what’s for you, you will get, Review of Level 9–Accelerating Wealth

“What’s for You, You will Get”, Review of Level 9–Accelerating Wealth

I have two brothers. I am close to both of them and for all of our years apart, pursuing our dreams and lives, we remained bonded by the blood of our parents and the memories of their import in our lives. I am the middle child, a female, I am book-ended by each of them, one older, the other younger, but all of us within a workable age range: 75, 69, 65. It’s comforting to have them be alive. I think of them and our parents because the car accident this past week-end threw me backwards into my mind during my continued review of the levels of our brain retraining program. As I listen, I remember odd snippets of life as a youth, as student, a young adult, and as a teacher.

In sharing my recent challenge with my youngest brother, Weddie, who is a very kindred spirit, he quoted something my mom used to say,”One step forward, and two steps back.” That was surprising as I had never heard her say that and I said so. Then my brother said, it was just something he adopted as a catch phrase, something attributed to my mom only. I guess this was a strategy to bridge the loss–he was only 11 when she died. But to me it seems to be the kind of belief to dissolve in the Beliefs and Habits Generator.

Upon learning that it was just a faux axiom for general use in his life, I asked him if he wanted to know some of the axioms that I recall which my Mom did, in fact, used to say. He said, yes.
One of them was “What’s for you you will get.”

And in fact, that has proven to be so. What has been mine to have from jobs to possessions, from lovers to points of travel, I have realized by miscellaneous means. For example, when I was making my Vision Board, that included a desire to instruct with images of classrooms of students, I had run across a job notice for a English language school seeking teachers. I cut it out, and put it aside. After my board was done, I called the school. Lo, they were receptive and encouraging, and today they invited me for an interview. It is an opportunity born of my work with this program, and an answer to a prayer for more money while being an exact reflection of one goal imaged on my vision board.

I ought to be calm and well enough to go for the interview next week. But I guess I ought remember not”to count my chickens before they hatch”
and “to cross that bridge when we get to it.” Her sayings have carried me a long way,and I know she’d be happy that I was trying to “keep some money in your[my] pocket to keep the haunts* off of you.”

*(broke demons,pronounced ‘haints’)IMG_0461 11954607_10207775727537401_7043628276373928011_n 11914956_10207775769978462_3629305132889882734_n

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