Levels of Review, Review of Levels 5-6-7-8–Parallelism

Levels of Review, Review of Levels 5-6-7-8-Parallelism

You may have missed me for the last few days. I have been quietly healing. On last Saturday Vivi and I were involved in a car accident. We hit another vehicle from behind as we exited the freeway. The car in front appeared to be about to move on from a slow down,and then it didn’t. Wham! So, we got snatched pretty fiercely by the seat belts, and we were traumatized by the loud bang of the smash, but nothing deeply serious. No air bag deployment or screeching tires.The other vehicle’s passengers were shaken up but not hurt (but pretty pissed!)

We were on our way to Bon Holm, a little island land of Denmark. We had planned a 4 day get away. Stopped cold. Between Denmark and Sweden.
The ambulance came, the cops came, two Samaritan drivers came (one with license plate TLC),after talking to the insurance company on the cell phone, the wrecker came. We rattled but in one piece,deliberated a return trip strategy.

It was,after all the tension and upset, an adventure. The wrecker driver dropped us off at the Swedish train station where we figured out the train schedule, and while we waited we had ice cream–such a comfort in times of stress. Oddly, people kept asking us for directions and making small talk with us. It seemed to be a day to help others. Then we took the hour and a half ride back to Copenhagen, relaxed, silent, and blessed to be alive. The view outside the window was blissful, collectively lovely. A man on the train voluntarily put my bag in the rack above–such a kindess. I was unable.

In this recovery week since, we have been very,very quiet. We were both so traumatized by the loud bang of the crash that every little noise set us on nerve. The entire experience gave us cause for review. Viv has reviewed the past traumas in her life:death and loss, and I reviewed mine: many that were in fact auto accidents. It is coincidental that I am reviewing the wealth audio, completing my first 7 days of the 21, and I see the parallels. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward or stop and review to see where you have been. Yet and still all things work together for good (to those who love the Lord). We are glad to be alive.

Two damage cars after accident
Two damage cars after accident

ice creaming licking 2

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