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Shariananda, When you do psychic readings, where do you get the answers from? Do all psychics get their answers from the same source? I’ve heard psychics on television say they get it from their spirit guides. I heard Dr. Phil, a talk show hosts, say that women have the ability to just know things. Where does the knowing come from? Thanks



Dear Gina

​I am so glad you asked me that! That is one of the best questions I have ever been asked on this site.

When I started as a “psychic” it came upon me like a bolt of lightning. I was doing a performance pretending to give answers to a warm up audience who came to see my one-woman show. One of my characters in that show was a “fake’ psychic who was giving stupid and obvious advice like “you’re going to get a letter.” “You will get a new pair of shoes.” “Your food will taste good.” (This was generated from my brain and sense of humor.) But then, without knowing how or why, I started to say things I had not thought of nor was I aware that I knew them. I told one lady that she was pregnant and afraid because she didn’t have a husband. And she was shocked! It was true and she said no one knew that but her. You think she was shocked, I was too! I got so scared. I didn’t know what had happened to me. But there I was on stage giving instant readings into people’s lives without a clue as to how I knew these things.

Because I am a Christian, I was afraid this was a demon possession, but as I got used to things and prayed and went to several other psychics and people in the field to ask. I began to read and I trusted that if I had been given this gift of knowing it was for the best.

Since then, I have gathered new beliefs in angels and the idea that my deceased relatives speak to me.

I know I have someone with me all the time (guardian angels) because in 2006 I was struck by lightning and a voice spoke to me to lie still, and that prevented me from having a heart attack. So who are my guides? I do not know them all, but i accept that they are of the Good. I like thinking they are angels and my relatives and my unseen guardian, but some comes in dreams some in daydreams and during meditation. So, I am open to receive and trust, as I said, that it all comes from the good. God is Spirit. That which comes from him comes in spirit and truth. So, my answer to you is that my answers come from God, from his tools and means. I am protected and I do not fool around . I an honest and if I do not know, I do not say I do. Hope this helps.

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