Proof in the Pudding–Review of Level 4– Increasing Wealth Feelings

Proof in the Pudding–Review of Level 4– Increasing Wealth Feelingsbanana pudding pudding saying

I last reported to you that while clipping words and images from newspapers and magazines for my vision board that I had found an advertisement for an English instructor listed by a well-established language school, called The Cambridge Institute. Today I went for interview. It was easy, welcoming, fair, and direct. I got the job–this is my money making frequency drawing known and unknown sources of money to me.

What makes it fit in with the outcomes of this brain-retraining is that it is within the scope of my vision plan. I have the choice of when and for how long I shall work, and beyond the set pay scale, I can determine how much I shall earn. While this is not the entire scope of my vision, it is a part, a new beginning toward earning as much money as I desire. I see this as a stepping stone to higher income and greater out-reach. So I am delighted, especially since I love to teach, I am a gifted and creative teacher, and I have wanted to teach here in Denmark since I came. It is an honor to use my credentials in another country.

Meanwhile, I will use the money I earn to forward other aspects of my vision and goals. The brain retraining program says nothing about old fashion axioms like “the proof is in the pudding” but there are plenty of beliefs and habit- money axioms that inhabit our deep conscious:such as “it takes money to make money”–or “money talks”–and “money don’t grow on trees”. But it’s been through searching my inner thoughts for these drawbacks to prosperity that has brought me to this plateau. Pudding, did I say? Sweet.

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