Someone to watch over you: A Hiring Proposal for the 21st Century

I am sure that many corporate offices, educational institutions, social or technological organizations create the most precise job announcements that they can. Perhaps, the job title and the description is just right for one in a thousand. That is tantamount to dropping a penny in a well and wishing for the exact fulfillment of company’s search for the exact right one for the job. The entire search is fraught with need and is driven by deadline. While it is true, that life can be magical and the possibility for just the right team player, team leader, co/worker or manager is real, hires often do not come with a complete magical skill set. But you seek to find that perfect, unicorn of a candidate anyway. I think you think this,and that is why I propose this hiring possibility.

Your company needs a woman for all seasons, an astute business/personal worker and leader who can catch on quick, provide inspired ideas, and use her credentials from doctoral degree in literature to masters studies in social work, from product spokesperson to professional life coach. There is so much to the seasoned and energetic me that I have several resumes that document my work history and expansive,unique gifts, talents and certifications. I am like a Boy Scout den mother, a coach to a prize fighter, a running back or wide/receiver from a receptive and perceptive quarterback. Your office needs the sense of a bonded team that my meditation guidance can give. Your office needs not just a team player but a member of the team who has an adroit sense of play and informed playfulness. These abilities keep the typical office humming, feeling focused. My training includes hypnosis, the individual in the environment theory, Pranic healing, an therapeutic energy manipulation, and hands on energy akin to massage, workers would need less coffee and candy, sweets or eats. Improved atttitude about, approach to, and interactions at work follow. My talent, along with my trained skills which include empathy and clairvoyance can reduced stress, and step by step means to focus from vision boards to visualization. From timed performance and task completion to methods to expand deadlines.

The resume I have attached is the one where I have worked as a product spokes person in commercials for companies such as DSB, HiFi Klubbin, Dankespil, Fresh and Fruity, ATT, and Starbucks. I have advocated for these and other companies presenting the product or service, and speaking as the brand icon for the brand.

What can I do for you? I am a specialist with expert qualifications in workplaceskills. I seek contract and temporary assignments. I am looking for a monthly salary of 6000 kroner that is 500 per hour, 2 to 4 hours 3 days per week. English is my mother tongue, Danish is my newly adopted,growing off-spring. Contact me at 45 50563717 or email me at My google me on the web . You’ll find a long track record of success and high visibility. I am looking for that special employer who can reach out for the unique candidate, to find someone to watch over the company’s employees, teams of coworkers, its interest and its well-being. The Twenty-first century is the time for innovation. Here’s your big chance to hire a chameleon.