Slowly I Crept, Level 9, 3

[From “Kovacs Corner” on YouTube.comAbbott and CostelloAbbott and Costello 2

Slowly I Crept, Level 9,3

Some years ago, a comedy acting team by the name of Abbott and Costello, made a sketch that had one tell the other a story about how some looney would become incensed and violent whenever he heard the words that reminded him of a tragedy that happened.

The sketch would have Lou Costello, the short dumpy guy as the wild man’s victim, while Bud Abbott, the tall straight man of the act, would pretend to recall how the crazed fellow would be triggered by the phrase Niagra Falls! It would be preceded by the words “Slowly I crept, step by step…”after which the wild man would grab him, and ruffle him up. The gag was that it would happen time and again and poor Lou would be the worst for each recounting. I attach it–so you can laugh.

The point I am making is that “The Beliefs and Habits Generator” is my Niagra Falls! Every time I get any where near those words and that machine, lodged in my temporal frontal lob, I go bonkers filing and utterley blank just after it starts. It seems the machine flashes on, draws all the electricity in my body and shapes it into files and thought like so much play dough. I delete and replace files like a mad woman. No, this is not a complaint. It is an analogy–when I hear the words “Beliefs and Habits Generator, I delete and add files like a madwoman, utterly deluged by my own inner drive and consciousness of what needs to stay and what needs to go. When I finish this round of immersions with Level 9, I ought to have crept pretty close to my Niagra Falls of Finance. Enjoy.

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