Opportunities Abound, Look around, look around, Level 8, 7

Opportunities Abound, Look around, look around, Level 8,7-

Today is the last day of my 8th week of brain retraining, and I have come through some pretty wet terrain. Cried all day yesterday. Couldn’t figure out why. Many things stirred by the “deep and deeper” probe and allowance of the audio. But I can say that in this week alone many opportunities, particularly on the world wide web have come in spam and shared emails and posts. (Thanks for all your feed back on the two previous posts for this level.)

There was more Elite Gold Profits, selling binary options for a small investment.
There was Shelly Riutta of Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy offering no-cost Tips on Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media business networking.
There was Udemy,a company that helps start ups and growing businesses to market their products and create passive income through online courses and videos.

There was Yellow Pages advertising that offers passive income per visitor click at your website.

There was Facebook Boosts which offer one’s business or social message or event or website to so many more people per item and at low cost

It just went on and on. So I started a spread sheet on who and what and how much and for how long. This helps me evaluate and select what might be best for my promotions and growth. I am tying to align the offerings with my goals and my energy and abilities. It is exciting to know that opportunities just pour and are everywhere.
No time for tears, got to be able to read , water in the eyes gets in the way.Oprah weeping

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