The Interim, Level 9 review–The Intensity of Images, a Sign

The Interim–Level 9 Review—The Intensity of Images a Sign

I have not told you how tender the program has made me on some days.When that happens, I cry easily about silly things–the lady bug that lands on my jacket, the magpie that swoops above me so near, the hypnotic movement of the trees as the Northern winds of fall begin to toss the branches torridly.

Sounds are a little louder,too. The Danish crow call,the wild geese fanning the air. I hear the mummies turn over in Egypt; I hear the baby bird’s first,near noiseless peck upon the walls of its egg. I hear the voices of my ancestor’s on the wind. This program readies each of us in the ways that we are most empowered. Have you noticed your nervous system? Your seeing? We are steadily being asked to imagine, to see our enriched selves and to feel…So I do instinctively.

Yesterday I told you,” I participate, I wait.” This is what I do in the interim, before the big financial tsunami whooses against my life; I experience the Michael Corleone pause before the unleasing of the unuttered howl that has been squelched for a lifetime. All my unfulfilled desires, what I have perceived as denied, blocked, withheld. I experience it as the uncoiling of the the future, like a boa filled with the swallowed prey. It is the jar of coins saved for a rainy day, broken upon the wheel of life in anticipation of the time when it must be spent. The Interim…..

Psalm 27:Wait, wait on the jar Michael Corleone's yalp ladybug

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