The Peace Garden in the Hood Shariananda’s Meditation on a Life Journey

S garden headshot.JPG The road back through time and memory is fraught with the demons of the past and the wonders of rebirth in the present. This summer just past, I left my five-year–new home in Copenhagen,Denmark to revisit my natal home in Illinois, including parts where dwell my family, and friends-who-are-like-family. This was July 1, 2017.

No matter how many times I have returned to Chicago,in my mind’s eye, and in reality,  it is always the city by the lake where the iconic skyline stands silhouetted against a distant sky, pregnant with moody clouds; it stands against harsh Northern winds off Lake Michigan. The summers are deceptive, ever so hot, ever so busy, with traffic streaming along the lake front;  while other vehicles grunt along the packed, serpentine expressways. Day or night time, the city is lighted by it’s own reputation, by the gossip of midnight-good-times, and the sound and gabble of the all–too–frequent gun horrors. From this memory and opinion, I had long ago escaped. Though my brothers, who made their lives there, at a point, could have easily become a Laquan McDonald, a Treyvon Martin, or a Michael Brown. God be praised, not all the sons of the women in my family have been as fortunate: two of my once young male relatives live off and on behind bars; another one, older than I, is now deceased, having lived the hip life of a player too fast,too long.

I was born in the winter in this city upon the Illini plains, and the Hawk blew me away to the South in the 60`s.  Once I had returned from the red clay and uncivil wars of  Alabama, (l970), I taught and lived in the Windy City for three years. Living within me was the pressed ugly memories of  the death of Emmett Til, and the horrid brutalities of errant law enforcement; chilling me was the reports of drug crimes deaths in alleyways; and the reports of miscreant political dealings in high and low places, all of which established the furtive lowering of blinds, the redundant front door and back door blockades with wrought iron;  each resident of those times became a resigned witness living in suspicious neighborhoods, domiciled in anxious, unsafe households. This is my picture, this is the attitude. Or shall I say was.

I found after my arrival, that the front porch in the neighborhood on the Southside where my 100- year -old aunt still lives, dares to be a rampart for fresh air, where she and my cousins, other neighbors share an unguarded hoot and holler with neighbors who have lived “on the block”,”in the hood” for more than 40 years. The streets have the familiar curbside litter, but not the degradation of  a destitute ghetto, No, contrary to the broad national reports in the news, in the newspapers, about gun violence and the terror in the streets, in this Chicago neighborhood, residents, carry on as if there is not a worry in the world. They maintain routines of waking, eating, cleaning, talking, tv watching ,ignoring the worry of an addict behind the boarded up windows. They blot out the would-be drug dealer or a gun totting loser waiting to pounce, burgularize, murder or batter. No, not even  the careless parking of cars on unimproved city-owned lots seems to be an affront to their casual acceptance and promotion of life as it ought be, life as life goes on. Bills are paid, children are born, barbers cut hair, block parties blare, and the grey stone houses stand.

 It is a sunny day in July, the 4th of July to be exact. The City of Chicago is partying non-stop in every neighborhood and downtown in the Loop. Flags fly Bar-b-que fragrances the air; folks stroll in miscellaneous outfits of red, of white, of blue, with wreckless stars  and strips on caps and shoes to described their independence. I get brave. I take a walk. It is up the block and, lo!

I discover, a little set-aside cove. It is quiet, slightly surrounded by modest bushes, and with a stone slab pathway–a labyrinth–placed in an S-shape on the ground. There are wooden benches in the manner of the Japanese . There are lotus plants. I am amazed. On the wall of the building, which belongs to St. Stephens Church, reads the word: PEACE. I look around. There is a man seated in a comfortable lean,thinking, maybe, waiting. But there,out in the open. He is not under assault. He is free to sit, to meditate.

The church itself sits across the empty street which welcomes little traffic, so today there are no hot rods zooming, across the speed bumps.  Next to the church, is an empty lot of children. They’re playing kickball; Several t-shirted men laugh and jive, and mothers watch a few girls jump rope. It is astonishing to me. It is so normal and wholesome, and I wonder at my prejudice. I am of a mind to sit in the garden, to trust the Spirit that has allowed a new vision for this neighborhood, for myself. I have found a living possibility. It is there for whomever seeks.

I walk the labyrinth, it is short, but not without meaning in slow motion.  I sit, and trust to close my eyes. On another day, an SUV will roll through with the speaker blaring rap music and it will disrupt the peace, but not today. Today “the Hood” is in nearly an imperceptable motion toward. It is a future born in the present. This little copse of stone and flora offers a different pathway of  being; today the Peace Garden testifies to hope. I have come back as a witness.


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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

Well, I am at a crucial juncture. I can move ahead and get my own office in a health and healing building or I can wait to save more cash. I get “Go Now!” from the Ascended Masters and “Yes” from the card “Ganesh.”
The clientele are still coming as a result of my advertisement and the word of mouth is travelling. There’s really no reason to wait, but I do not want to jump too soon. Today’s Daily Word encourages me. What I want to know is do any of you make decisions using the Daily Word?

I have the power to accomplish all things.
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life has given me many opportunities. I have acted on some and released others. What makes the difference between saying yes or no is a belief. Do I believe I have what it takes?

Before seizing any new opportunity, it is natural to feel fear. I cannot know how this adventure will end, but I know I am divinely supported. With faith, I face any fear and bravely take the leap from opportunity to action.

When I say yes and decide to move forward, the Universe lines up to support me. Energy wells up from within and any cloud of confusion clears away. Circumstances fall into place as Spirit supports my soul’s unfoldment. Through the power of Spirit within, I make the most of life’s opportunities.
A wide door for effective work has opened to me.—1 Corinthians 16:9

The Joy of Success–A preamble

The Joy of Success

These days I am enjoying the steady flow of clients for readings and insight. They leave messages at my YouTube pages; they call by phone, and they send e-mails for written responses to their dilemmas. I am seeing quite a few weekly in office also. The best part is my energy is undiminished;I am gaining more and more for the work, and I am grateful and happy.

The recent psychic fair, “Mini-Messe” at Astrologihuset in Copenhagen was a success also, though under attended. I met several new colleagues and had good exchanges of readings and chat with them. Vivi and I brought some new presentations to their circles–different signage,posted services and charges, as well as gifts of candy and cookies for meandering visitors. We provided recordings of the readings for those who desired them. We were told that the word is out about my gifts, and it was gratifying to read for some of the other professionals and to hear their feed-back on my accuracy and style.

I am thinking now of making an investment in my own office space, so I can book as I choose and leave my belongings there. I will still be at 41 Norregade. So joy rides about like a maid in the morning on a young unicorn. Please continue to follow me at if you can stay a while when you visit my videos at YouTube–it’ll help my statistics! Thanks.
Here’s the Daily Word:

As joy fills my heart, I share it with the world.
Thursday, August 7, 2014

The joy I feel in my heart can have an amazing effect on my life. My body responds to joy with increased strength and vitality; my interactions are energized and meaningful; my workplace can be transformed from any sense of drudgery into an exciting arena of creativity and abundance—as I allow my joy to express.

The poem “Ode to Joy,” by Friedrich Schiller, is one the author considered a failure. But his words of joy inspired Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which is often employed in movies to raise the energy level and has been adopted as the Anthem of Europe. That is what joy does—it spreads and inspires.

As I contemplate the joy in my heart and the many reasons I have to be joyful, I show my joy and share it with the world.

Make a joyful noise to God.—Psalm 66:1

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say–a preamble

Say What You Mean, Meaning What You Say

Democrat Alcee L. Hastings called the Republican House on it’s decision and radification of a law suit against President Obama. He says it is “a frivolous lawsuit on steroids” and that it by-passes so many truly needful initiatives that ought to be under expedited and serious consideration such as repairing city infra-structure, (Washington’s full of potholes) or (among other issues) dealing with the immigration crisis at our borders.

The Health Care Act and the improved Economy are two big plus marks in the column for Presidental Achievement. The Equal Pay Act, and the Increase in Minimum wage are worthy of praise and remembrance.

It is just encouraging to me that members of Congress will speak their truth to powers that be and not bite their tongue. I only wish the Nation would rise up and March on the House of Representatives with an eye to impeach and throw out those obstructionist power mongers who seek to enrich their lot and keep the Country choking on the corporate stranglehold that these unworthy elected officials promulgate.

Is there nothing we can do as a body politic? We voted them in; let’s take some action to get them out–now–don’t wait for elections—Free Our Country Now! Here’s the Daily Word.

My intentions shape my experience.
Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My life runs smoothly when I lay the proper foundation. Beginning my day with a clear intention focuses my energy and directs my activities. Intention is like a laser beam of light guiding me through any uncertainty. What I need to accomplish may seem overwhelming, but as I attune to my intention, I move through my day with ease.

To clarify my intentions, I ask myself: Who am I willing to be today? What qualities will help me succeed? Do I want to be grateful and courageous? Clear and focused? Present and enthusiastic? Once I’ve set my intention, I attend to my tasks with confidence. I have all I need to live this day with ease and grace.
I intend to keep on reminding you of these things, though you know them already.—2 Peter 1:12

The Weight of Words–a premable

The Weight of Words

Sometimes I get questions as The Oracle about lost love and how to regain it. I thought you might like to see and answer I gave a recent querent. No name is given.

Dear Inquirer—-May your process teach you the great spiritual lessons his birth and love initiated.
First, you are allowed to go on loving him for the rest of your life. It is indicative of the strength of the commitment you can make, and the huge power and depths of your ability to love.It is also your free will to assert.

Second, you are among an elite class of Spirits, who come to earth together on a program of broad application. Many times it takes a long time for you and the beloved to meet. Sometimes that meeting is brief, even curtailed by an abrupt separation or death. These are hard renderings and meant to force us into dark nights of the soul. We grow against our will almost into sources for wisdom about love, and trust, and compassion, patience, acceptance, and experience.This is part of the Plan for given lifetimes. We do not remember it; we simply must live it and make choices accordingly. In making those choices, him and not him, this and not that,we are trusted to raise ourselves above error, mistakes, loss, despair, disappointment, separation, and longing.

If we remember Source(what you may call the Holy spirit or God or the Higher Calling) of our lives, we find the courage and moment when we forgive our own errors and our beloved’s. We see the Divine Plan and bless whatever has happened and know that it is all for good Purpose.

But if we don’t, we have the satisfaction of knowing we can be true to an ideal, to a mighty love, and we can live with that in place of the beloved. As much as Mother Teresa lived with lepers and poor in place of a church or material comforts. This was her soul’s marriage.If you want to remain in this exalted state of adoration and commitment to him–as I said it’s your free will and is allowed. You are not wrong to hold to your dream and love. No harm–no foul,but consequences. Longing and self-denial can cause undue stress, cysts, high blood pressure, aches and pains, and even cancer. Be sure you are aware that the longer you hold his life as a loss to your own, your body and mind will suffer. It is important to love yourself. Could this be his gift to you? Could this be one of your broad life lessons?

But if you want to see what this love has had to teach you and wait to see where it may lead, then bless the experience (of being without him) and do exactly as you are doing, continue with your life, do no harm to him or anyone, find ways to give that love of yours away to others in less fortunate circumstances. You have a swelling backlog of his love to release, and since you do not want to let go the dream of you two being rejoined, it is your best choice to be sure you maintain your health as you move forward.

To answer your question–I do not see you getting back together unless it is in a common cause, as healers of the earth or in some traveling aid organization. It may be that you meet again in three years. There is a chance you will hear from him in two months to tell you about a project that could do a lot of good in the world. It is only a chance. Many factors will affect this including whether you have managed to lift your vision to the higher nature of your and his connection.

You are capable of loving differently and again. You have more than one past-life and soul connection each life. That way if you miss one, you find another. Love is endless and boundless and inseparable. Because we see our lives in limited ways associated with time and seasons, we think it can be lost and never regained. Not so. You will never not know him and you will see him again and again through time. It’s your choice now whether you martyr yourself to his love or use his loss as the catalyst for your own phenomenal life purpose.
I hope this helps.
PS: As to his mindset, he felt and feels you were much too turned into yourself (your need of him and only him). He felt you were needy and clingy–not thinking of others). He wanted to be bigger in the world with you.

Here’s the Daily
My words demonstrate my faith in God’s good.
Monday, August 4, 2014

I create my life from the inside out. My beliefs guide my words, and my words demonstrate what I believe. As I think and talk in alignment with my faith in God’s good for me, I see God’s good unfolding.

Limited thinking affects my experience of life, but I may not be aware until I pay attention to my words. I listen to how my speech reveals my beliefs. If I hear myself talking about lack, disease, or limitations, I recognize the thoughts underlying my words and I consciously choose differently.

I am a divine creation, worthy of every good. I refrain from using words that reinforce the illusion of lack. I claim wholeness, love, and prosperity. My words demonstrate my faith in God’s good manifesting in my life.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord.—Psalm 19:14

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Traveling Circus

“Traveling Circus”

Vivi and I always get revved up pretty high before a psychic fair. As you know, this coming Saturday and Sunday we will be at Astrologihuset in Copenhagen for a Mini-Messe Aug 2, and Aug 3  2014. Low prices for readings. 150 Dkk. The location is
Teglvaersgade 37, 4. 2100 Copenhagen West. Info at . I am also giving a talk on healing inner trauma and doing a guided meditation into the deep reaches of the chakras. I am a tour guide with plenty of inner experience. But no matter how cool and calm and experienced I am, and Vivi is, we get speedy and anticipatory. There’s so much to do. We spent this morning double checking the TO DO FOR FAIR List.

We have to make sure we send out notices to clients and interested parties and friends. We have to review our brochures, revise and change old copy and try to get the material off in time for printing and shipping. We have to get our packed materials from the basement: reading tables, chairs, banners, paraphrenalia. (candles, timer, bells, cash box, etc). It’s a scramble even when we are not in a hurry.

We also have to get ourselves in the state of mind that allows us to meet differing people, energies, personalities and problems as would-be clients stroll past our booth. So our meditation time has to increase and silence exponentially. Since this is our first time at this particular fair, we will be the new kids on the block. Fortunately for us, we have booth number 1–that is fortuitous
Then there’s the setting up: getting the equipment tables, massage table and chairs set in just the right geometric arrangement in the space that we have. We have to decorate and post signage and we have to put clipboards,pens, and treats within reach. Luckily for us this time the fair asks all of the psychics to charge the same amount for a 20 minute reading, so there will be no hard competition and shunning from those hoping to get a lot of insight for a reasonably low price. These events are always a feast for the eyes, mind and senses. Gems and flutes,practitioners touching and talking to rapt persons, people on massage tables in vibrating chairs, and seated before an aura machine getting their etheric body read by kyrillian photography. You may see people in feathers and buck skin; in silken gowns or toole capes. You will see skull caps and turbans and many ringed hands. Here and there a healer is fanning the air, stroking the unseen, of holding steady the Reiki forces that he or she aids in moving through the prone person’s healing body. There are products for sale:drums,creams, lotions, pills, jewelry,clothing,and all kinds of readings from all kinds of oracle, tarot and mystic decks of cards. Or none at all…

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of someone crying, relieved of the burden of a issue or problem, or releasing tears of joy or the bottled up anguish of not having clear insight or aid. Yes, it can be a thrilling experience to go to a psychic fair. It is so much more than fortune telling and spirit mediumship. It is informational, offering workshops on dreams, meditation, health, higher consciousness, new technologies and mystic tools–from gem stone rings to pyramids, from hugh crystals of Amethyst or Obsidian to digederoos and scented candles, from totems of bears, whales, big cats or elephants to little crosses and pins. Go see for yourself sometime. And while I do not think it is a travelling circus, for us, Vivi and me, by the time we get all of our stuff in the car, dress, and set up, we feel like the ring masters of the greatest show on earth.

Explore your life purpose. Shari

According to His Purpose

According to His Purpose

It doesn’t matter if you believe that God is a man or a woman, or if God is to be called God at all. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God. It’s good if you do, and it’s equally good if you don’t. All things do work together for good, from avalanches to icebergs, from rain to wind storms, from birth to death. Many things happen in uncanny synchronizations, like babies being born on the day a family member dies, or when someone dies on their own birthday.

Thus,the horrors of war move us toward peace. The challenges of injustice move us to act. The divorce or the break-up lead to liberation, growth, hindsight. No thing in human history has gone without revolution or change. No time has ever failed to make us cry, make us over, make us ready for transformation. We surve ages and epochs to live in our own times.

No one knows where these many life times and lives on the planet will take us. We barely recognize ourselves in them. There is the mystery of creation and the mystery of the unfathomable manifestation of the future, all happens according to a purpose or purposes we glimpse through a glass darkly. Yet, we believers say God knows. To hold such abstract yet palpable faith helps me to breathe, to look up to heaven, and to bless the survivors of these endless bloody mishaps and military conflicts that are broadcast daily. I must believe that whatever brought us into being surely has purpose, and we can depend on that even in the dunning despair of loss and grief, in trying to remain sane during senseless war and unrelieved ignorance. I ask you now to pray for revelation of each our own purpose in these times. In this way we create a critical mass of harmony. Here’s the Daily word:

The harmonizing power of God works in every area of my life.
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If situations in my life feel out of sync, I pause for a moment of prayer. As I turn within, I come back to center. I pray to understand how I can harmonize with the ways of the Divine. I am reminded that “all things work together for good.” A higher power is at work in my life and in the lives of those I hold dear.

In the stillness of prayer, I relax and let go of any worry or concern. I give thanks for the power and presence of God. My life is unfolding as it should, and I am patient. In tune with God, I know what is mine to do and when to do it. All is well. I rest in this peaceful awareness and emerge with a new sense of direction, appreciation, and joy.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.—Romans 8:28

Being Friends, Choosing Friends–A preamble to the Daily Word

Being Friends, Choosing Friends

When I was a girl, living in Chicago, my friends were not chosen. They were incidental to my elementary school life. I may have become “friends” by being a “talking acquaintance” in gym, during morning recess, or in holding hands in rows of two as we were ushered through the hallways by our teacher. I tended to adore my friends, thinking them better off than I, or living in better homes with calmer conditions. I could be easily lead to small shop lifting or mischievous class-clown pranks or lead to spend my lunch money on sweets just to be a part of the crowd. If I lost favor with a friend, I would chase behind that one until I made it right on any terms. I did not value myself above what they thought of me. I just wanted to be included in our circle of separation from other groups of kids. That pattern lasted a while.

In high school I made friends on the basis of seating in the classroom, also of like interests in chosen courses and with those who were “the smart ones.” I could always get help with homework this way, and be thought of as a smart one, too by the company I kept. It never occurred to me that I was really of the same ilk as those I associated with. I followed trends with my school mates but I didn’t follow the wrong crowd and get in trouble. An improvement over elementary school. I struck out on my own occasionally,too!

In college, I made friends based on the roommate(s) I was assigned, and the study or lab partner my teachers paired me with. I joined a sorority. I also made friends in my areas of interest writing club, broadcast, track, and teaching. Some friends came at parties, some at civil right’s meetings. I learned civil disobedience at the level of pot smoking and non-passive resistance. I learned sex was a responsible passport to adulthood and a membership card among the coeds. I realized my individuality and difference in a heterosexual reality governed by gender role behavior. Friendships came under fire. Hard balance. Kept a few.

In graduate years of schooling, my friends came from course seminars and parties and a few scholars who liked my writing and points of view. They were the audience for my performances, and I was the ears for their paper presentations. These friendships born of idealism were rich and inspiring.But many evolved onward with the good memory of drinking or eating together, taking tests,and teaching or being taught together.

In later life, as I moved from city to city, employment to employment, my friends grew out of mutuality and proximity, as well as conjoined life experience as workers, or women, or lesbians, or political animals.Some of us stood at each others weddings or were present at the birth of a child. Some of us referred one another to our next job, or attended the funeral of other friends together. We visited; we share our achievements. Many of these friends are still in my life. Many allow me to still be in theirs.Some write recommendations on LinkedIn, some show up on or some drop me emails through Facebook, and some I phone chat with or write by post. Some are lynch pins in my maturity and development as a person.

They are friends because we are in touch and occasionally support each others’ lives financially or emotionally. some of us live far apart. Most of us are not the same people we were at the start of our friendships, but the bond is binding not defining. We remember who we have been and applaud each other as we evolve. Friends can be divided into categories of intimacy and activity,but no matter the degree of intimacy or the nature of activity as old friends(continuing friends),we value friendship because the entire history of friend making has taught us the progressive value of the instinct to befriend.

Special shout out to: Ida, Gwen, Theal, Daisy,Trilby, Elani, Ann S., Ann M., Marquita, Diana H., Three-J, Teresa, Jackie, Rosa Mendoca, Chris G., Al P. and Joe C.

Here’s your Daily Word

The love of God is expressed through my friends.
Saturday, July 26, 2014

One way the love of God expresses is through friendship. I feel valued and valuable as I connect with my friends. They deepen my experience of life, and our camaraderie is mutually supportive.

With encouraging words and supportive actions, we lift one another’s spirits. We share times of joy and adversity, growing together in friendship. We accept each other as we are and hold faith in positive outcomes for one another. We share a love that has no opposition, only respect, kindness, and a sense of ease.

As I encourage, reassure, or console a friend, I am expressing Divine Love and that love is expressed back to me.
All of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind.—1 Peter 3:8

In His Love [In Her love]–A preamble


In His Love [In Her Love]

As a clairvoyant spirit healer, I see many people on the matter of love.
Some have lost it and want it back. Some have thrown it away by being untrue, or in the spite of divorce or out of jealous hurt. Some have never had the experience of being in love or having been alone since the last relationship, some are seeking it with an aching and lonely heart.

The young think love is a one time forever phenomenon, placing all their utopian dream eggs in the one basket, only to discover that there are challenges,differences, ideals and ideas about how the love one is to act or be or obey. Beyond the passion of attraction and the need for autonomy, young love must gain practice through experience,usually the surprise and heartache of break-ups. But such is Love’s way to teach balance and acceptance. It teaches us how we must work with others. There is self acceptance and self knowledge to be gained and the love of another can teach that and breach that. True love is only true as long as the two make it so.

Love in later life may come again after divorce or the death of a partner; it may come after lots of disappointments or long isolation and one has given up. But when it does come, one treasures the beloved, knowing the rarity of connection, companionship, and the lessons of lost loves. Love is never an always and forever given. It is given when both give (and receive with intentionality).

Yet sometimes,in late life love, there may be a gap between the last and the new love during which one falls to self-doubt and worry,ie, That love may never come again, that one is undesireable, unacceptable, and unable to attract a partner now that youth,beauty,and waistline have gone their own way. But these are illusions; for if we were ever loveable, we still are. Love seeks its own. Love finds its own.

But not until you decide what you want in a partner and manifest that.

This is what I advise my clients to do. I learned it from Patricia Fuqua, the author of How to Find Your SoulMate. It takes some work, but the exquisite experience of waiting and being fulfilled is worth the intense focus,and the earnest faith. One must make a list of and evaluate the relationships that one feels work. Look around among family (mother and father),uncles&aunts, and other models you value. Write down the traits these marriages have and then you will have sense of your own values.

Counter that list with the things that you feel do not work in marriage(.i.e monogamous partnerships). This will ready you to design your next partner. Best done by making a list of your own traits,beliefs,likes&dislikes,physical attributes and abilities, work, character traits, and desires. Take three weeks if you want to, get it clear to yourself. Then,you are ready to write the list of your designer love–it can be as sentences or phrases, but remember,be careful what you wish for.
If you want her or him to not smoke because you are allergic and you think it’s a nasty habit, then put that on the list. If you like to feel tucked away and cherished in his or her arms,then ask for a love that is taller, strong, and affectionate. Ask for everything, just make sure it corresponds to what you know about your own pet peeves and character.

In about 90 days, the pot ought to boil. The Universe offers three or more possibilities when we know what we want, use your free will and intuition to recognize your highest, best, and true love. It can take w while as it did for me, but I dated a lot while I waited for my true love. Oh yes, review your list once a week, keep it under a burning white,red or yellow candle when your’re home. Start a new one off the old flame before it goes out. Be prepared to wait, and let the magic of your attraction bring candidates to you.

You are worthy of the love of your life at any age, just embrace your self love and know not just anyone will do. Design, design, design to come into His Love or Her Love. It’s God’s good pleasure to give you the desire of your heart. Here’s the Daily Word

I activate the healing power of Divine Love.
Friday, July 25, 2014

Love heals. Love is an energy that harmonizes any discord I might be experiencing in myself or in the world. Love is a light that reveals the truth of my wholeness.

Divine Love, everywhere present, is the very nature and essence of my being. Turning within, I recognize and activate the life-affirming and restorative power of Divine Love within me. I deserve to experience the health and wholeness inherent in me. I attract health by adopting practices of self-care and making decisions that improve my life in all aspects.

Established in the awareness of Love’s rejuvenating power, I express the truth of my essential wholeness and well-being today and every day.

The Lord, your God, is in your midst … he will renew you in his love.—Zephaniah 3:17

Whenever You Stand Praying–Preamble to the Daily Word

Whenever You Stand Praying—-Preamble

I do not stand praying often, but frequently when I go to Danish Language School each morning I stop and stand on Okssahallen gade and pray for all the people passing, and for the commerce of the country, for the fulfillment of each person’s day. I watch passers-by for their expressions and their dress. Sometimes I wave or smile. Sometimes passers-by wave back and smile.

I don’t often have forgiveness on my mind in those moments. Usually, I am thinking of peace and order, and beauty in the world. It seems to be a duty to my soul to bless the world with my small hope for us all. I am exercising my light in the world.

But before bed, I get more inclusive. I may kneel bedside or lie on my back looking up at the ceiling. I address God in various ways, sometimes as the naked word, “God” or as “Heavenly One” or as “All There Is” which names every relationship and role I can think of. I have a warm and silly relationship with God; so I can be casual as well as devout. My prayers have parts:Salutation,Praise and Adoration, Gratitude, Blessings for Others, and Forgiveness.

In the matter of forgiveness, I have long since forgiven myself for mistakes and errors in my younger life and for those things I’ve done knowingly or unknowingly of late that may have hurt others. But I think forgiveness is hard for people to grasp as a spiritual power. Many think it is taking the high ground like one-upmanship to offer forgiveness.That it is more about ego than release.This can block the effort or sully it. But this state of being is part of the Believer’s experience of growth and grace. True forgiveness of another who has wounded you may not have to be offered to the other, but demonstrated. It is equally difficult to admit when you are wrong by saying, “I am sorry” or “I made a mistake.” That chagrinned, self-consciousness that you hold back may reveal a part of you that is not at ease with revealing your vulnerability. But that’s the spiritual stuff to grow on. Humility, Wisdom, Grace, and Self-respect .

Here’s Your Daily Word:
I forgive, and I am forgiven.
Thursday, July 24, 2014

When a disagreement or other conflict occurs, who is responsible for the feelings that are left over? I am. Although the other party played a role, my feelings are my responsibility.

After an upsetting experience, forgiveness is the place to begin. Turning within, I contemplate my divine nature and recognize the divinity in others; I consciously and deliberately forgive any of my words, actions, or thoughts that do not reveal divinity, and I do the same for others.

The moment I forgive, I am receptive to divine forgiveness. This is the promise of the wisest sages and a spiritual truth I live each day.
Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone; so that your Father in heaven may also forgive you.—Mark 11:25