The Tragedy of These Tears (remarks on Parkland School shooting)

I feel I ought to weigh in on the Parkland assassinations. The 17 souls who lost their lives to this senseless massacre ought not to have. We all agree. These young people went to school expecting the day to be regular and normal only to be assaulted by a fellow student with unrecognized madness. He was an unbalanced ,angry and troubled youth seeking some illogical satisfaction in randomly shooting his school mates with whom he had no bond. He shot and killed” in wicked scattershot ”the sons and daughters of hardworking parents, the sisters and brothers of fond siblings, the classmates and friends that passed by in the familiar halls, day after day following the aspiring routines of high school.
Imagine the discord, the havoc, the terror, the sudden agony of Death stalking these teenage lives, To know that one is about to be killed, to know that one is about you be deprived of life and its promise before you have barely dreamed it. Even the adults who died in this unkind, unprecipitated slaughter lost their dreams, their families, their livelihood (no pun here). It hurts me. It hurts me.
I tuned into the “listening session” on CNN with the President last night. It was good, therapuetic, a release, and it was motivating. Aside from the appeals for action and the demand for solutions, those student surviviors in all of their pain, those parents and school authorities from other scenes of massacre, ie. Sandy Hook, Parkland and other notorious scenes of unexpected gunslaughter, were brave and strong in the face of their grief. They spoke through the tragedy of their tears to propose fresh ideas and share their pain with the President, who,for once, seemed to be humbled and silenced by the magnitude of their intention. He asked for open dialogue, for suggestions, for insight.
So I came away with one or two of my own: as we put labels on cigaret packs and bottles of medicine, as we give warning to parents for R rated movies, and post Beware signs for guard dogs, so must we now attack the prevalence of films and television shows, and violent video games that feature the romanticized and vicious use of guns for good or ill. This will be one finger of a handfull of incentives to reduce gun violence. Others suggest gun training for school officials, still others suggest new laws, others want to retrofit schools for any likelyhood of danger, and others want to recall guns, extend the background check or age at which one can buy any gun. All good. I join the youth in saying, “Never Again”. May the grace of God heal your broken hearts and dry your tears. This tragedy must be the last of its kind.