Proof in the Pudding–Review of Level 4– Increasing Wealth Feelings

Proof in the Pudding–Review of Level 4– Increasing Wealth Feelingsbanana pudding pudding saying

I last reported to you that while clipping words and images from newspapers and magazines for my vision board that I had found an advertisement for an English instructor listed by a well-established language school, called The Cambridge Institute. Today I went for interview. It was easy, welcoming, fair, and direct. I got the job–this is my money making frequency drawing known and unknown sources of money to me.

What makes it fit in with the outcomes of this brain-retraining is that it is within the scope of my vision plan. I have the choice of when and for how long I shall work, and beyond the set pay scale, I can determine how much I shall earn. While this is not the entire scope of my vision, it is a part, a new beginning toward earning as much money as I desire. I see this as a stepping stone to higher income and greater out-reach. So I am delighted, especially since I love to teach, I am a gifted and creative teacher, and I have wanted to teach here in Denmark since I came. It is an honor to use my credentials in another country.

Meanwhile, I will use the money I earn to forward other aspects of my vision and goals. The brain retraining program says nothing about old fashion axioms like “the proof is in the pudding” but there are plenty of beliefs and habit- money axioms that inhabit our deep conscious:such as “it takes money to make money”–or “money talks”–and “money don’t grow on trees”. But it’s been through searching my inner thoughts for these drawbacks to prosperity that has brought me to this plateau. Pudding, did I say? Sweet.

what’s for you, you will get, Review of Level 9–Accelerating Wealth

“What’s for You, You will Get”, Review of Level 9–Accelerating Wealth

I have two brothers. I am close to both of them and for all of our years apart, pursuing our dreams and lives, we remained bonded by the blood of our parents and the memories of their import in our lives. I am the middle child, a female, I am book-ended by each of them, one older, the other younger, but all of us within a workable age range: 75, 69, 65. It’s comforting to have them be alive. I think of them and our parents because the car accident this past week-end threw me backwards into my mind during my continued review of the levels of our brain retraining program. As I listen, I remember odd snippets of life as a youth, as student, a young adult, and as a teacher.

In sharing my recent challenge with my youngest brother, Weddie, who is a very kindred spirit, he quoted something my mom used to say,”One step forward, and two steps back.” That was surprising as I had never heard her say that and I said so. Then my brother said, it was just something he adopted as a catch phrase, something attributed to my mom only. I guess this was a strategy to bridge the loss–he was only 11 when she died. But to me it seems to be the kind of belief to dissolve in the Beliefs and Habits Generator.

Upon learning that it was just a faux axiom for general use in his life, I asked him if he wanted to know some of the axioms that I recall which my Mom did, in fact, used to say. He said, yes.
One of them was “What’s for you you will get.”

And in fact, that has proven to be so. What has been mine to have from jobs to possessions, from lovers to points of travel, I have realized by miscellaneous means. For example, when I was making my Vision Board, that included a desire to instruct with images of classrooms of students, I had run across a job notice for a English language school seeking teachers. I cut it out, and put it aside. After my board was done, I called the school. Lo, they were receptive and encouraging, and today they invited me for an interview. It is an opportunity born of my work with this program, and an answer to a prayer for more money while being an exact reflection of one goal imaged on my vision board.

I ought to be calm and well enough to go for the interview next week. But I guess I ought remember not”to count my chickens before they hatch”
and “to cross that bridge when we get to it.” Her sayings have carried me a long way,and I know she’d be happy that I was trying to “keep some money in your[my] pocket to keep the haunts* off of you.”

*(broke demons,pronounced ‘haints’)IMG_0461 11954607_10207775727537401_7043628276373928011_n 11914956_10207775769978462_3629305132889882734_n

Levels of Review, Review of Levels 5-6-7-8–Parallelism

Levels of Review, Review of Levels 5-6-7-8-Parallelism

You may have missed me for the last few days. I have been quietly healing. On last Saturday Vivi and I were involved in a car accident. We hit another vehicle from behind as we exited the freeway. The car in front appeared to be about to move on from a slow down,and then it didn’t. Wham! So, we got snatched pretty fiercely by the seat belts, and we were traumatized by the loud bang of the smash, but nothing deeply serious. No air bag deployment or screeching tires.The other vehicle’s passengers were shaken up but not hurt (but pretty pissed!)

We were on our way to Bon Holm, a little island land of Denmark. We had planned a 4 day get away. Stopped cold. Between Denmark and Sweden.
The ambulance came, the cops came, two Samaritan drivers came (one with license plate TLC),after talking to the insurance company on the cell phone, the wrecker came. We rattled but in one piece,deliberated a return trip strategy.

It was,after all the tension and upset, an adventure. The wrecker driver dropped us off at the Swedish train station where we figured out the train schedule, and while we waited we had ice cream–such a comfort in times of stress. Oddly, people kept asking us for directions and making small talk with us. It seemed to be a day to help others. Then we took the hour and a half ride back to Copenhagen, relaxed, silent, and blessed to be alive. The view outside the window was blissful, collectively lovely. A man on the train voluntarily put my bag in the rack above–such a kindess. I was unable.

In this recovery week since, we have been very,very quiet. We were both so traumatized by the loud bang of the crash that every little noise set us on nerve. The entire experience gave us cause for review. Viv has reviewed the past traumas in her life:death and loss, and I reviewed mine: many that were in fact auto accidents. It is coincidental that I am reviewing the wealth audio, completing my first 7 days of the 21, and I see the parallels. Sometimes you have to go back to go forward or stop and review to see where you have been. Yet and still all things work together for good (to those who love the Lord). We are glad to be alive.

Two damage cars after accident
Two damage cars after accident

ice creaming licking 2

Attracting and Increasing–review of Levels 3&4–Kindred Spirits

Attracting and Increasing–Review of Levels 3 & 4–Kindred Spirits

Yesterday I spent a longtime here in the Facebook Posting Gallery with many of my new online and NeuroGym friends and colleagues. I am reaching out to those who respond to my posts because it is polite and real. I am reaching out because it’s not enough to just “Like” or “Comment” anonymously to someone I really don’t know as if that comment is the touch of gold. I’m reaching out because I want a readership and a following. I am after purpose and exposure.

But before that, I just want to send the message to those who do write about themselves, assert their truths or illumine others, that you are not alone; you are heard. I heard what you said. Or simply, I am saying thank you for taking the moment to give me this little nano-bite of your energy,time and care. These are digital gifts, quantum ectoplasma of feeling.

The fact is I look for kindred spirits, for people who are seeking that vital connection that will turn their or my Rumplestiltskin spun threads of commentary into a Cinderella moment. Somewhere financial success must meet the outstretched hand. I mean, isn’t it more than just amusing ourselves with snippets, un-sounded bites of flotsam off the cuff? Isn’t it about validating and influence ? About loosing the mighty agape and platonic love that we want to run afoot in the world?

Yes, yes, I know there are those who cast aspersions, take hard line political stands and demand that we “Share” their compassionate or angry image or opinion. They would have us send along our consensus like some urgent pony express communique. We know not to whom, but if we are kindred spirits, so do we send. And there are those who are sarcastic and cynical, inviting us to dip a finger into the poison and touch our own already assaulted minds. But my deal is to cheer, to inspire, to meet. The Personality Profile Assessment, verified my Natural impulse to be 99% social, individualistic and Intuitive. I am directing that assessment.

I want to feel the people I am writing, I want to know who I am talking to, what they’re up to and what they dream of. I want to hitch my life to the soul of this enterprise and make it count that I am being touched by the joys and trials of others. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to speak randomly into the lives of the many beings who write on the walls of these halls the I AM of their very breathing and meaning. And that energy born again yesterday carried me into today, and I have been nothing but a magnet for all kinds of interactions, meeting both a teacher, a nun, and a couple from the USA on the intercity toget (train) today. It was holy. You are that to me.Dave and Megan3 for the Road

The Interim, Level 9 review–The Intensity of Images, a Sign

The Interim–Level 9 Review—The Intensity of Images a Sign

I have not told you how tender the program has made me on some days.When that happens, I cry easily about silly things–the lady bug that lands on my jacket, the magpie that swoops above me so near, the hypnotic movement of the trees as the Northern winds of fall begin to toss the branches torridly.

Sounds are a little louder,too. The Danish crow call,the wild geese fanning the air. I hear the mummies turn over in Egypt; I hear the baby bird’s first,near noiseless peck upon the walls of its egg. I hear the voices of my ancestor’s on the wind. This program readies each of us in the ways that we are most empowered. Have you noticed your nervous system? Your seeing? We are steadily being asked to imagine, to see our enriched selves and to feel…So I do instinctively.

Yesterday I told you,” I participate, I wait.” This is what I do in the interim, before the big financial tsunami whooses against my life; I experience the Michael Corleone pause before the unleasing of the unuttered howl that has been squelched for a lifetime. All my unfulfilled desires, what I have perceived as denied, blocked, withheld. I experience it as the uncoiling of the the future, like a boa filled with the swallowed prey. It is the jar of coins saved for a rainy day, broken upon the wheel of life in anticipation of the time when it must be spent. The Interim…..

Psalm 27:Wait, wait on the jar Michael Corleone's yalp ladybug

“I Think, I Feel, I Act Rich Because I Am,” Review of Level 6:Tenacity and Resolve–The Vision Board

“I think, feel and act rich, because I am”
Review of Level 6:Tenacity&Resolve—The Vision Board

It has been a very quick nine weeks of committed listening to the brain-retraining Levels, and I find myself full of unexpected expressions of the deep and significant effects of the retraining. For example In my ordinary conversations, training phrases, and ideas from the various immersions just slip into my speech. I find myself using the images of “finding water in the desert” or of being “deeper and deeper” absorbed in what I am doing. And I say things like “because I am ” to answer the question: “why do you …?” It is affirming and inadvertant. I love it. I think, feel, and act rich because I am. Enriched by each day already spent, empowered to see my wealth in my acquisition of new friends,opportunities, and insights. Rich in expectancy and surprise events. I live. I love. I participate and wait!

Today, I share with you my Vision Board. It has three parts. Left (1) who I wish to reach and what I wish to do for them. Please excuse the Danish, but most of my magazines and papers are in the Mother Tongue of this country. This shows a diagram of the world with 30 something to 60 something people and the various social media icons. They are my outreach ideal clients and my means to do it. Atop it says International health (to) the Whole World. Beneath it says “Let go of your problems”.My goal is to serve the world in letting go and realizing their own power and unseen spiritual support.

To the far right(2) there are images of of seminar students and workshop participants overwritten by the words: “So I provide instruction, too. Learn and study!” This is my goal as educator expressed in terms of participating clients and seekers for whom I can provide knowledge and training.

At the bottom (3) my immediate the expected outcomes of intended goal fulfillment: African and beautiful culturally appropriate clothing,a cycle, travel to many sacred and popular sites to work and play, my dream of a very visible shop on the avenue(s),a rainbow blessed home, published works, and ?[SURPRISE] (whatever the Universe will send my way that I don’t know I want, but will be so happy to receive. Also it is the space for a Cadillac.(waiting to find the right sized picture).

In the middle is the puppet master, the goal setter, the power behind the throne, the woman at the keyboard and online giving services and advice:
Oracle Shariananda! I have pasted that I offer Sorting things of the mind, and healing experience for the body, that my work is of superior quality and I am world reknown. Underneath, I indicate that I am making the capital, becoming a millionaire(and staying one since “blive” means both.

I thank you John and Mark and all of you wonderful new friends and Achievers for supporting me along this much of the journey. I hope my sharing encourages others to stick with itcopy2

Thank You for letting Me be Myself , Level 9, 4

I Want to Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself, Level 9, 4

Sly Stone and his Family used to sing a song that celebrated their musical and personal success in the field of rhythm and blues. The song was a kind of anthem to self-expression and a call and canonization to kindred spirits who identified with these lyrics.

So many of you have been responding to my posts, and I am very grateful . You have helped me believe I have a readership for my writing again. If you have accepted my invitation to be a Facebook friend, then I invite you to have a look at my new web page, and Contact me from there if you would like to participate in an online workshop for any one of the four I am offering. Dreams and telepathy are my specialities.

Yesterday and today were good days for contacts, money deals and the connection with others. I want more and will give my heart to you if you will support my work in the world. You are my ideal clients, just people who need a word, a song, a poem, an echo back of their experience. Let me work with you here, out in the open, with an open heart..I like having the chance to touch you directly. If you miss me here, you can catch me at my blog space or on my web


Slowly I Crept, Level 9, 3

[From “Kovacs Corner” on YouTube.comAbbott and CostelloAbbott and Costello 2

Slowly I Crept, Level 9,3

Some years ago, a comedy acting team by the name of Abbott and Costello, made a sketch that had one tell the other a story about how some looney would become incensed and violent whenever he heard the words that reminded him of a tragedy that happened.

The sketch would have Lou Costello, the short dumpy guy as the wild man’s victim, while Bud Abbott, the tall straight man of the act, would pretend to recall how the crazed fellow would be triggered by the phrase Niagra Falls! It would be preceded by the words “Slowly I crept, step by step…”after which the wild man would grab him, and ruffle him up. The gag was that it would happen time and again and poor Lou would be the worst for each recounting. I attach it–so you can laugh.

The point I am making is that “The Beliefs and Habits Generator” is my Niagra Falls! Every time I get any where near those words and that machine, lodged in my temporal frontal lob, I go bonkers filing and utterley blank just after it starts. It seems the machine flashes on, draws all the electricity in my body and shapes it into files and thought like so much play dough. I delete and replace files like a mad woman. No, this is not a complaint. It is an analogy–when I hear the words “Beliefs and Habits Generator, I delete and add files like a madwoman, utterly deluged by my own inner drive and consciousness of what needs to stay and what needs to go. When I finish this round of immersions with Level 9, I ought to have crept pretty close to my Niagra Falls of Finance. Enjoy.

Running the Race, Level 9,1

Running the Race, Level 9, 1

Talking about compounding the power of this work! Level 9 is like a boom box on steroids that acts like a typhoon. Blew me clean away! So this is the week that brings me back to the starting line. I am walking in rhythm to the music of my ipod. I am feeling in place, mellow, strong, content, blessed, alive. This level corresponds to the final level of my Danish language training which also began this week. So I am on the last lap of a new thing. Quiet, quiet I think I hear the gun….money here I come!finish line 2 Finish line money in the pocket

Opportunities Abound, Look around, look around, Level 8, 7

Opportunities Abound, Look around, look around, Level 8,7-

Today is the last day of my 8th week of brain retraining, and I have come through some pretty wet terrain. Cried all day yesterday. Couldn’t figure out why. Many things stirred by the “deep and deeper” probe and allowance of the audio. But I can say that in this week alone many opportunities, particularly on the world wide web have come in spam and shared emails and posts. (Thanks for all your feed back on the two previous posts for this level.)

There was more Elite Gold Profits, selling binary options for a small investment.
There was Shelly Riutta of Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy offering no-cost Tips on Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media business networking.
There was Udemy,a company that helps start ups and growing businesses to market their products and create passive income through online courses and videos.

There was Yellow Pages advertising that offers passive income per visitor click at your website.

There was Facebook Boosts which offer one’s business or social message or event or website to so many more people per item and at low cost

It just went on and on. So I started a spread sheet on who and what and how much and for how long. This helps me evaluate and select what might be best for my promotions and growth. I am tying to align the offerings with my goals and my energy and abilities. It is exciting to know that opportunities just pour and are everywhere.
No time for tears, got to be able to read , water in the eyes gets in the way.Oprah weeping