Testimonies from clients

Oracle Shariananda’s Testimonials


“Goood” … written by jwin

“Great reading. She has a warm personality and very funny.” … written by lavendergirl
“She is very accurate and fun to work with!” … written by snowwhite75

“Very helpful. I feel at peace! I will take heed to what was said to me and I expect to prosper.” … written by jaysmith74
“Thanks for the reading…:)” … written by kaur
“Very helpful and has a great personality!” … written by mike93atl
“Thank you mam! You’ve made me smile with your happy attitude, that I’m sure I will take with me through out the whole day of my birthday! I love the frankness. Keep it up.” … written by Jacquelyn0307
“I don’t even know where to begin! She was extremely accurate on every aspect of my life… from my relationship, children, and finances. All I can say is WOW!” … written by lovin1891

“She was totally right on !!!!!!!!!!! You have to try her ! Very fast and accurate reading.” … written by solsticeva
“Sharianandashe is very good. Her reading is very clear and she’s helpful and fun! I will return for new readings with her!” … written by LucyLulu
“Very fast and funny? I really enjoyed my reading, I will be back.” … written by mimatisse
“Thank you for all ur love and help will try to do as u advise xxxx” … written by tashamichael
“I was fasnicated by her job. She is very fast to the point and very accurate true psychic. She is also caring funny and gives nice advice !!! I recommend her to everyone.” … written by sharianandafan

“Excellent!!!” … written by Eternety
“Thanks for my reading.” … written by shortcake2012
“Super! Always on point!” … written by Poundcake45
“Shariananda. Love her. She’s so fast, gets right to the point, and doesn’t mess around. Wise woman. Very psychic.” … written by Vivien
“I enjoyed the healing it flowed very nicely and was very insightful.” … written by TressSat515

“It is really too bad we can’t answer to messages you sent personally. I was very touched by what you said. I have this feeling of warm and kindness received from you. I will follow advices you gave me (probably because I knew it from the very beginning), at least I ll try. It is very hard to be appart from someone you truly love, knowing that sometimes the only thing that keeps people appart is fear of being safe and loved. But you hit it right on I think… we will see with time what comes along. Thank you again !! + you are a crazy laughing person, you really got me a blast and I needed it! Thx” … written by Jujupette
“Thank you Shariananda for all your help always! Your so wonderful and I love love your chat room! ” … written by Annde25

“This is a truly special and gifted lady whom I will always return to for readings, energy work/healings and soon hopefully to comunicate with my mom who has passed away. Next time Shari! Be blessed and I am forever greatful for your help. Daisy” … written by CountryDaisy
“Excellent reading.” … written by simplyred_1971
“What a joy to speak with her and hear her clairity. Thank you so much, be blessed and be well my friend.” … written by CountryDaisy
“She was very understanding. She has me the truth about past relationship. Shariananda said that I need let myself heal. It is the truth.. She is the seven person tell me the same things. She is very excellent and have a great insight. Thank Ms. andamp;quot;Oandamp;quot;” … written by oliverc
“Thank you for your good info. and kindness Shariananda is a great listen with understanding. She is great great person with a good spirit. Ms. andamp;quot;Oandamp;quot;” … written by oliverc

“She is amazing! Very straight to the point. ” … written by olenka
“She was on point and I thank her really insightful reading!” … written by sapphire456
“Right on point.” … written by brownsugar33
“Very very good and understanding. Lovely lady.” … written by jackiei
“She is spot on! crazy crazy crazy!!!!” … written by Sandy028

“Great reading…” … written by jp
“She was great, accurate and to the point within 2 minutes.” … written by Aries3912
“Shariananda said some powerful things to me and she was very accurate. I appreciate her very much. ” … written by sapphire456
“Very accurate. She is worth it. She doesn’t waste your time. she is excellent. Thank You so much.” … written by vania15
“I have gotten many readings from Shariananda. She never fails to help me. She has helped me understand my purpose and journey in life. I thank God for her help and others on Oranum. Must try her! You won’t regret it.” … written by candee

“Great!” … written by curious12no
“Love her! Awesome!” … written by gittyup1945
“I like how she works she has a warm and helpful heart for sure! Only time will tell for predictions.” … written by SadSong
“Was very good. Knew what she was talking about kind heart gentle soul and wise woman. I recommend over and over. Thank you.” … written by Sortinglaundry
“Great work. She was able to guide me through my spiritual journey and confirmed my path. All love for you from Canada.” … written by Mordillo98

“Very good reading thanks, hard to hear the truth.” … written by L
“Awesome reader and person!” … written by Leeza
“She was awesome! Very good and accurate.” … written by Leeza
“Shariananda, she is a person you can rely on when you need her shes thier to talk to you ‘the reason why i keep comin back here caused i know i can find a new reason to move on and i know she will help me to tell me whats goin on with my loveones… in diferrent dimensions….thanks to you you are so kind and great…” … written by fallbegun4u
“She was very energetic and was great!!!! must see…she was great!!!” … written by scadoodle
“Good words of wisdom!” … written by MySinfulGrace

“She was great πŸ™‚ Felt such a connection with her! So down to earth and completely accurate! The best.” … written by neletsonya93oo
“She’s really good! So glad I found her!!!!” … written by peachyrose3
“Shariananda is absolutely spot on!!! Her knowledge is beyond and great to have her read me indeed!!… Thank you Shari!!… very lovely person to talk too and very happy lady!!… Absolutely a pleasure for your time, take care and God bless!! xx” … written by janet1674
“Thank you so much Shari!!! You made me feel so much better about my situation!!” … written by sapphire456
“Excellent read. Very wise. Tells you straight out the truth. ” … written by Sortinglaundry

“Fantastic, thank you!” … written by Angelwingss7
“She was fast and said it as it is!” … written by serinaserina
“Wonderful, spot on ready. Especially about where I right am today. My health, my career, my love life. She is extraordinary and inspires me! Thanks Shari!!!” … written by Elizabeth80
“Awesome and accurate. Will come back again :D” … written by darenong
“Thank you! πŸ™‚ ” … written by libraj16

“Thank you:)” … written by lavelaso
“Reading was great, got some wisdom and insight that I needed to hear!!” … written by Dazzle82
“Thank you for the reading. I got good advice’s to my situation. Much recommended.” … written by Martina-
“She was right on point, excellent and she knows what she’s doing. She is deep and real honest.” … written by vonjay1990
“I had a private trance session that was amazing. I immediately felt she was connected to my soul and could see the needs of my journey. Through creative visualization and sensory guidance she took me to places within my chakras that our mine…will always be available to me for wisdom, support, and guidance. I feel she has the gift clearing a path for your soul. I will write of my experience in my book as it has become part of my spiritual journey. Grateful eternally.” … written by redwritergirl

“SHARIANANDA reading was fast and on point. She confirmed just what I needed and I appreciated her advise and guidance on my situation. I will defiantly do another reading with her and recommend her, ” … written by Dazzle82
“She is gods work, she is a light, a hope and heart of truth, seek her for more, more is thee word.” … written by purplecloud
“My conversation with her was probably one of the most amusing I’ve ever had on here.. full of laughs, warmth, and great energy. And most importantly she gave me some great advice and it was exactly what I needed to hear.” … written by iPreferMimi
“She is nice thoughtful and very funny but of course insightful and connects immediately. Wonderful advice!” … written by ikroyal
“Very accurate, right on the money. Tells it like it is!” … written by KS

“I am so bless to have meet this lady” … written by cuteface1972
“It was awesome” … written by cuteface1972
“Shariananda was wonderful!! Her reading was very delightful, honest and sincere. I highly recommend her, once my reading was up I asked her if there was anything else she would like to share before I went… her message was to take care of my feet and stop wearing those hard boots!!! I went to the Dallas Cowboy game yesterday and wore boots, my feet starting to hurt so I took them off and walked in socks for the rest of the day!! I could not believe that confirmation!!! Amazing…. ” … written by bflow1
“This was a very detailed and insightful reading thanks. She picked up on my situation very clearly. Bless.” … written by Denisenz
“Great!!!” … written by olenka

“Realy nice person, easy to talk to! God bless her!” … written by darhorse
“Thank you Shari, it was our first chat, I’ve waited long for this. Asked an important question I couldn’t ask someone I don’t know.” … written by Phoenix79
“Very Nice and respectful. I loved the prayer in the beginning of the session it brings an authenticity. ” … written by FancyAParis
“Good advice – thanks.” … written by hard2break
“Great energy connected.” … written by veezee

“Really good thank you and blessings.” … written by Angelwingss7
“Had a reading where she contacted my dog…amazing. If you need to contact a deceased pet please go see her. Such a beautiful moment for me.” … written by Australiana16
“Very helpful brings hope back… thank you.” … written by sukkar7911
“Very Insightful.” … written by Ufoundme42nite
“I love her! She’s very kind and helpful, and fast too when you need it. I’ll be here for a long time. She makes me feel very nice.” … written by holydoll

“She is like an angel and she has a very caring spirit…” … written by mal0522
“She can sense a lot and direct you. She is person to help you.” … written by purplecloud
“Amazing! πŸ™‚ I got to spoke with my grandfather! πŸ™‚ There is no words to say how grateful I am! :)” … written by HeidiKristiina
“Shariananda gave me a wonderful, spirit filled reading. Highly recommended, thank you!” … written by crystalline2
“She has a heart of gold πŸ™‚ ” … written by HeidiKristiina

“Excellent, consoling, and warm person! I would recommend to anyone!! Thank you so much.” … written by mysticwaters808
“Shariananda is wonderful. She is Very insightful, connects right away, and tap into the situation quite well. I also appreciate the healing energy she sent me. Tysm 5 stars~~” … written by Tanny6
“Nice reading …. Connected fast.” … written by Scorpio1112
“Magical, uplifting, motivating. I felt like I was talking to my sister. Lovely and sincere. A must for pvt read.” … written by fretan
“Always love Shariananda! She’s the real deal and such a pleasure and non judgemental!!!” … written by Australiana16

“Good I enjoyed you u are so correct. ” … written by sunshyn56278
“Love her” … written by gittyup1945
“Very quick and connected right away!” … written by xtine930
“She has a common sense approach… and she helped my headache disappear…” … written by javawriter
“Thank you Shariananda, It’s always a pleasure dealing with you when I am having a crisis situation, you help me pull it together with myself. Love and Light!” … written by fpinkney

“Thank you, i will do the right thing, I have been dealing with this for 6 years and it’s time for me to go back home….Thank you, thank you deborah!” … written by Babygirl1617
“She connected very well to my situation and I felt at peace after.” … written by annimca47
“5 stars!!! She did a body reading and she knew about the pain I’ve had and what was wrong!! She’s so honest and beautiful and so much fun to talk to!! She understands 100 percent !!! :)!!! She knew my whole body head to toe and picked up on everything health-wise!! Very helpful and I will definitely be back, you’re so spot on 100 percent and I’m so thankful for your time!! xxxooo Love always and lots of light! πŸ™‚ xxxx You’re the best!” … written by bunny222222
“Shari is amazing. She is out of this world. She is so gentle, so kind, so loving and so warm. Her patience and her love for all , always draws me in.” … written by white9000
“Very fun and bright and worth the time. I’ll be back for sure. Thank you dear, much love.” … written by Snowscape

“I appreciate this lady putting in her whole heart into our reading, I feel terrible for asking questions on horrible things that happened to me, she gave me answers very specifically and you can see how her whole heart goes into every reading, Thank you Shariananda, I will come back again to your room, and I appreciate so much all your time, and your care. Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.” … written by bunny222222
“Thanks” … written by mariela3009
“I’ve had the chakra tuning I am at peace at the moment.” … written by icyrain203
“Very insightful and extremely friendly. Will be visiting back more often.” … written by hungerfordt2012

“She was great.” … written by tessag
“It was absolute delight speaking to her about my problem and helped me clear my thoughts. She is also very respectful. I thank her. ” … written by vaagisha
“I understood everything and am on my way to doin it all. I just moved and getting settled into the new place, getting the feel of the area and plan on going to outings in town to meet people. Thnx Sharianda.” … written by VenusianWoman
“Had a body scan and was told a lot. She picked up on things that I suspected and will be getting checked at the doctors for sure now. Thank you. xxx” … written by Australiana16
“She gave clairvoyance of the safety of my dog who ran away with a few years ago with a clear description. Even tho my dog is not with me it gave a peace at mind. Thnx Shariananda ” … written by Nina_Lovely

“I came here with a question and she answered it for me!! She answered my question really fast because I didn’t have much credits and she did an amazing job!!! I now know I will stay strong and work this out and my family will stay together and well be on the right path thank you!!!” … written by nicolemarie1214
“Got a body scan, got some interesting information. Thank you :)” … written by Fairytales82
“This lady did a fantastic body scan and pin-pointed a problem. She gave loving and kind advice, very accurate. I will be back!” … written by SunshineLynn
“Being with Shariananda is a beautiful spiritual experience. She is a healer and she is surrounded by the light of God. I highly recommend her.” … written by sara
“Very good reader! Highly recommended!” … written by misty

“This woman is truly a healer and has a God given gift that she has welcomed. She is a kind and beautiful soul and I wish her all the blessings in the world! She is a true and honest person!” … written by Modele
“She is good! Please get a reading from her its worth it.” … written by gittyup1945
“Great advice!!” … written by TravlFunLove
“You are amazing… Thank you for sharing your gift with us :)” … written by VisarHadri
“Thanks for the wonderful healing.” … written by thanya

“Thanks for the reading. It connects.” … written by thanya
“Shariananda gave me great advice about a job offer I have been made. She helped me feel confident about my decision, and her reading was prompt. I reccommend her to others!” … written by gingerroot
“Seemed to have a certain presence when i looked at her picture but she was great” … written by mumbee29
“She is very good, we connected very well and helped me to understand my situation.” … written by sak777
“My first trance journey was amazing! It somewhat made me feel lighter and release all those hidden emotions and bondages I have that don’t want to have anymore. Thank you my dear friend!” … written by CCONIE

“Thanks for the advice. Too short time though. ” … written by LS7779
“Her energy is soo powerful!! You can feel it every time she reads me! And knows exactly whats on my mind. This is my second reading with her and definitely do more!” … written by Nina_Lovely
“I love Sharianada, I have chosen her because she is not only a reader but I look up to her for guidance. I feel comfortable with her.” … written by fpinkney
“Shariananda is awesome, great reading, Thank You!” … written by Angelwingss7
“This lady is the real deal! She was able to tell me everything that I wanted to know. Thanks alot!” … written by RaeAri
“Thank you!” … written by harmonyS

“I really like talking to her. Will be back. We connect and she connects really well with me!” … written by hoping2351
“Fantastic, big help thanks.” … written by kirsty
“She did give me a great reading and picked up on everything. Loved the reading. ” … written by Junekay
“Thank you… Straight to the point ” … written by bernyrose
“Awesome spiritual reading. Thanks for the prayer!” … written by afcsher
“I found Shariandand to be ever so loving and sincere as she spoke from her light within, making contact with my deceased father and bringing me back to my senses as to what I must now do inorder to bring harmony back into my life. She told me to remember to ‘Do the work”, which now I must do. Thankyou Shariandanda. You are love itself. ” … written by Carol

“Thank you Oracle! You were very fast and very accurate! I am glad I had this private!” … written by HappyUnicorn
“Thank you and you were so right and I have to change alot in my life in order to seek happiness but I think the guy ur talkin about was This guy im with and I think its time but I dont want to be alone and I have been seeking in being a nurse but I dont think Im ready yet. I just want to know its this path Im on was right and its not . I wanted to ask you about my son father and is he my true love? Thanks you alot chat with u soon.” … written by mollywat
“She said things that hit close to home. Wow!” … written by imyoyo
“Shariananda is a compassionate psychic, a healer and she can see into your heart. I send love and respect.” … written by sarabr780
“good” … written by goldfish12

“Awesome. ” … written by hoping2351
“Shari is always on point.” … written by icyrain203
“Great reading..” … written by Domz
“I really enjoyed my reading, the guidance, insight and the nature my reading was delivered was provided with great quality and standard. Shariananda, has a very clear voice and I was happy that I could understand her explain, deliver and answer my questions during my private reading. I highly recommend Shariananda. She is worth her weight in gold, an absolute lovely, lovely reader.. xx” … written by Lee aka Ozgurl7
“She is such a joy to talk too…….very open, honest and understanding and full of insight and perspectives. ” … written by linda

“Sharinanda is a very honest and straightforward psychic. She tells it like it is. Thanks for your honesty.” … written by Ebonee51
“Nice lady with honest answers.” … written by elle11
“Wow, you are a pearl on this community. You are so kind lovely and give spiritual but also analytical (logical) advice. You just let it happen and you come up with spot on answers. You even come up with things I didn’t ask, and that for me says something about your clairvoyance. At the end, you blessed me with you “divine” words, and it really touched me in my heart! Thank you for positive predictions and advice that confirmed the path I am going!” … written by djollie jumper
“THIS WAS ONE OF MY BEST READINGS.” … written by birthdaycake123
“Very conscientious, looks to focus on issues. gave some good advice” … written by hamijetlobo

“Very helpful ” … written by suzie1961
“Quick to pick up on things” … written by jb
“Love you Shari! God be with you always!” … written by sara
“She is amazing :)” … written by Stephanie
“What a lovely woman and so insightful and confident in what she says. I look forward to hearing re job opportunities and will be back soon to update. Blessings.” … written by kaps

“What a precious woman. Did an energy clearing with her. Feel much better – Cleared, lighter and balanced. Exceptional. Thank you so much. God bless you. :)” … written by WhiteStag
“Very quick and accurate. Gave me the message I needed to hear.” … written by Joanne
“Thank you and very kind lady!!” … written by shopgirl
“Sweet Helpful Lady. ” … written by Ally
“Amazing!!!! v nice lady. Calm, clear, will visit again soon!” … written by fretan

“Wow! Right on track with my past, present, and told me about my future. She is so brilliant and knows what she is talking about. I recommend her and will come back for more readings from her.” … written by 6borntobeme9
“A very honest lady who had total understanding of how I felt about myself without me saying. Shariananda gave me guidance and advice and I know I will be having many more privates with her to keep me on my path. Thank you” … written by shaz
“Wonderful woman great advice. Thank you very insightful.” … written by Ladymysterious
“Thank you Shari. It was a pleasant session, where i discovered a lot of truth :)” … written by AppleBite707
“It was a short reading and at first I thought that it was going to be another basic reading where i get ask a lot of questions but as it went along fast she beging to dig deeper and deeper and I felt the connection, it was almost like she was sitting here with me, she is …words can not describe it..excellant, great and did not sugar coat anything.. get a reading by her today!!” … written by javonne

“Great reading, been looking for so long and finally got Shariananda’s attention.” … written by coco_love
“She was great, I trust her… Very accurate lady.” … written by spirit
“She hit on some truths but ran out of time” … written by misty1575
“She is a mother, she is a sister, she is a friend and she is telling you about your path and how you should walk it. The healing therapy she makes is intense and strong. Thanks you, Shari, it is my pleasure to know you:))))” … written by shay
“My time in Shariananda’s pvt placed a smile on my face! I will give deep thought to what was said. She is one of the few people I would consult with. I am glad visited today!” … written by Ben

“So fun, so nice!!! So insightful!!! Just love it!” … written by Cintia
“She is the BOMB the best!!!! I just love me some SHARIANANDA!!!!! consider a private reading, she is accurate truthful and just doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. I appreciate her honesty I will continue to get private reading from her and recommend her to all. Shariananda you are a Blessing thank you for your insite.” … written by lrachell314

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