This roll call list is in progress. New members are added daily and the count is being tabulated by the Oracle. You cannot advance in status without visits. Come often, and contribute. Make yourself known. Show your personality.


First status step—bells of welcome up to 10

Second status step—10 visits a—prayer token (for altar and forwarding)

Third ┬ástatus step–11 visits and a private chat–star and crew induction

Fourth step–21 visits + private chat or e-mail00move to House status(token)

Fifth step–41 visits +private chat or e-mail reading–Eye on the World

(token and pin on world map)

Sixth step–50 visits–at the light house–Name posted on the Lighthouse

CREW–celebrated often and

New members celebrated on Fridays and Saturdays Continue reading “MEMBER ROLL CALL /VISITS”