Blue moon, Level 7,5

Blue Moon, Level 7, 5

This full moon is the second in this month, hence, a blue moon.
Many people use the expression,”not in a blue moon” to brush off the implausibility of a thing coming true or happening. But for those of us coming to the end of our 7th week or further, we can look back and see our progress with pride and stand in the moonbeam of our progress.
I fully accept that I can earn all the money I want, and I fully accept that money is manifesting for me right now. I hope this full moon brings with it a sense of fulfillment and completion for us all, beginning Level 1 to Level 9. Stay with the program and trust yourself. This shall I do as the gravitational pull of my desires and goals collide with the forces of my energy, creating my orbit of wealth, no less than our moon has done with the earth. One giant step for my mind, one leap for humanity’s and moon

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