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Comment: Your information may help but not specific enough. You said I am interested in reading, table pool ping pong and climbing but only reading is actually right and I am not interested in sport you mention. Other than reading, I like viewing traditional Chinese art and listening to traditional Chinese music. The only sport which I might have interested in is Chinese martial art (but might not be anymore).
Questioner: P
Category: Psychics
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Subject: why do most girls avoid me?
Question: I typed my first name above. My date of birth is October 13, 1987. I am male. I am from china and now I am living in the US. I want to know why most girls avoid me since I became a youth. I have never have chance to have a girlfriend. I can only have one female friend (sometime two) once a year (sometime every half year) they all went away at the end of every year. Their names are Hannah (American born Japanese girl) Ashley (American born Japanese girl)hanxu (Chinese girl) yuzhu (Chinese girl) su (Korean girl)elisia (American born Chinese girl)Susana (American born Chinese girl), and too many to list. This year I met jade(probably an American born Japanese girl) and lingqi (Chinese girl) I don’t know what will happen. Is this my problem or did I met the wrong people? What was gone wrong?
Answer: P
I hear the pain and the shame and doubt in your question. I am sorry you have this to go through, but it is natural for what some call “a late bloomer.” You are just starting late with a false idea about yourself. Nothing is wrong with you. You are just underdeveloped about yourself and the ways of the world. You want to be attractive to women, perhaps only women of Asian descent, but you have not yet changed from a boy into a man.
Please hear me when I say that. It’s not about your maturity, or even your likes and dislikes-for example, computer games versus toy cars. It is not even about money or possessions. It is about the way you carry yourself and your confidence.
The girls you listed all had their preferences and know something of Asian male ego and cultural influences. The average depiction of an Asian male is slim, dark of eye and hair, cool and capable. He has a Western attitude–maybe not so respectable, maybe a nerd, but yet attractive because he knows he has the “it” factor. Do you?
No, I think not yet. Not yet. Not yet. You will. You can get it. For a great part of your life you have been shy and introspective. You have been like a babe in the womb, unborn to the ways of the world, and walking through it as your natural self, without false projections or attitude. You are yourself without the charming outreach of Jackie Chan or the fierce muscularity of Bruce Lee. You are like a college professor interested in teaching but unable to see beyond books.
But you do have interests reading, table pool I think, ping pong maybe and climbing or seeing things from great heights. So, you need to improve on your probabilities for a girl who will love you for how you are. Join clubs where activities between men and women around their interests can add to your chances to strike up a warm friendship. Be where the action involves separate participation between men and women but allows some flirting and self-preening. Use your hobbies and interests to connect to their interests.
Come out of you cave. You have been an introvert too long. Start to read male fashion magazines and add to your presentation by dress, learn what the young 20 something are doing. Get more information about current events. In other words, create a new energy field around yourself. Your way of approaching things has been too self-conscious, too inward. Come out of yourself; come into being interested in the millennial woman–she is hip, likes pretty and unusual clothes and things, cameras, social media, and she likes to go to concerts, eat smart and know where the happenings are. Can you work on this angle to raise your attraction to these kind of women? Does it seem doable?
If not, you must seek a match maker. There are still good ones in Asia, and you can find your twin, a girl who like you is also a late bloomer and knows little of the ways of the world in terms of being a part of the hip culture. Seek a quiet but brilliant mate who is shy but wants love like you. But do trust that you have something to offer and all of us have heart breaks and break-ups and chances to start over every day. You have learned from all this rejection and lost opportunity–what you have learned is “I must do something.” If your breath is good; you have a nice face, and your body is in good health, then you have the physical stuff to attract.
I hope this helps you, P. Please leave me an evaluation.
P.S. The energy you put into increasing your attractiveness in any area, will heal the sense of rejection and self-doubt you have lived with. You are loveable, Show it in smile and song.



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Comment: I totally believe in the advice given to me. Why didn’t I think of that myself! Thank you so very much. X
Questioner: K
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Subject: moving forward
Question: Dear Oracle Shariananda,
I left my husband 18 months ago due to his anger issues over a period of 5 years while we were together. I built up walls to protect myself and tried to be strong by finally leaving. I was homeless for the first 6 months but finally sort refuge in a shelter for women. I attend meditation classes, groups, counseling and read. I also successfully finished a nursing course last month and moved into my own place but I am finding it hard to feel good about myself so I can move on and feel confident. I feel stuck. It is affecting my health with recently being diagnosed with IBS. So I’m stuck mentally and physically. Can you please advise me.
Answer: Dear K,
I greet you now with good news: you are made well in the name of the God I serve.
He (She/It) wants nothing but your health, wholeness, freedom, and joy. In the name of his Son ,I send the Love of God on wings now.” THAT IS GIVEN. SNZ K, you are so far out in front of yourself with your dreams of stability and empowerment.
Girlfriend, how many battered or abused or misused woman can say what you have just said? You are a victor of the highest kind. It is extraordinary that you have been able to come through so much in little under two years and now have your life to yourself. You have done so well–possibly as an overachiever–that you have not slowed down to assess where you have been and where you go from here.
You have been helped and protected, although you probably feel like it was uphill all the way. You are not alone now. If you found me, then you are being strongly directed because I am a beacon like a lighthouse by the shore. God only sends me those who are ready to hear. READY?

Take it easy. When the Lord gets ready for your next step, it will be so apparent. It’s as though you just ran a hundred yard dash in .00 seconds and you are now breathless, tired, exhausted and needing rest, but you want to line up at the next Start for the next race.
No need to push. None at all. You need to continue with your meditations. You need to take your medicine for IBS(what is that?) and you need to rest. Even Jesus rested after every encounter with the massive crowds that followed him.

People have already told you this. So, I will tell you that what you are calling “being stuck mentally and physically” is just down time to catch up with yourself. The entire movement from him to your new home has been rapid transformation, like coming out of a comma of 20 years and still thinking it is yesterday. You just need to be good to you. When your natural rhythms return, you’ll be using that nursing training and your experience through this period to help others. I warn you now–do not believe in ill health. Believe in wholeness and recovery. That is where you are.
Just in case you think I am talking outside of your experience, know that I was struck by lightning in 2006 and my life took a nose dive. I had to come back from the injuries and all the ugly and resentful things I thought about those who did not–to my way of seeing things–come to my aid. I had to learn to trust God, the days of healing, and to find the off button to my mind that kept telling me tired and resentful things. That is the nature of healing and you are out in front of the process. Trust that. Trust your process. This is my advice. The next step will come of its own accord when your mind, body, and spirit are really ready.
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Comment: Thank you.. It may be time to ask….I believe I’m ready. Again thank you for showing me this.
Questioner: B
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Subject: No Talking – Month
Question: Hello,
So about a month ago my girlfriend stopped answering me and communicating with me (It’s a long distance relationship due to my dad’s job) and I was just wondering, do you see me talking to her again or at least my life getting a little better?

Thank you,
Answer: Hello B–

I have to be honest with you, you are in a pickle.
You do not have your freedom to make choices about going to her or redirecting your life.
I gather that you are underage or depend upon your father. As long as that is true, your life is not your own. You also have lots of things to work out in your life, maybe work, school, or other obligations of time and effort. You cannot adequately attend to your love’s needs. So, she is not as close as she was once, and she is testing you. If you want her, you will have to make a move. Start by sending flowers and a letter of your intention. But be sure to ask her if she has someone new.

Are you ready to do that?


●You answered this question on 03/27/14

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Comment: Thank you very much. All the best.
Questioner: A
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Subject: My angels and my spirit guides
Question: Hello
I want to contact my angels and my spirit guides. I’m not good at guided meditation, I meditate better in ”here and now”. Please tell me how to contact my angels and my spirit guides? Please give me a message from them. I’m male, 31 years old. Many blessings.


Hello Adrian, Thanks for asking me. I honor your transformation from not knowing into knowing. Welcome. You have taken the next step to your own inner wisdom and empowerment.

You can best contact them directly–since guided meditations do not work effectively–by buying a touchable oracle: The Ascended Masters oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. It will give you a broad idea of the great energies which inform your life and are available for guidance daily–moment to moment.

Also, an investigation into power animals or spirit guides will give you a more here and now sense of things when you do start to see animals over and over again in situations. They teach and they inform, they guide, also.

Your own personal guides may be of several varieties. They will make themselves known in dreams. You may want to just ask for someone to make themselves known when you sleep.

I am allowed to ask your guides for their messages or names, but it is actually your duty and your power. I would rather not. It feels intrusive. If you have deceased relatives, a brother, a grandmother, your father, a favorite aunt, you can be sure they nudge you away from danger or error in times when you change your mind for no particular reason. You can ask them to make their presence felt–like angels do–but open all of your senses. smell, sound, taste (of course, touch and sight). They come as strangers or as express words spoken by others in public places or TV.

I have angels and high spirit guides with me, Archangel Michael and St. Germaine. I also have my grandmother and uncle with me. I have named two of my angels Cory and Monty. So in the place of knowing, you can assign names to those who come to you. It is okay. They just want to be acknowledged and they are not attached to names. They are energies that change and morph over time and in each life.

I am told to tell you to “Lighten up” and To “trust the message of the Fisherman (Jesus)”. Do you understand that?


●You answered this question on 03/31/14
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Comment: Thank you! This has helped me a lot!
Questioner: J
Category: Psychics
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Subject: Ex–as king of your heart–I don’t think so
Question: I saw my ex yesterday and he’s dating a new girl. The last time I saw he was dating a different girl. We had a pretty bad break up but despite what happened between us, I still care for him. Sometimes I feel like there are signs that we may get back together but it may be all in my head. Like the other day our big boss approached me to congratulate bec. he thought I just got married to my ex. I don’t know why he would think that but he said, he saw my name somewhere and took the last name of my ex. So it’s kinda weird for me. Will we ever get back together? His name is H C born on Dec 17,1978 and my name is J V B born on April 18,1981. Hope you can help me out, I still miss him and hoping we still have a chance. God bless and more power!
Answer: Dear, dear J-
It’s perfectly okay to still love someone after breaking up with them. You are not guilty. You are human. But I wonder if you have thought about what issues there were for you two and if you will encounter them again ? and if so, have you new skills or insight as to how you will deal with them?
You make a couple of big assumptions. One that he has been dating others unsuccessfully and maybe what you had was therefore better or he has been unable to find something he had in you. And you think or wish him to come back. You are fanaticizing about the possibility of a reunion and you are adding projection to it, by thinking there are “signs” that you and he might be turning toward each other again, especially since the boss asked about you two as a married couple. I understand. I have been there. It’s a painful place to be.
It’s hard to want someone and not know if they want you or think about you as you think about them. But you are in your thirties now, and it’s not the same game of “try and fly” as it was when you were a teen. It is not “shop and drop” as in the twenties. In the 30s it’s more “get real and deal with what you feel.” Because time is wasting. In seven years, you’ll be 40, do you want to spend the time hoping for a love that was problematic and which has had its season and taught you what you needed to learn? Or do you want to really think about what you need and what you are dreaming of having with someone?
The “dark night of the soul” is an expression that is meant to talk about the agonies of break-up or grief. It’s when you suffer from heart-break and doubts about what you could have done or should have done or could have done. It’s all that backwards looking to understand what you did wrong or why it was this way or that. But life happens as it does and we are meant to move with the Spirit, to let go when it hurts too much to stay.
I invite you now, based on three cards I pulled for you after prayer, to think about what you want and need from life. What kind of person are you? What are your interests and passions? What is your purpose? These would be the things to ask of yourself during this dark night of the soul that sends you reeling backwards in you r mind and heart. I am told that the devil makes us look back–to the past–so we can’t see what God has for us up ahead. The “Hermit” card was your past–it says you have been looking back too much. It’s time to regroup, ask of yourself those questions above.
The “Fool” (present) card is a lover’s card which usually says “go for it,” take the leap, follow your heart. But in this case, yours was upside down. It means you’ll just fall into the same trap and fail to grow or even learn from your mistakes (and his). You two are growing in different ways at different rates. So, no, I do not think you are due for another round.
However, you have free will and you can pursue him–ask him to come back–if he continues to be your obsession. You are allowed. As I said above, you’re human.
Your final card (future), was the King of cups, it shows a man isolated on a rock in an ocean trying to invite many fish to come to him. He is a king but he has no land, no command, only the hard place of his ideas about love and being close. He is drunk or high on his own fantasy of what he thinks he wants and deserves. This card is also upside down. His world is just that way. He is older but not as mature as you. Acts like a teen, or a 20 something. It was noticeable that you did not tell me what he felt about you and how you two broke up.
You are willing to overlook his failings, thinking his love is sufficient, but his love is immature and selfish, and he can only express himself sexually and in brags. He is simply a shadow of a fully mature man. So, no, I do not see you getting back permanently–maybe as warm friends. You still have a true attraction, but I see you as his spiritual role model. You always were his best adviser, and the feelings you have are unconditional love, but no amount of acceptance should reduce you to betraying yourself. You are due to have better, if you look forward, not back. Think on this a few days. I wish you health and wholeness, peace and insight. Shariananda,oracle

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