Deeper and Deeper–Undercover Consciousness

Deeper and Deeper–Undercover Consciousness

It has been nearly two weeks since I last wrote you a note about my progress in the Winning the Game of Money program. Our instructions are to review the entire program for 21 days, after we finish the first 90 days. In the interim between the first week and the second, I was involved in a car accident and it set me back a ways. I tried listening to the the tapes, but my body and mind revolted. I felt like I was trying to bend steel with my hands or push down a huge iron door. So, I stopped pushing. I just decided to keep my usual transcendental practice of meditation going, but even that was too heavy for my head and inner reflections. I stopped listening.

In this period of healing, I had a great many childhood and young adult remembrances. They called to mind times when I was psychologically or emotionally injured, places where I felt I was wounded and not nurtured. It occurred to me that many of you working through the program, especially trying to access your blocks or remove unwanted habits and beliefs about money, may be unprepared for the removal of toxic thoughts and absorbed behaviors that have poisoned your inner emotional waters. You may even be unconscious about just how deeply you have been affected or how those days and times have influenced the way you look at life, how you forgive or do not, how you love or cannot, how you act and do not.

It is important to know you are detoxifying with this program, whether you intend to or not. And it won’t be everyone’s experience to know what is happening to herself or himself, nor will you be always to be able to ask the neighborly online participant if they have felt or feel what you are experiencing and get a clear, confirming, or comforting answer. It is really quite unique to each of us. So you will need to take care of yourself. If you have had no transformational work or do no meditations or no yoga nor even see a therapist of other professional,then, you ought think twice about jumping in, raising cane, and dealing with what may yet be hidden from you. The program takes no responsibility for your experience except to stay you can earn all the money you want and you can create a millionaire’s mindset. Otherwise, if you have deep unresolved issues linked directly to your finances or not, it is not in the purview of this program to address them.

When the audio repeats that you are going “deeper and deeper.” Know that’s true, and it will out in one way or the other. Stay alert to your own thought and take care of the undercover things that are only yours to know and acknowledge. In the spirit of healing and love and sharing–Sharimeditation within

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