Thank You for letting Me be Myself , Level 9, 4

I Want to Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself, Level 9, 4

Sly Stone and his Family used to sing a song that celebrated their musical and personal success in the field of rhythm and blues. The song was a kind of anthem to self-expression and a call and canonization to kindred spirits who identified with these lyrics.

So many of you have been responding to my posts, and I am very grateful . You have helped me believe I have a readership for my writing again. If you have accepted my invitation to be a Facebook friend, then I invite you to have a look at my new web page, and Contact me from there if you would like to participate in an online workshop for any one of the four I am offering. Dreams and telepathy are my specialities.

Yesterday and today were good days for contacts, money deals and the connection with others. I want more and will give my heart to you if you will support my work in the world. You are my ideal clients, just people who need a word, a song, a poem, an echo back of their experience. Let me work with you here, out in the open, with an open heart..I like having the chance to touch you directly. If you miss me here, you can catch me at my blog space or on my web


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