jackie, Rosa Mendoca, Chris G., Al P. and Joe C.

Here’s your Daily Word

The love of God is expressed through my friends.
Saturday, July 26, 2014

One way the love of God expresses is through friendship. I feel valued and valuable as I connect with my friends. They deepen my experience of life, and our camaraderie is mutually supportive.

With encouraging words and supportive actions, we lift one another’s spirits. We share times of joy and adversity, growing together in friendship. We accept each other as we are and hold faith in positive outcomes for one another. We share a love that has no opposition, only respect, kindness, and a sense of ease.

As I encourage, reassure, or console a friend, I am expressing Divine Love and that love is expressed back to me.
All of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind.—1 Peter 3:8