Learn, Evolve, grow at the Ocean:Level 5, 1 immersion

LEG=Learn, Evolve, Grow at the Ocean​
Level 5, I

Today I traveled with John to the ocean side. In many meditations before this, I have envisioned myself at the edge of the ocean taking in the vast endless blue of the water as it comes in ceaselessly from the horizon.
I left my body. Or rather it was just a husk for the energies that flow around and bout my thought. I felt like nothing but I was fused into everything.
I loved this. I loved this so much.
I won’t spoil the experience for you. It’s so great and enlarging, so peaceful. I’ll meet you there next time. Just look for me near a giant boulder on the sand, in all white, with the most sublime look of joy on my face. I will hold out my hand to you filled with gold coins I scooped from the sand. Creativity this is as we learn, evolve and grow.

Why I Am in the WTGOM Program and What I Am Up to,Level 4, 6 Immersion

Why I Am in the (WTGOM) Program and What I Am Up to

Level 4, 6 Immersion

I have,like many of you, participated in a number of self-development, transformational, and wealth building workshops. I have done a great deal of group consciousness raising and have been trained in working cross-culturally and consciously across lines of difference. I am ceaselessly hungry for connection and oneness. I, like you, want to make a difference.
to give back to those who have given to me for I have been given so many opportunities to make my life splendid and to use my talents. I have used my wealth–such as it has been–to make the world a better place, and I will use my greater wealth to do it ever on. That is why I feel at home in this program: Winning the Game of Money.
But I am not, I admit, all about money. I came on board because this program is the answer to a prayer.

That prayer, like all my prayers, acknowledges that God, as I understand it to be, already knows my needs and my desires. All that is right for me and needful for my success is already given. All the money, all the power, all the love, all the knowing, already given. So, why do I do these things, take courses and undergo transformational programming? To follow the path of unfoldment that is written on my being and in my heart. Yes, financial destiny and soul destiny.

It seems to me that I can have anything I want, but if I want a boat when I am landlocked that is silly. So with my divine intelligence, I must awaken to what is needful at a time when it can be best and rightly used. Up to now, I have been accepting the conditions of my life as they were. As I said yesterday, I have had what I need to stay alive,work, play, and help others. Now I have arrived at doing it on a larger scale, and I am awake to that call and that timing.

I prayed for this program even though I did not know it was coming my way. I never know the form of my prosperity. It can, as John has said, come from many sources seen and unseen, known and unknown. I do not want more money for the sake of money. I want more of my life purpose to unfold, and it will take not just money to travel and to produce the events and books and make purchases of tools like this, but it will take meeting more people, working with others, joining as I always have communities of people. That’s what I am up to— serving and being called upon to do so.
It’s not much different than when I started out. As the Zen masters have said, before one is enlightened, one chops wood and totes water. After enlightenment, one chops wood and totes water. What’s the difference,? One knows the path.
I don’t expect John or anyone to alter or fix me. I don’t expect this program to drop millions in my lap. I am doing that.I am conceiving. I am believing. I am responsible for my life and my choices. If I feel ill or strange, or confused or lost, I still have what I always had–my belief in God and the grace of God on my life. I can still pray for clarity and direction as I always have. I cannot make any mistakes–as Nikki Giovanni says, in the poem “Ego Tripping”, “even my errors are correct.” I will come through everything on earth–until I die–and then I will come through death for there is no such thing. I do this work to do my work.And so it is.

Sitting Still–Level 4, Immersion 5

Sitting Still–Level 4, Immersion 5

Each day after my immersion into the brain retraining audio, I notice I naturally sit still. I am not always aware when the tape ends, but I follow John Assaraf’s voice as far as I can consciously. Somewhere between the utter relaxation and the strain to pay attention I slip away into reverie.
Today I noticed old feelings attached to good memories of when I earned or found or was given money. I did not fight to dissolve those feelings. I let them glide past, noticing that I am no longer there. I have spent that money. I have paid for goods and services. I have bought things for friends, family, loved ones. I have saved and shared, traveled, eaten well and enjoyed. I also wasted a lot of money invested in things that brought me no return. I have failed to invest in things–not stocks or ambitious projects—no. Charities or children or animals or research. I do not hold this against myself–now.

Many people here want to make big contributions to the world. They want to double their money, shucks–they want to make money to have those things or freedoms and choice money can bring. Some are putting undue pressure on themselves to achieve, to amass, to perform, to produce, to arrive at where this program is taking us. I feel sorry for them in that it is not necessary to push the river. What is yours will come to you. What is for you to do naturally falls into your hands. A certain confidence in your life as it has unfolded is needful. You have never been without. You have had the breath of life everyday so far in your life. Food. water. Sunshine, health (no matter the challenge) and you are still here. So if you have not yet made that all glorious connection to money that transforms the planet, do not be dismayed. Your wish to do so has weight in heaven. It is a thought, and thoughts are things, and your thought belongs to the quantum field of Good Thought. Let not your heart be troubled. You will or you will not foster an evolution, but your very participation in this program changes the world. Be still and know that your very being(your existence and desire) is the contribution–if you do nothing else. Let go and flow,no blame,no shame, just take the days and levels slow. It’ll show. Your faith makes us whole.

Walk-In Wednesday–Good Fortune,Good Energy–Level 4, 4 Immersion

Good Fortune, Good Energy
Level 4, 4th Immersion

Yesterday I followed through on an idea that I had during my brain retraining rumination. It was “Walk-in Wednesday” at my office, a day set aside for clients to walk in without an appointment. I see them in order of arrival,30 minutes each, unless it takes longer. Only a few people have ever shown up for this weekly opportunity. So I have been trying to think of ways to drive random traffic to my services. I have a working web site (and a new one under construction). I have a data base of local clients whom I have seen in the last 9 months (fact is I am still in start-up). I also offer a promotional incentive through a locally distributed paper.

Last week during Level 3, I got the idea to distribute my business cards around the location by putting them on parked bicycles. I distributed about 250. Then yesterday I had the idea to go into the nearby shops and introduce myself to my shop-keeping neighbors and ask for their help. I have a number of salons and a couple of restaurants and day bars nearby. Though it was raining, I did not let that stop me–a determination is a determination. I was well received. It did not bring the clients in yesterday, but I did have two booked, and I fully expect these planted seeds to sprout. All of the shop-keepers were receptive and interested.

After office hours, I stopped by the grocery store for a few things, and while shopping I found a clothing store bag with a brand new sweater inside. It had been dropped in the isle. Just as I turned it in at the check-up a lady came to ask the checker if anyone had. She was relieved when I handed her the bag. And, I followed that with my business card. Little steps, big hopes. This find matches the credit card find earlier this week.

I got word last evening that I would be receiving some much delayed funds next month. So, the energy is good and the good fortune of my thoughts and focus evolve daily. I am grateful. Thanks for allowing me to bend your ears.

Quantum Side Effects, Level 4, 3rd Immersion

Quantum Side Effects: Level 4, 3rd Immersion

The first two immersions in the brain-training for this level 4 have found me outside of cognizant time or knowing. I have slipped away into deep reverie where consciousness lives without my awareness. It is pleasant because I know I used my breath to get there even though I can only follow my breath so far.
The work of this programming is subtle and acute. I have been experiencing a broad knowing of things, as if I have tapped into the “quantum field”( as John calls it). In some circles it is called the Akashic Record, where all lives, past and present, where all thought as a collected consciousness encircles us like a ring of clouds. As we live under the clouds and skies of each day, so we live within the cosmic consciousness of the Akashic or Quantum Field of Knowing.

For me the side effects include tingling and buzzing about my head and ears. My dreams have become brighter, a telescopic lens opens and shows me scenes ahead and snatches of things past. I wander through thoughts that are odd and peculiar, found myself today climbing a path in the Irish Highlands. I have three times had vivid dreams of narrowly avoiding being electrocuted or struck by lightning; they were so real that I fell out the bed in my haste to avoid the danger. I do not know if this is my mind and body translating the phantasmagorical effects of this deep brain programming which makes the synapses leap like loose electric cable sparks or some real physical side effect.

What I do know is I am casting off old thought and habits as I embrace the new ones earnestly and willingly. I think I am releasing whole grids of constricted energy. Entire memories bound together by fear and unsettled trauma. They leap explosively like fireworks. And myriad scenes trickle past ungraspable like dying embers.

We have all be told by somebody at sometime to keep our feet on the ground and our heads out of the clouds. Well, I am here to say, not on your life, buddy,not on your life. I have just gained access, and I am walking and dreaming and thinking and being where manifestation and the manifest live. Quantum side effects.

Quiet Transformation Toward a Grand Slam

Quiet Transformation Toward a Grand Slam
Level 4, Immersion 2

Today I went to get a chiropractic adjustment.I am proud of it.
I have been sitting at the computer a lot these days, listening to our brain-retraining and writing journals and posts about the process. Yesterday seems to have bee a big hit with the achievers and my regular followers in the main Facebook chat room. I am not sure if everyone who sent me a like or a comment was responding to my post or my photograph, but I am grateful for the 60+ responses. This is again a demonstration that the energy that I put into this program comes back. My goals are manifesting.

The immersion on Level 4 is especially transitory and intangible. No sooner than John speaks, I slide away into the zone of relaxed acceptance. The program is already working. I am already living the post- Habits and Beliefs paradigm with practically no effort, except to say, “Double it!” I can tell something is going on with me. My head buzzes a bit. I am alert. My relationship has a maturing quality as if the goals direct the union surreptitiously. As I said, I walking proud, with insouciance. I feel ready, able. I am confident. It is the quiet before the prosper storm, a quiet transformation. Keep an eye on the one at Wimbleton that is playing a mean grand slam and winning at the game of money.

Money Comes from Known and Unknown Sources–Mine & Yours

Money Comes from Known and Unknown Sources–Mine & Yours

Hello Dear Ones!
I have begun Level 4, Immersion 1 today. It is so affirming, and I am so excited to be moving “onward and upward” as Walt Whitman the famous 19th century American poet said. Indeed,”nothing collapses.” I am feeling rich in pocket and mind. I am walking with an insouciance and a swing.

Earlier today I went into the grocery store and bought my favorite rich people’s fruits:cherries and grapes. I didn’t look at the price stamped on the package. I just went to the cashier with the sense that I had the cash in my purse and the purchase would be covered. Fact is, I determined if i had any change left, I would give it to the first homeless person or “spare-change? person” I saw. As it turned out,when I left the store, I saw none. That was unusual as the train station in central Copenhagen where many stores and markets are, is replete with needy,somewhat grubby people. Not today–not for me. So, maybe my vibe is too high to attract that .

What I did attract was a Visa card lying on the ground outside of a salon near some bicycles. I picked it up and went into the shop as it seemed to me that someone in there may have lost it. My intutition was on target, a woman had. I asked if it were someone’s in there, and she was surprised and relieved to have it returned. She didn’t know she had dropped it. This tells me that money does in deed come to me from known and unknown sources, and though this was not mine, it was an indicator that what is mine is coming, manifesting. And even without money, I can help others. How much more will I help when I have more disposable, discretionary income? Best of all, this was an opportunity to introduce myself and my services, so what did I do? I gave her and the shop keeper my business card. Double my known presence and the awareness of my business. Triple it! Quadruple it!

Financial Destiny, Level 3, 5 Immersion

Financial Destiny–Level 3, 5 Immersion

Yesterday I shared that July is always an important month for me. It marks the halfway point of the year and makes me halfway to my next significant birthday. So many things have seemingly happened in July, starting with my mother’s death when I was age 14. She died of cancer on the 4th of July–quite auspicious,no? In that same month of her year of death, I was made a ward of my father’s family and moved from Illinois to Alabama. Quiet a cultural transition;yet part of the path that brings me to you today.
None of my graduations took place in July, but after school was done,I set off,in July for Illinois, only to leave 3 years later, driving across country with certainty to my glamorous and fulfilling new life in California. I arrived on the Fourth of July, which now becomes my beacon day of independence, freedom, hope, self determination.
In the years to come, I fell in and out of love, found work, taught, chased my writing ambitions,married, divorced and went back to school. I arrived in Ohio in July matriculating there 4 years as I pursued my doctorate. In time I arrived again to California where in July 3, 2006(on a short vacation to Las Vegas)I was–surprise of surprise–struck by lightning during an electrical storm there.
Today is the anniversary of that terrifying event, and I am just thankful I am still here to tell the story,and enter another season of my life. I was protected and saved back then, and I see that I managed to come through great loss,health challenges, and near destitution by the Grace of God, all this on the road of a strange prosperity which is leading me to my Financial Destiny. And just think, tomorrow is the 4th of July again,hip hip hurrah. All things work together for good.

Money Comes to Me From Known and Unknown Sources Level 3, Immersion 4

I am running on some high powered energy! I am using the anchor-fist affirmation daily and often. Some of the places that I have employed it are when I found a couple of coins on the street just as I emerged from the underground toget station. I said, forcefully and delightedly,”Double it!”

I used it with clients, who came this week in threes and twos–gratefully, I inhaled and said, “Doubled it! “When I was able to relax and accept the sushi meal that my beloved brought home for dinner, I said, “double it!” That is the leisure–not the food. I get that it is a privilege and a rich person’s wonder to have leisure from cooking and routine. It betokens the time when (as i see in my Level 3 visualized wealth scenario),I shall employ a cook one or two days a week (I say one or two because I love to cook and will take a chef’s course using the wealth I earned) .

I used “Double it” as a lesson in sharing,teaching my client who was uncertain about a decision to double her resolve to be self confident and to apply her will. I have had the unusual notice of funding that may be mine buthas been delayed is coming to me. To it and so much more, I say,”double it!” But I am also saying “double it!” to the surging energy in my body. My immense vitality and agility. I say “double it” to my satisfaction with my ability and determination to follow this Brain Retraining program. I say “double it” to the love and affection my beloved wife gives me and accepts from me. These are not just the financial power words, but the combined force of my visualizations,compounded passion (desires and goals), and the focus locked in this hammer of a fist when I say it with conviction. Thank you for that which has come, for that which is coming, for that that is mine.

Macy’s Day Parade Blimp (Level 3,Immersion 3)

Checking in–Level 3, immersion 3–I am the Macy’s Day Parade Blimp

On the eve of the full moon which is a blood moon this July, I find myself poised for greater wealth, more mobility, and a broader engagement with life. I feel rich and competent, what I see I can have. I do not have to count pennies or check my bank balance. Whatever is in the bank is enough. Whatever I want,even now, is coming to me. I am satisfied that I can have all the money I want, and it is coming through doors and windows I never imagined.
Let me ask: is anyone having sharply different dreams ? Aches and pains, wild rises in energy and activity? I believe that these are the symptoms that the brain retrain is working. Real physical symptoms of energy being released, changes in my body atoms and the frequency of my vibration.I am energized,and omnipotent, I know my capability, my outstanding difference from others my age, race, and gender. It’s humbling and confidence building. I am privileged to have the opportunity at this time in my life. I can hardly hold the joy and the experience. Just call me the Macy’s Day Blimp full of myself and possibilities floating high above New York City, one of the places I clearly see in my out-picturing, visualization. Every July I spring forth. It is my own evolutionary month, as proved by decades of my life. Big things happen for me in July. So why not this extraordinary shift to greater fortune? Hallelujah!