The Peace Garden in the Hood Shariananda’s Meditation on a Life Journey

S garden headshot.JPG The road back through time and memory is fraught with the demons of the past and the wonders of rebirth in the present. This summer just past, I left my five-year–new home in Copenhagen,Denmark to revisit my natal home in Illinois, including parts where dwell my family, and friends-who-are-like-family. This was July 1, 2017.

No matter how many times I have returned to Chicago,in my mind’s eye, and in reality,  it is always the city by the lake where the iconic skyline stands silhouetted against a distant sky, pregnant with moody clouds; it stands against harsh Northern winds off Lake Michigan. The summers are deceptive, ever so hot, ever so busy, with traffic streaming along the lake front;  while other vehicles grunt along the packed, serpentine expressways. Day or night time, the city is lighted by it’s own reputation, by the gossip of midnight-good-times, and the sound and gabble of the all–too–frequent gun horrors. From this memory and opinion, I had long ago escaped. Though my brothers, who made their lives there, at a point, could have easily become a Laquan McDonald, a Treyvon Martin, or a Michael Brown. God be praised, not all the sons of the women in my family have been as fortunate: two of my once young male relatives live off and on behind bars; another one, older than I, is now deceased, having lived the hip life of a player too fast,too long.

I was born in the winter in this city upon the Illini plains, and the Hawk blew me away to the South in the 60`s.  Once I had returned from the red clay and uncivil wars of  Alabama, (l970), I taught and lived in the Windy City for three years. Living within me was the pressed ugly memories of  the death of Emmett Til, and the horrid brutalities of errant law enforcement; chilling me was the reports of drug crimes deaths in alleyways; and the reports of miscreant political dealings in high and low places, all of which established the furtive lowering of blinds, the redundant front door and back door blockades with wrought iron;  each resident of those times became a resigned witness living in suspicious neighborhoods, domiciled in anxious, unsafe households. This is my picture, this is the attitude. Or shall I say was.

I found after my arrival, that the front porch in the neighborhood on the Southside where my 100- year -old aunt still lives, dares to be a rampart for fresh air, where she and my cousins, other neighbors share an unguarded hoot and holler with neighbors who have lived “on the block”,”in the hood” for more than 40 years. The streets have the familiar curbside litter, but not the degradation of  a destitute ghetto, No, contrary to the broad national reports in the news, in the newspapers, about gun violence and the terror in the streets, in this Chicago neighborhood, residents, carry on as if there is not a worry in the world. They maintain routines of waking, eating, cleaning, talking, tv watching ,ignoring the worry of an addict behind the boarded up windows. They blot out the would-be drug dealer or a gun totting loser waiting to pounce, burgularize, murder or batter. No, not even  the careless parking of cars on unimproved city-owned lots seems to be an affront to their casual acceptance and promotion of life as it ought be, life as life goes on. Bills are paid, children are born, barbers cut hair, block parties blare, and the grey stone houses stand.

 It is a sunny day in July, the 4th of July to be exact. The City of Chicago is partying non-stop in every neighborhood and downtown in the Loop. Flags fly Bar-b-que fragrances the air; folks stroll in miscellaneous outfits of red, of white, of blue, with wreckless stars  and strips on caps and shoes to described their independence. I get brave. I take a walk. It is up the block and, lo!

I discover, a little set-aside cove. It is quiet, slightly surrounded by modest bushes, and with a stone slab pathway–a labyrinth–placed in an S-shape on the ground. There are wooden benches in the manner of the Japanese . There are lotus plants. I am amazed. On the wall of the building, which belongs to St. Stephens Church, reads the word: PEACE. I look around. There is a man seated in a comfortable lean,thinking, maybe, waiting. But there,out in the open. He is not under assault. He is free to sit, to meditate.

The church itself sits across the empty street which welcomes little traffic, so today there are no hot rods zooming, across the speed bumps.  Next to the church, is an empty lot of children. They’re playing kickball; Several t-shirted men laugh and jive, and mothers watch a few girls jump rope. It is astonishing to me. It is so normal and wholesome, and I wonder at my prejudice. I am of a mind to sit in the garden, to trust the Spirit that has allowed a new vision for this neighborhood, for myself. I have found a living possibility. It is there for whomever seeks.

I walk the labyrinth, it is short, but not without meaning in slow motion.  I sit, and trust to close my eyes. On another day, an SUV will roll through with the speaker blaring rap music and it will disrupt the peace, but not today. Today “the Hood” is in nearly an imperceptable motion toward. It is a future born in the present. This little copse of stone and flora offers a different pathway of  being; today the Peace Garden testifies to hope. I have come back as a witness.


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Aglow Like Wonder and Delight

Aglow Like Wonder and Delight

Today’s Daily Word asks us to shine at the thought of the lives we are living. It asks us to polish our aura and halos with the joy of recognition of our happiness in the moment.
That I do now as I report on this last class day of school (before vacation in July) at Frilandet Museet (museum) in Lyngby .This morning I visited the barns and houses of the way of life of Danish people in the past: the daily farm life. Along with my classmates, we walked about and witnessed the remains of the farmware, and its buildings and tools. The community of people back then had to do some hard labor to live in the thatch shelters, they made the roads and ways with carefully selected boulder stones. They had to innovate bathtubs of wood, beds and bedding, the means to sew on old fashioned spinning wheels and to keep livestock. We actually saw horses, chickens, and lambs. Walking the thickly treed paths, and feeling the essence of the place was envigorating and calming. I respected the work that it ook to live without the transformative technologies we have today. It was a demanding life to work closely with one’s neighbors without phones or telegraph. They had to even establish firehouses with big bins of water to be ready for accidental fires. But what I respected most was their artistry in constructing thatch roofs, and housing that had good proximity for their needs. I simply celebrated this little “tur” as the Danes say by being impressed. I am aglow with the continum of life. And although we had a sudden thunderstorm, my classmates and teacher and I managed to have a share-alike lunch on the grounds with a hundred or so visiting school children,all jabbering and frisking about. Their energy fed this moment in life too. Thank you God for delight and wonder. Here’s your Daily Word:

I am aglow with vibrant life.
Thursday, June 26, 2014

To function at optimum health, I nourish myself with nutritious food and drink, plenty of exercise, and time for renewal and rest. Such care and attention feels good in the moment and pays dividends for years to come.

My healthy body knows exactly what to do, and I support it. I voice encouraging and uplifting words to and about myself, rather than criticism or fear. Whether positive or negative, the thoughts and words I tell myself also feed my body. Positive self-talk invigorates and supports my intention to maintain a vibrant, healthy body.

I am physically and spiritually alive and well. I am wonderfully aglow with light, life, and vitality.

I pray that … you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul.—3 John 1:2

Meditation Saved Me


In 1973 I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation in Los Angeles, CA.
This was during the time when self-help and transactional analysis were in vogue. I had only just arrived from the East coast and was definitely open to the experience of finding myself and my place in life. I was 28 and unemployed. I had come to California to be with a person twice my age, but I was optimistic and needy. I did not yet know the few relatives I had in the state, so I had to make new friends and contacts as best I could. Church is always a good place to start. But I had become an enemy of church because of the doctrines against homosexuality and because I was trying to make peace with my own. I was disoriented in California because the culture was less restrictive around social interaction, dress and more permissive. I foudn myself trying and doing things I had not tried or ever knew existed. Oh, nothing too damning, but it included challenges to my Southern Baptist fundamentalist upbringing. I was confused and directionless. Then, one of my new acquaintances introduced me to meditation. I went to a free lecture and I did a session that immediately calmed me down, and introduced me ot myself.
It was hard at first to sit still, to keep my eyes closed, to silence the rushing thoughts and images in my head; I couldn’t do a full twenty minutes. But I kept trying because my heart rate slowed, the nervous sweating and agitation I always had gradually disappeared, and I started to sleep better. That was over 40 years ago. I have continued to practice and I have achieved what they promised:cosmic consciousness. A blend of Self-awareness, thought mastery and Spiritual wholeness–God consciousness if you will. It was the beginning of my discovery of my psychic gifts. Today, I still meditate. Of all the spiritual practices that have served my life, it is still #1. I have even developed my own special methods to teach others and to heal them. The Silence is healing. Here’s your Daily Word:

In meditation, I connect with my Source.
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meditation is a deep and powerful way of connecting to the Divine, realizing oneness with All That Is, and allowing the deepest desires of my soul to surface.

I begin my meditation by choosing a quiet place and time of day. I sit comfortably for a period of time. I close my eyes, relax my palms on my lap, and breathe naturally.

I may contemplate or repeat a spiritual idea or scripture. Should my attention wander, I gently return it to that idea or refocus my attention on my breath. I am still and silent, as I connect directly with the Source of my being. Concluding with an affirmation or prayer of gratitude, I am ready for the day ahead.
The meditation of my heart shall be understanding.–Psalm 49:3

NOAH–Following God’s lead—- or Not–Preamble to the Daily Word “Starting Point”


NOAH–Following God’s lead—- or Not

Today’s Daily Word gives me a chance to say a word about the new film, NOAH. It stars Russell Crow and Jennifer Connelly, with a strong performance by Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame.

Most of us who were raised in Christian traditions know the story of Noah, one of the descendants of Adam and Eve who is appointed by God to build an ark (huge sea worthy ship of logs) to gather and preserve the earth’s animals in pairs. For God (The Creator) is very disassatisfied with the behavior of humankind,who have in large part, descended into utter disregard for creation and lost inner guidance or outer morality that is a part of their divine birthright. This is called sin. According to the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible,Noah and his family were saved after 40 days and 40 nights of rain, which we know as the Deluge or Flood by which the world was destroyed, and given another chance to repopulate and act in accordance with the will of God . We are living in that time.

In this motion picture, Noah, is the historical and righteous descendant of men who coupled with the Sons of God, angels. These angels were outcast from heaven because they came to help man after the Fall (disobedience of Adam and Eve). Genetically and morally, Noah is the last of a kind of human being. The other human beings are those who have multiplied into greedy, immoral, domineering, killing kind. Noah is hard pressed to live in isolation and keep his family safe from their raids and the desolation of the world–a clear analog to the environmental challenges we face in places where clear cutting or toxic emissions have threatened us with barren unproductive land and unhealthy ozone and city smogs. Noah has clairvoyant dreams and knows himself to be a recipient of God’s laws. In a series of visions and potent dreams, he gets the call to build the ark,and his family,his wife (Connelly) three sons, an adopted daughter(Watson)help over a number of years. Except in this movie, the Sons of God,now huge megalithic stone beings(simlar to transformers except in roughened stone) aid them. They are so encased because they are being punished still by God for disobeying Him. God is profiled as very uncompromising., vindictive, and unforgiving.

Like God, Noah is a hard man. He takes his mission to be to get rid of humankind,including his own family, but to save the animals for the new, unspolied Paradise. His plan is to have the family kill each member in a cycle of deaths, so that when the sleeping animals(unique to this film) on the ark awake, only the youngest family member (Japhet) will be alive to attend to their release, and he will live alone until death. Noah is certain of this plan. He feels honor bond to obey. He asks God for signs to know for sure that is to do, yet when God gives those signs–such as the end of the rain, such as the ark striking land, and such as the birds returning with green leaves from trees, he takes them as puncutating his strong belief that all of humanity needs to die fore the world to be the pristine paradise it was with just the animals and the eternity of days unspolied by mankind. The film fails by using the snake and apple literally as symbols of the fall because God does not appear walking in any garden.

The plot includes Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, Noah’s great grandfather who is like the guru of the mountain whom time has forgotten and separated from humankind and family. It is a little absurd, and his role is as sage with a healing touch is an odd injection. There is the requisite village of sinners lead by an evil “king of men” and it is he who represents the possibility that humankind will be unredeemable. He is the devil incarnate and tempts Noah’s middle son, Ham who is torn between being a man with the desire for a mate and a boy who is as strong and committed to doing the will of his father. He helps the “king” actually stow away on the ark. Ham is only biblically authentic at the end when he leaves to go off on his own. This begs the same question as is in the bible? Does he expect to find other people? How can he? Didn’t God just wipe the world clean of everybody but Noah’s family?

The film is a long way from the Bible story in that it makes-up a psychology of the players unfound in the ancient Hebrew texts. It also pieces together some implications spread throughout the Old Testament about the Nephelim, giants who walked the land in those days. But mostly it creates conflicts implicit to the imagination, and undermines the humble Noah we imagined in Sunday school. Noah of the film had to come to recognize God’s will and his own. He had to know that God gave him a task and other choices and stepped away. After getting the passport from God, one can only follow one’s best and highest instincts. I ask you, how can you tell when it’s God’s Will that you are following or a distortion based on your own views through a glass darkly?

Starting Point
Spirit is active in me to accomplish unlimited good.
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Every dream has a point of origin—a moment when we know there is something that is ours to do. Our dreams are sparked by divine ideas. From the start of any new adventure, I draw upon my faith, because I know I am one with Divine Mind. I embrace divine ideas as they come to me, knowing I have the power to bring them to fruition.

Through the power of imagination, I envision my dreams unfolding. I cultivate them in my consciousness and give thanks for their ultimate manifestation.

I use the power of strength to persevere in my goals and use wisdom and will to make the right choices. With a spirit of success, I joyfully embark on new life adventures.
Be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating.—Isaiah 65:18

It Feels Right–God Shows Up in Red–Preamble to Daily Word “right path”

It Feels Right–God Shows Up in Red

Izzy the Bean has a new home that he will love. It is on the East coast of the US, and it is with two lovely Pomeranian girls, who will doubtless love his scent as much as he will love theirs. I understand from Beth, his foster mom-to-be, her girls are pretty flirty. Izzy is pretty sexy. Watch out for busy times, Beth!

I had my written test in Danish today. It was a simple exercise–write an email and ask a friend for the loan of her or his car. Tell them when, why, and how long you will need it. In the past for other Danish writing assignments, I have had lots of trouble writing simple constructions. This was a retest. I had to drop my huge vocabulary and just keep it simple.
I am pleased to say I did. Passed with flying colors. What I worried over, I looked up in my trusty dictionary (allowed) and what I second guessed myself about, I double-checked. When I read it back to myself, it read well and felt right. I owe that to the answers to my prayers which I did before and during the test.

The Holy Spirit is present in my life, and I am told daily when I arrive at my morning corner at Oxenhallenvej where I do a short prayer for all of Denmark, (and everyone and everything I can call to mind). I have assigned God the color red. So when I get to the corner, I expect God to meet me. Sometimes God comes as a red truck. Another time as a red bike, or the postman wearing his red jacket. Sometimes, passing folk are wearing red scarfs, jackets, or other snatches of it in mixed logos or adverts are in the flow of the daily traffic. God is physically present in my life because I choose to have Her?Him/It present. That is how I know I am on my right path. Here’s your Daily Word:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
I am on my right and perfect path.
Sometimes life seems anything but simple. Yet the more I focus on how complicated a situation is, the more complexity I create. My imagination never pauses. Left to wander, it will often create problems and obstacles.

But I can choose differently. I let go and surrender the situation to the power of God within. I give my imagination a rest and listen for divine guidance. I know that God’s guidance is neither complicated nor negative. It is simple, peaceful, and true—it feels right.

Back on the right path, centered in God-consciousness, I now direct my imagination to envision the good unfolding in my life, and I am grateful.

The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything.—John 14:

Birth and Renewal–Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Birth and Renewal

From 1988 through 2002 I practiced Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. I chanted nam myoho renge kyo for up to 5 hours a day. I had some trouble with the rite of kneeling before my budsedan with the Gohonzon inside and focussing on the Japanese characters that encased the venerablel phrase. I saw things in my Gohonzon as I focussed into the center of the scroll. I had visions and heard new thought as they passed through my mind, and, as promised, I saw myself in the mirror of my own consciousness. I discovered traits within myself that I did not like and I would stumble upon old memories and incidents that brought these truths to my attention. Sometimes, they came as a relief and an “ah-ha!” I understood something that had long puzzled me. Other times I would feel great remorse and shame for my behavior or way of thinking. But no matter what, I came away from my chanting with a sound clearing, a renewed energy. I often stripped away those layers of regret and self-denigration. I matured. I accepted my own culpability and responsibility and forgave myself. I also healed and grew wise.

I still chant, though I returned my Gonhonzon to the Sokka Gai Kai(NSA). I never quite made peace with my Christianity as I practiced Nicherin Shoshu because of my old training from the ten commandments “Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me!” But the truth was, I got a great deal from the practice; I just had problems with the form. So I gave up the form and kept the practice. This day I have chanted for 30 minutes before doing my normal silent meditation and prayers for the world and all –including you. It is a balanced action of sound purification, focus, supplication and gratitude, and inner reflection. This tells me I have transformed my spiritual upbringing and training into a practice that fulfills and directs me. In having done so or shall I say, in having arrived at this recognition, I feel new and aware of where I have come from, and what I am bringing with me. Today I accept my own wholeness. May all your spiritual journeys bring you to yourself time and again,feeling more empowered for the travel. Here’s your Daily Word from Unity.
Friday, April 11, 2014
With each new insight, I am born anew.
Our physical birth is the beginning of our time on Earth, yet it also marks the end of a period of gestation or development. Whether a newborn emerging from its mother’s womb or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, every being experiences this process of development and birth.

While my physical body was born only once, my spiritual nature continuously seeks fuller expression. With each new insight or revelation, with each new period of growth, I am born anew.

I am a spiritual being. I am the love of God in expression. In times of growth, challenge, or change, Spirit expands in me. My time on Earth may be limited, but my spiritual Self is eternal and ever-renewing.

What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit.—John 3:6

Success and God’s Will

Success and God’s Will

Today I have great news–job offers! hahahah
I enrolled on onlinecasting two days ago and I have two opportunties today.
I affirm God’s good for my life. I am grateful for my part in sending his love into the world and for everyday that I live. I am glad for my laughter and I am estactic about his grace . May your prayers be answered. Shari
Here’s the Daily Word from Unity:
Thursday, April 10, 2014
I affirm the absolute good of God.
The words I speak and write carry energy and power, so I choose them with care and clear purpose. When I speak words that express Truth, I set in motion the energy of prayer. My chosen words are sacred. What I send into the world returns to me multiplied.

I boldly declare my good, speaking in life-affirming ways about myself and others. I live an empowered life of confidence and optimism. God is the only power at work within my mind, soul, and body, and this power is invincible.

My affirmations demonstrate my faith in the absolute good of God. I speak with certainty, clarity, and positive expectation.

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose.—Isaiah 55:11

“Tak ,Ska’ Du Ha'”(You have my thanks)

“Tak ,Ska’ Du Ha'”(You have my thanks)    June 1, 2013  Shariananda

I am watching a lot of  Danish television to improve my apprehension of the language. I watch commercials, documentaries, rebroadcast of American programming with Danish subtitles, and miscellaneous movies. Last week, I caught the tail end of an emergency rescue program for the elderly.

It seems an elder woman of about 84 or so had taken a bad spill in her apartment, and had broken her ankle or foot. She was down and could not get up. She was in a great deal of pain. I did not see how she called for help or if someone else had done so, I did see the paramedic team that showed up in heavy rubberized and stripped yellow coats,driving a van that looked more like a delivery truck for a checkerboard company. But the matter was not laughable. It was serious and tender.

There were two attendants. While one, handled getting the woman comfortable, and calm, the other readied her for transport. One of the two was male; the other female. They surveyed her position, and then began to talk to her, naturally in Danish, and I strained to understand even a few of the words, but I did get the gist of what they intended to do, they told her it would be uncomfortable but they would examine her leg and give it a prosthetic support for travel to the hospital. The elder lady was crying and moaning, and this news did not make her feel better. Fact was, she cried out so piteously when they moved the leg and foot in an attempt to place the right foot in a  leg-length plastic support cup. But this they did, gently and with as much care as possible. The young woman attendant, perhaps about 25-30 years old, stroked the lady’s hair, and arm, and soothed her. She was not business as usual or hurried. She was attentive and intimate. The other attendant was busy in the background but no less intent on seeing to this elder’s care.

Once, the task of getting her ready for travel and giving her a shot of something for pain or nerves, they were able to lift her onto a gurney and raise it to roll her outside. Just as they put her into the the ambulance, the elder lady whispered in a broken croak, “Tak sku du hey” (The literal translation being, “Thanks you shall have.”) And in what I have come to perceive as an unsettling  Danish modesty, because of it’s customary reply, the emergency lady, answered the elder lady’s gratitude with, “Det var sa lidt.”  It made me cry. For all of that drama, crying out, and tense handling of an elder, the emergency paramedic, simply said, “It was so little.” Not by a long shot, I say. Not by a long shot.

By contrast, two weeks ago,Vivi and I were travelling to Svanemollen to see a chiropractor. I had a kink in my neck that I occasioned by sleeping crooked. It was bothering me for a time, and I had done release work and Vivi had done massage and Reiki with no complete relief. So, we set out on a easy trip by the S-Tog train from Emdrup for Svanemollen. (Pronounced S’van e mon) As we were walking back, we encountered a woman whose legs were stiff and crossed, like an X.   She had two arm crutches to help her walk–if that is what one can call it—for she was making her way only a few inches at a time down the street. She was holding up the traffic in the busy intersection, as she minced along.

We stopped her to see if there was something we could do. At first she said she was hungry and wanted to eat because she hadnot eaten in two days–she said she had a terminal disease, but  didnot say what or how she came to be this way.  We talked to her, she began to describe the hell she lives in because she is unable to walk, unable to feed herself, shop for and buy groceries, unable even to open the door for welfare workers to come and delivery care, food, cleaning or other services. It was difficult for Viv and me to imagine how she could possible be on the avenue this day in such a wretched condition. That is, how she could she have dressed, come onto the street, and attempt to reach a destination inches at a time. Her  ability was so severely restricted that she may as well have been blind-folded,feeling along without being able to see pitfalls.

What impressed me so deeply was how her legs ,long, as she was tallish, were frozen in a hard X and it was so heart-wrenching to see. Dressed in beige slacks, and a short coat to match with a scarf wound around her neck, we stopped her in her tracks offering our help, aid, or intervention with the Denmark state agencies.  The more Vivi and I tried to offer suggestions for how she might use us to help, the more excuses and defenses she put up. She refused to give us her name. She would no longer accept our offers for a meal, nor listen to the options we presented. She just kept saying, “Nej,nej” (pronounced in English as “nie”) which is the word “no” in Danish.  “”Nothing will help. I can’t. I can’t.” To her nothing would work, nothing could be done. She had already lost public assistance. She was really quiet defeated and in great despair.

We were stultified. It occurred to me that she may be frightened of us both assailing her with our intense concern and questions. So, after offering to pray for her and having her reject that, I stepped back from crowding in on the right with Viv on my left. Once we allowed her space, she started mincing away again. Vivi followed after her trying to get her to take our phone number in order to call us if she changed her mind. That she accepted. As we watched her go on her way, inch by tortuous inch, we both stood crying. We felt terrible. First because she was in such a terrible state; second because we had not been able to think of an immediate way to get her the help she needed. We came home very down about it.

There was no good end to this story. It was just not our red banner day. We did not see a cop or a cab to call nor did we think to do so. We could have sent her home in a “taxa” as they are called here. We could have flagged the “politi” as the police are called, but we were so distressed for her, we just could not think straight. Later, Vivi gave me some money to buy a prayer candle for the sacred prayer bowl at Grundtvig’s kirke (church). I also used my own kroner to buy extra candles while there. I lighted a candle for the X lady and for all who suffer from disabilities. For it seemed that day, all I could see was those who had physical challenges: in wheel chairs, walking with double canes, limping or hunched over in bizarre contortions of the body. These people (mennesker) the state has a program for, and it seems as long as those with physical disabilities can get around and do for themselves, then they are allowed to. I suspect that many feel more self-sufficient, and perhaps, the services are limited by stipulations. The X lady seemed to have run out of support. If I had it to do again, I would call an ambulance to take her to the hospital–that is if she would go. That way she could be reintroduced into the system and get the transportation she really needed by wheel chair. I was not sure what the spiritual message for Vivi and me was.

We may have both have had the experience of the X lady, but perhaps we both were given different  messages.  For me, you can help only those who are willing to receive it. Free will is an imperative. And prayer may not be the key to every closed door. For Vivi, the message may have been you gave what you could,if you are what she needs, she will call. It will be so. You both were compassionate and willing to serve ,as light workers, that is all God expects of you. Tak ska’ du ha’.

SDiane Adamz-Bogus—alias–Shariananda:Denmark Journal

Denmark Journal #1



I find Denmark refreshing in its literal approach to life. The people take things at face value and are unguarded in offering friendship. But they are also self-contained and unobtrusive. They will not easily make eye contact with one as she passes. But if one—namely me—speaks, they will light up and smile. It is a “privacy” thing in the culture. But in the same way, they are rude in the public places, bustling past you with a bump or a swipe and rarely saying excuse me” though they have a word for it “undskyld.” They reach across you and over you in stores and at the table. They give no ground in passing on the street. It annoys me but when taken on the whole, I am inspired by these people.

They live between old values and new technologies. The old values assume  a certain sturdiness. For example, there are stairways or “trappenen” everywhere in public and private buildings:movie theatres, the train station, churches. Not simple three step or 5 step stairways but 20 or more steps. Elevators–where in use–are “ud af drift” out of order. Unlike at home in the USA, Denmark posts no signs that say “Watch your step” nor is there any assumption that it will be the stair owner’s negligence in any slip, fall, or exhaustion. In Denmark, as far as I can tell, there are no attorneys’ standing ready for a complaint about the city’s negligence. It’s as if the understanding is “fend for yourself; watch your own feet , if you can’t climb–send somebody else, and don’t bother anyone with your troubles. We’re all in this together as one time Vikings.” Vivi (my new spouse) says the Danes are “relaxed” about many things that we Americans sue each other about. “Relaxed?” What a word!

I am told by my love that Danes work cooperatively toward a mutual win-win solution in most settings. This is apparent to me in watching the workings of the Immigration service office, the “Udlaendingestyrelsen”. The office opens at 8:00 A.M., but they announce that it is okay to start to line up at 7:30. They have an information line, 13 windows of service, an electronic counter, and a “voiced” electronic bulletin board that announces what’s what and how in several languages. That is also supported by the welcome of a living person in Danish and English, at the opening of all windows of service. The bulletin board runs a ticker scrawl that states how many persons (“mennesker”) they have served in the past and in what amount time;they report how many theyhave sewrved since opening that very day–this they do  reliably and cheerfully. They take the time needful with everyone. They tend not to become indifferent or annoyed or weighed down by the crowds. My love says, “We are civilized. We are practical. We keep it simple and fair.” Yes, so it seems where service is concerned.

At the Immigration office in particular, the people seeking services come from everywhere. Romania, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Pakistan, Frances, and so many more, including, as in my case, the USA. They wait their turns calmly and patiently, largely because the State provides vending machines with hot and cold drinks and sandwiches, a free daily paper. Everyone can sit at a four -seat coffee shop style table. Some are those elevated bar seat tables and chairs. So the feel is as if one is in a cafe or restaurant. While all wait, right at the opening of the windows, an employee who goes from one table to line to the other in order to get an idea of what are the concerns of those waiting and to direct them. It works like clock-work. There is this homey feel to the service in a highly technical environment partly fostered by the plainly and ordinarily dressed employees.

I am also impressed with the timeliness of the buses and trains. One needs no car in Copenhagen. It is not a huge city, and the country while divided into areas such as Soulland (Sjaelland) Jylland, Bon Holme , so many people travel by public transportation or bike. I will talk about this in future blog journal entries. Since I want to hear from my fans and family, loved ones and associates, I write lots of cards and letters, but it takes between 6 and 10 days to get  a letter to the USA and viceversa. The mail service leaves a lot to be desired in pick times, delivery and postal costs. A letter can go at the “A” speed or “B” speed with a stamp or “frimaerke” to indicate when it will be sent along. Postage for a letter is 14.50 Danish crowns (or” kroner”). Converted to American that’s about $2.53 American to mail. But here at is almost 2/3 of a twenty kroner coin. And 20’s are the coin of the realm as our $20.00 bill is. Post card are 12 kroner. So I figure I’d better get this blog going if I intend to keep connected with you all.

I have decided to use my former name as a pen name–SDiane Adamz-Bogus so as not to loswe those who know my former writing and that which is to come. I am Shariananda Adamz and that is how I am known in Danmark. I feel brand new, born freshly and now that the spring is finally here, I am ready to blossom and leap forth. You will want to know so much about the differences and the commonalities between the USA and Denmark. Many things suprise me and many dumbfound me. For example how the doors open opposite those in America, and how the toilets flush by pull lever or push down button. I hope you will follow my journey here on Word Press.  You may contact me at this address: Handvaerkerhaven 23, 2 TV   2400 Copenhagen,NV  Denmark (postage $1.05).

You may also contact me on line through Facebook as Shariananda Adamz-Bogus or my

Anyway, I find Denmark fascinating. The written language, the dress, the time-telling, the spoken word, the beauty, the way people dress and interact, so so much. So I begin.

Letter to Americans:Divine Law, Civil disobedience, Direct Action

Open: Letter to Americans

To:  One Nation under God

From:  One out of Many, Shariananda, an Oracle of God

Re: Divine Law, Civil Disobedience, and Direct Action

Date: November 5, 2011


There are 312,512,239 Americans. Each of us is one, and like the all-seeing eye on our dollar bill, that One person is a powerful symbol for right. That which is right and that which is wrong is written on our hearts. So as a citizen, I step forward as one out of many, speaking for that which is higher and truer than man-made laws.  For as sure as greed is coveting , it is a violation of spiritual or divine law.  It is not the only Divine law being broken, but we shall let it stand as the central violation against the People.

As a “God-fearing country,” that acknowledges a Supreme Being and the religious freedom to worship Him (Her or IT) as we choose, under many names, in many shrines, churches, temples, and edifices, we often call upon Our Father Who Art in Heaven” to aid us in our efforts to help others, be victorious in our fight against disease, destruction, and dangers of every kind, military, and political.  In this we are no different from our Founding Fathers, many of whom were deists or believers in the Divine Hand of God in the creation of the world, in creating Humankind. They understood God to be Just, Intelligent, and with the Omnipotence to pass along to us, His Creation, the rationality and idealism of Heaven. They understood their role was to use the gifts of heart, mind, and body to raise from the un-manifested realm a nation that was in fact “under God” and which conveyed the essence of justice, fair play, accountability, and a model of unified consensus that defined our “inalienable rights” to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. These ideals are siphoned from the books of the Bible, and every other testament to truth. We do not steal.  For Thou shalt not steal. Though shall have No Other God before Him. Money has become the God of wrong decisions. Money the God of Inhumanity. Money the god of false logic and snarled economics. Money is the commodity for which the soul of American is being traded.

The underlying concept of the dream of the founding fathers was that we are entitled to good lives; we are entitled to full lives; we are entitled to govern ourselves and do so with full faith in our Soul’s Inheritance and in the breakaway historical legacy. We are entitled to Good by Divine Law written on our hearts. We have been “endowed by our Creator.” No one can take that from us. No one can stand in the way of our Good, our prosperity. Our preordained well-being and wholeness, and that is what we claim with our civil disobedience.

The “Occupy” movement underway in this country has corporate greed as one of its targets. It has unprecedented unemployment and foreclosures as one of its proofs. It has endless military conflicts and manipulated tax codes and policies as it enemy. It has corruption and compromised media as its devil. Those who have come forth as the “League of Revolutionaries for a New America” are so called because it is the name of their spirit. As a part of the resistance, I speak to say we will brook—and nor with the Principalities and Thrones of heaven brook—any further compromised and destruction of the middle class.  No further diminishing of our hopes, dreams and lives. No further compromise of the American way of life. No further boiling down of the American Dream. We have all helped to build this country in spirit and in truth.  If not us, as individuals, then our parents and their parents. They worked; they punched a clock. They saved. They retired. We went to school. We  got loans. We graduate(d). We work. We kept the money in circulation. We participating in the unalterable give and take of life. We necessarily participate in the exchange of funds for goods and services. But now the services belong to those who were once the functionaries of the flow of goods and services. They have become our Goliath and they must fall.

We are not poised with rifles or anarchy to fight the battle. We are poised with Right. Those who stand curb side to hold signs, who sit in the Square at Wall Street, or who participate in direct action in any way are only one person seated next to another. We do not need many.

“One out of many” is already part and parcel to our national identity. We will redirect our country with steadfastness and visualization of the best outcomes. We will change things because of our faith in what is Right. We will stop loosen the stranglehold of those who seek only their own aggrandizement because we have been schooled in Battle Hymn of the republic, in the belief in God’s manifest plan for America. We have been reared on and patriotism and our salute to the flag is a prayer for continuance. Because we have the force of our needs and the discontent of the masses, we know as sure as did Dr. King, Gandhi, and Victoria Woodhull that Right fights might. We each know this battle will be won by Spirit. It is what pulled George Washington through Valley Forge. It directed the Quakers to act in the Underground Railway. Spirit in-filled the churches of the South in the 60s where preachers and parishioners designed a non-violent movement. And Spirit brought us back from despair after 911 and Hurricane Katrina. It is everywhere present, and its Presence motivates and energizes us. Our Faith is Our weapon.

You are notice that we are under the Divine protection of the Holy Spirit. You are now on notice as to what will win the day and destroy this stranglehold you have on this country and the world with your 1% of the wealth, and your web of self-serving communications, and your godless fees and soulless insensitivity and disregard for the welfare of others. We are arming with precognitive dreams, and spirit guides. We are arming with telepathy and with meditation. We are arming with prayer.

What do I want?
File  Immediate Bankruptcy of the USA to Restart the Financial Engine

Forgive National Debts

Establish Barter and Trade Community Houses

Institute a National Debt Cancellation Day

Institute Credit Record Renewal Day

End Penalities and Charges for Credit Checks and Late Pay

End of Posting Unnanounced credit records

End or Standardize Federal income tax

Institute Socialized Medicine for All (End Medical and Medicare)

End medical co-pay not based on income

Hire for On- Job the Technological Training  (anyone Applying for Work)

Recall any congressman affiliated with corporate schemers/lobbyist

End Lobbyist system in Washington

Convene  a New National Congress with Representation of every class and occupation

The immediate Release of Prisoners on specious drug or minor infractions

The immediate institution of the Constitutional Right to speedy and fair trial

Repeal of practice of non-employability because of prison record

The Trial and Imprisonment of Bankers and Executives Caused the Bailout

Immediate cessation of all foreclosures and the forgiveness of all late fees.

The discontinuance of repossessions, ownership and resale of properties foreclosed upon

The immediate discontinuance of all oversees trade that is without co-partnership with  American workers

Establishment of  National Employment Bureau

Establish National Sports Organization Fund for Homelessness and Mothers with Children

I am one. This is my voice.