Pouring Down.

Pouring Down, Level 7, 4

It occurred to me, while the raindrops of accelerated brain retraining fell during my immersion today, that John Assaraf, and Mark Robert Waldman, and the Support staff at NeurogGym put in countless hours of work to bring us this and all their programs.

I thought about how long and how many hours the actual development of the WTGOM program took. This is not just the actual work of bringing all parties and parts together, but pre-program, the break-through work and the culling of experts and technology. The education and the expansion!

I am not a mechanical person, nor am I particularly efficient or adept at the intricasies of technology even on my own computer, but I do recognize the complexities and effort that it has taken for this program, and the others to exist. I value and am awed by the successful and knowing associates whose expertise is linked to the program. I marvel that John and Mark have met so many fine and informed people over the years and have been successful in soliciting or enjoining their help. It’s remarkable.

When I think about John making these audio tapes, the studio hours of conscentration, repetition, do-overs, and the intense intention to which he has subjected himself, I am just wowed. Yes, this is his life’s work and yes, many of the gifts of his knowing are born of his own education and life path, but that he remains on duty daily, reading emails, communicating, providing inspiration.This plus the brain-a-thons and other as needful viseo and audio tapes! It seems to me to be more than a notion to be so available.

And when I think about Mark offering, authentically, his personal consultations and injecting long advices on self-development, empowerment, and drawing off his brain research the most practical instruction and encouragements, well, I just can’t do any thing but wonder at the organization of it.

The Support staff isn’t just answering our start-up questions. They are 24/7 dealing with the the online and organization of the marathon presentations. They coordinate and assist in behind the scene ways we cannot imagine. I just want to say this from my own heart and out of this realization today, thank you for all that you do. Know that I get it. I get the immense undertaking of coordination and presentation that you folks have committed to. This, and having a life,too?! Just keep up the good work and may all your goals and dreams continue to unfold as you aid us in achieving our own.

I mean this and I hope no one sees it as anything other than my personal amazement and realization. God bless you all.teamwork

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