“I Think, I Feel, I Act Rich Because I Am,” Review of Level 6:Tenacity and Resolve–The Vision Board

“I think, feel and act rich, because I am”
Review of Level 6:Tenacity&Resolve—The Vision Board

It has been a very quick nine weeks of committed listening to the brain-retraining Levels, and I find myself full of unexpected expressions of the deep and significant effects of the retraining. For example In my ordinary conversations, training phrases, and ideas from the various immersions just slip into my speech. I find myself using the images of “finding water in the desert” or of being “deeper and deeper” absorbed in what I am doing. And I say things like “because I am ” to answer the question: “why do you …?” It is affirming and inadvertant. I love it. I think, feel, and act rich because I am. Enriched by each day already spent, empowered to see my wealth in my acquisition of new friends,opportunities, and insights. Rich in expectancy and surprise events. I live. I love. I participate and wait!

Today, I share with you my Vision Board. It has three parts. Left (1) who I wish to reach and what I wish to do for them. Please excuse the Danish, but most of my magazines and papers are in the Mother Tongue of this country. This shows a diagram of the world with 30 something to 60 something people and the various social media icons. They are my outreach ideal clients and my means to do it. Atop it says International health (to) the Whole World. Beneath it says “Let go of your problems”.My goal is to serve the world in letting go and realizing their own power and unseen spiritual support.

To the far right(2) there are images of of seminar students and workshop participants overwritten by the words: “So I provide instruction, too. Learn and study!” This is my goal as educator expressed in terms of participating clients and seekers for whom I can provide knowledge and training.

At the bottom (3) my immediate the expected outcomes of intended goal fulfillment: African and beautiful culturally appropriate clothing,a cycle, travel to many sacred and popular sites to work and play, my dream of a very visible shop on the avenue(s),a rainbow blessed home, published works, and ?[SURPRISE] (whatever the Universe will send my way that I don’t know I want, but will be so happy to receive. Also it is the space for a Cadillac.(waiting to find the right sized picture).

In the middle is the puppet master, the goal setter, the power behind the throne, the woman at the keyboard and online giving services and advice:
Oracle Shariananda! I have pasted that I offer Sorting things of the mind, and healing experience for the body, that my work is of superior quality and I am world reknown. Underneath, I indicate that I am making the capital, becoming a millionaire(and staying one since “blive” means both.

I thank you John and Mark and all of you wonderful new friends and Achievers for supporting me along this much of the journey. I hope my sharing encourages others to stick with itcopy2

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