Level 7, 3 Rain Rain Go Away;Come again another day

Running water sends me to trance. I have had instances where listening to the tub filling for a bath completely spaced my awareness and I flooded my bath and bedroom. I did this twice!

As a treatment in my healing practice, I use ocean sounds and drizzling rain to sooth my clients and induce my highest and most effective touch.
That brings me to today. Coach John’s voice seemed to turn into the spring showers of every April . I heard some whispered words and some of the undulating repetitions of the reinforcing affirmations,but what I was aware of was the rain that fell as I listened and coincidentally it started to rain outside my window. Simply hypnotic.

I drifted and dozed but every time there was a stop or a shift in this hyper sonal state, I awoke and took note. How parapsychological. Some part of me is always conscious and where my brain is concerned, it wants to be both alert and alseep. I would like to think of it as transition and integration,like the rain that grows spring flowers ignores the melting snow. The paradox of the waters. Come hither, stay away.

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