The Right Wing–Winners and Losers: The Second Republican Presidential Debate,Part 2

The Right Wing–Winners and Losers: The Second Republican Debate  Part 2

As I said, I gave each candidate 1 point for making a point, for answering the question well.  And among the values previously listed, I also subjectively decided which was more Presidential, credible, and assertive overall.  If you missed the beginning of this discussion please check the blog/post that preceded this one: The Right Wing, Part I

So who won and why from my spiritual point of view? Well, there were close competitors and there were poor scorers. Below I list the best debaters in alpha order as I have no favorite because I am no Republican even though I appreciated the Presidential quality, informed preparation, passion, and fair-mined courage of  Marco Rubio.

Jeb Bush 10

Ben Carson   2

Chris Cristy 11

Ted Cruz 3

Carly Fiorina 9

Mike Huckabee 4

John Kasich 3

Paul Rand 8

Marco Rubio 10

Donald Trump 3

Scott Walker 2

Chris Cristy (11)  bashed Hillary Clinton and President Obama, but talked an unifying theme. That seemed hypocritical and though he had the most points, his energy was vituperative.He spoke best on the need for rehab for marijuana users not jail.

Jeb Bush (10) was very dignified,brought a mollifying energy and I appreciated that he is politically seasoned. He is fighting the perception that he will not be seen as “his own man” because both his brother and father already held the office., but he countered that his brother kept us safe after 9-11. He was composed

Marco Rubio (10) was present to the moment, had his facts and was informed. He was prepared studied, and astute. He spoke on immigration and the Iranian deal calling Putin “that gangster in Moscow” for his interference in the Ukraine. His tone was bitter in regards to Obama’s seeming rebuff of Netanyahu and his warmth and welcome to the Iranian spiritual leader by contrast.

Carly Fiorina (9) was prepared,intense, and assertive. She advocated upgrading and restoring the US military. She focused on policy, advocated for us standing with our allies. She brought a personal revelation on the drug rehab issue. It balanced the sharpness of her edge in trying to slice through the combative male energy.

Paul Rand (8) had considered ideas, the confidence of his political experience, and a passionate, well-thought out response to most question. He was attentive and unflappable. He was a leader by example spoke on the Tenth Amendment, and also advocated for less incarceration of drug users.

Mike Huckabee (4) was exemplary and grounded by his sense of right. He spoke against same sex marriage even though the law validates it now. He was passionate and unabashed. His stand was moral and he embodied the electorate who think like him without venom.

John Kaisch (3)–He seems easy, honest, authentic with his talk of unifying and his record in Ohio as governor. He said more than once America’s strength lies in in unity, abroad as well with our allies. His carriage or body language was easy and stood out from the rest,but his assertions were simplistic by contrast.

Donald Trump (3)–He was out of his depth in this debate, holding back on the usual argumentative hyperbole and name calling.  He seemed to have pulled back and was less sophomoric about name calling, taking back his insult to Fiorina about her looks. He advocated for English as the national American language and spoke again for his intention to raise a wall against Mexican illegal immigration. When asked which woman he’d put on the new US ten dollar bill, he said his  wife. He repeated, he wants “to make the country great again”.

Ted Cruz (3) With every chance to speak, he bashed Obama, and argued against planned parenthood and abortion, advocated for war, and strict constitutional. He said he’d tear up the Iran deal on his first day in office. He’d repeal Obama health care program.  He’d abolish IRS. He did a great deal of fear monger. He was ineffective.

Ben Carson(2)–His views come in from left field, in a sleepy, cracker barrel style. His persona is sweet, and understated. He has strong views on the Syrian war now, saying if we (Obama) had gone into Syria after Afghanistan was, the current displacement of Syrians (refugee) crisis wouldn’t be happening. He is a quiet controversial candidate, saying he’d not want a Muslim in the White House.

Scott Walker(2) He spent the debate selling himself, and the Reagan legacy as it lives in him. Of all, he bashed the president each time he had a chance to speak.He had no authority of his own.,even though he had his Wisconsin governorship to recommend his ability to take a hard line. It was not evident this time. *[Since September 16, he has dropped out of the race.]

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