Log for Morning Meditation, Friday June 3, 2011

Log for Morning Meditation, Friday   June 3, 2011

Dear Journal—

Today the morning meditation group came into the room in spurts. We started with about twelve and some wandered off. Then we got a burst of six or more. Then a few left. Then we got a burst of more, so we ended up with a count of 35.  Several sets of guests hung around in the Visitors room watching.

The chat was lively—though it was slow to start. Seems the system was slow as well. We began with the light show and the morning prayers. I gave everyone a card right away so as to use the wait time for late arrivals. A few of the members mentioned they had trouble locating a source for the explication for their card. So I recommended other search engines such as Alta vista, excite, hot bot, and yahoo. Google and Amazon had been previously recommended. What is so exciting is that the members actually took the directive to look for themselves to heart and did so. DC Nair shared his card “death” with us as a report back. It is in the log to follow so I will not write that exchange up. I am starting to like dcnair very much because he (think he is a he) tries to marshal the room the way Gatekeeper Antje, Niwroc_D61, Luscious Lioness and CyberTyper do. He fights and speaks back to Trolls who try to disrupt the action and the flow. He encourages me and makes little supportive remarks. And he has a fresh, warm energy that comes through to me. He also tells me how my readings and private work with him in e-mail readings is unfolding as truth. That is very gratifying. I feel if I touch just one in this way; it makes getting up for the challenge that much more joyous.

The time table for the activities remains the same Continue reading “Log for Morning Meditation, Friday June 3, 2011”

SDiane Day–Thursdays June 2, 2011

Dear Journal–June 2, 2011 (Thursday) SDiane Day

Today I allowed my self some rest–so to speak. I took time off from serving the members and creating diversions from the boredom of waiting for private chats. I actually let myself sit still and read a little poetry and be interviewed by the members. Cybertyper and Eternety were good enough to to do the honors. Once we got going, others joined in with their own questions. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, and just listening t a few tunes while the dialog rolled by. I read several poem s form Dyke Hands. They like them. I have the idea that I will further adjust my schedule. It will be two hours in the afternoon and two more hours in the evening That way I get the broadest stretch of out reach. I have to keep the prospects coming in freshly. Continue reading “SDiane Day–Thursdays June 2, 2011”

Morning Meditation Schedule–New Segment

Meditation Monday  Format    Launched May 30, 2011  Daily Show MTWTFS

9:30        Musical Fanfare /Members and Guests Arrive    2 minutes

9:35        Color Show/Cyber Wheel Meditation                     1 minutes

9:40        Bells, Chanting, and Daily Prayer                               2 minutes

9:50        Psalms or Other Inspirational Reading                    2 minutes

9:55        Queque/assignments Member Psy Card Report        15 minutes

(Private Welcome at Anytime)

10:00     World Prayer / Psy Card assignments                      60 minutes


11:00     Affirmation Card Show Exercise                                 10 minutes


11:20     Chakra Balancing                                                              5  minutes


11:25     Guided Meditation / Hu Chant/Third Eye              10 minutes



Chat Room Report for “Memorial Day ”May 30, and “Telepathic Tuesday” May 31, 2011

Chat Room Report for “Memorial Day ”May 30, and “Telepathic Tuesday” May 31, 2011

Private readings 1—Monday, May 30       Tuesday, May 31—-1

Member Count71 Monday   May 30         Tuesday, May 31–28

Support me in achieving 10 private readings per day or 2 per hour. Thank you.

Crew* Present Today and Yesterday

GatekeeperAntje—returned after a long absence, the actual original gatekeeper and we

Sailormoon—visits have become infrequent and we know and miss her

Raimy18—in transformation, has grown in this chat Room, watches for Trolls and fights  for me

Jaded Heart—needs prayer for health challenge

Allis Positive—becoming as regular as Raimy18, graciously gave an open interview

KMK-777—she shares willingly and helps in room

Seraph—777*—shared hero’s story and scary incident

Eternety—my silent guardian, prays for me, keeps a candle for me

Ezangel—a friend to the room, helps keeps peace and love there

Cybertyper—big help & administrative support, also developing psychic, interviewed on Wacky Weds

*Elizabeth7264—Slow and steady attendance and enthusiastic participation

*Sunshine—just because she is so modest about her presence and plays with love

Edlyn25—Funny and steady, brings the joy and the energy to the room, shares and talks

AwakenAngel*–contributes the love and the joy, plus powerful insights on Telepathy day

DivineLust*–full of wry humor and inconspicuous innuendo, very enthusiastic participation

Loveable—very and an old friend from the first days, not as regular but identifiable in the mix

Alexsheart—very loving and sweet, participates without the need for glory, but honest and fair

Strong New Members

Technical Blonde—keep an eye on this one, sharp, advanced and awakening

PinkPartyRock—steady as she goes—interior potency

Dialogue Dive—comes in with the “cake” blew me away with some Telepathic Tuesday insights

Spirittt—this one was exciting, but a mere child of 15—sorry but we had to ban her

DCNair—a respectful and gentle member who likes to throw in little repartees

Celebrated New Members

Butterfly 11



Totally Random

NOTICE It is important for new and strong members to let the Oracle SDiane know when they have 10 visits. Continue reading “Chat Room Report for “Memorial Day ”May 30, and “Telepathic Tuesday” May 31, 2011”

Saturday May 28 Fun Chat Report–Mystery Card Day

Mystery Card Saturday –is the day the Oracle SDiane draws cards for the members and they read for each other.  It is always fun to see the different takes on the same tarot image.

Members Present 57

Private Readings 1                    E-mail Reading 1

DEFINITION OF CREW–anyone with 10 or more visits (blue star status) with one or more Private Chats. Anyone who helps SDiane  the Oracle to manage the room by welcoming guests and telling them whats going on. Also encouraging membership and private chats. The crew is also old members who were at Oranum when SDiane first came.

Current Crew(Star indicates present on Saturday)





Luscious Lioness


Melodic Blues*







Jaded Heart*

G3 London


Rewards and Recogntion System

Each visit:  Bell Status   ( 1 bell up to 9 plus welcome celebration)

10th Visit celebration and Prayer Token(Oracles Altar–Unity Prayercircle–Silent Unity in Kansas City,MO–30 days of extra prayer) with Private Chat

11th Visit  Star Crew status (no visits count without PR)

21 Visit–In the House of the Oracle–house symbol with your name +PR

41 VisitEye of the World Status+ PR  (push pin in world map/eye                                                                                                                            symbol with your name)

51 Visit–Living at the Lighthouse+PR–Lighthouse bag on light house


Many many members have tokens and 10 Visits but no Private Reading. There are 20 of you. I’d appreciate your exchanging energy with me in Private Chat. Continue reading “Saturday May 28 Fun Chat Report–Mystery Card Day”

Chat Room Report Thur. May 26;Friday May 27

Chat Room Report for “Education Thursday”, May 26, and “Star Talk” Friday, May 27, 2011

Private readings 9—Thursday, May 26       Friday, May 27—-4

Member Count—80    Thursday May 26           Friday, May 27–49

I have asked you to support me in achieving 10 private readings per day or 2-3 per hour. Don’t forget, please.

New members with Love Notes—5 Crew Present Today and Yesterday

Kfab21—money conscious, maturing                                      Mysticscorpion—teasing, astute

Monica 49—Guarded, Needs validation               Seraph777—the angel of the spheres

LovelyDreamer22—Visionary, self-attuned           Raimy18—regular as the seasons

Neveah11—Pessimistic                         Jaded Heart—devoted, in transformation

Rainbow cutie—bright, and changeable                                                Allis Positive—cheerful and transitory    Timewaitsforno1—philosophic, resigned                     Eternety—Tolerant, Transformational

Spiritttt –quick, personable                                                         Nicole1990* (waiting on star status)

Aquariusun—proud, accomplished                                          G3 London—evolved, loyal

Melodicblues—friendly, easy

KMK-777—(new token!)

It is important for new members to let the Oracle SDiane know when they have 10 visits.                      The Reward and acknowledgement system goes like this:              Bells for each day you come up to ten, 11 visits you get a green prayer token; you must have 11 visits and private chat to move to Star Status. 21 Visits you get “in the House”, (you need another Private Chat). At 41 visits you are placed on the world map where your country is with an “Eye on the World” token. From there you get mentioned in the Blog. These are the steps and each must be accompanied by Private Chat. Bells are only given at the beginning of the hour. Member celebration at last half hour of show. Continue reading “Chat Room Report Thur. May 26;Friday May 27”

Tuesday and Wednesday May 24-25 Chat Room Report–with love notes

Chat Room Report for Tuesday  May 24, and 25 2011

Private readings 1—May 24       May 25—-4

Members Count—72  May 24     May 25  80

New members with Love Notes—11


Natty909—bouyant and alert                                                     Crew Present Today and Yesterday

Calisboo—full of fun and forceful                                             Remzo90—helpful, steadfast

Bordercollie—loyal but inconspicuous                                    Ezangel—intelligent, spiritual

Rownbay-religious and growing                                                                Seraph777—purposeful, passionate

Nahready—pop culture fan, kewl                                            Raimy 18—Trooper spirit—first crew

Alewis24—shy and friendly                                                         Allispositive—accepting, beautiful

Karlabebe—Royal and worldly wise                                         Eternety—psychic, constant

BabyA92—loving and cuddle-seeking                                     Pinkyc—mature, complete

Ms Shelia—proper, self-aware                                                  G3 London—loyal, wholesom

Janet Ann— precise and cooperative                                     Sinisha—generous, ambitious

Lilicoco—curious, dispassionate                                                                JadedHeart—comprehensive, fair


For Telepathic Tuesday the room was full of players. The members tried to guess what

was hidden in bags and boxes.  The real test was what was written on the secret black and white

boards.   But Remzo, CyberTyper, Rebbeca, Selvi3 were the Psi stars because they guessed the object before anyone else. They got balloons and songs and bubbles for their wins!

The room made a cognitive leap from just uessing to seeing with their third eye the form of things. They saw the ankh as a flower and they saw the lighthouse as stocking leg—that was real good.

The Oracle sang “Om Shanti” about three times because some many people liked it and requested it.

The Oracle’s “Destiny” Lighthouse was on and it made everyone notice. Continue reading “Tuesday and Wednesday May 24-25 Chat Room Report–with love notes”

May 23 Monday SDiane’s Fun Chat Room Report–Member love notes

Here are the members with private readings and 10 or more visits who were at Oranum today.


Sassie    polite and sweet, eager

Remzo90  intelligent   astute fair-minded

Emyrates  fly and princely unconventional

Patrick_be  Brotherly  introspective, honorable

Eternity attentive, evolving  mature

Raimy 18  moody, loyal, intense

Luscious Lioness   harried  strong self-reliant

All Is Positive    contradictory  peace loving  uncertain

Pinkyc   unfettered  faithful playful

Edlyn 25  teasing curious awake

Niwroc_D61–devoted  formal  rule keeper

Jaded Heart–cynical dutiful underdeveloped Continue reading “May 23 Monday SDiane’s Fun Chat Room Report–Member love notes”