Attracting and Increasing–review of Levels 3&4–Kindred Spirits

Attracting and Increasing–Review of Levels 3 & 4–Kindred Spirits

Yesterday I spent a longtime here in the Facebook Posting Gallery with many of my new online and NeuroGym friends and colleagues. I am reaching out to those who respond to my posts because it is polite and real. I am reaching out because it’s not enough to just “Like” or “Comment” anonymously to someone I really don’t know as if that comment is the touch of gold. I’m reaching out because I want a readership and a following. I am after purpose and exposure.

But before that, I just want to send the message to those who do write about themselves, assert their truths or illumine others, that you are not alone; you are heard. I heard what you said. Or simply, I am saying thank you for taking the moment to give me this little nano-bite of your energy,time and care. These are digital gifts, quantum ectoplasma of feeling.

The fact is I look for kindred spirits, for people who are seeking that vital connection that will turn their or my Rumplestiltskin spun threads of commentary into a Cinderella moment. Somewhere financial success must meet the outstretched hand. I mean, isn’t it more than just amusing ourselves with snippets, un-sounded bites of flotsam off the cuff? Isn’t it about validating and influence ? About loosing the mighty agape and platonic love that we want to run afoot in the world?

Yes, yes, I know there are those who cast aspersions, take hard line political stands and demand that we “Share” their compassionate or angry image or opinion. They would have us send along our consensus like some urgent pony express communique. We know not to whom, but if we are kindred spirits, so do we send. And there are those who are sarcastic and cynical, inviting us to dip a finger into the poison and touch our own already assaulted minds. But my deal is to cheer, to inspire, to meet. The Personality Profile Assessment, verified my Natural impulse to be 99% social, individualistic and Intuitive. I am directing that assessment.

I want to feel the people I am writing, I want to know who I am talking to, what they’re up to and what they dream of. I want to hitch my life to the soul of this enterprise and make it count that I am being touched by the joys and trials of others. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to speak randomly into the lives of the many beings who write on the walls of these halls the I AM of their very breathing and meaning. And that energy born again yesterday carried me into today, and I have been nothing but a magnet for all kinds of interactions, meeting both a teacher, a nun, and a couple from the USA on the intercity toget (train) today. It was holy. You are that to me.Dave and Megan3 for the Road

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