Compounded Interest, Level 7,2, Pun Intended

Compounded Interest, Level 7, 2, Pun Intended

I began Level 7 yesterday, but it was such a surprise and drubbing that I came away numb. The new level accelerates the wealth reprogramming we already have undergone. It is tri-furcated with a sub-dubbing of John’s voice. It repeats and echoes, climbing over itself, coming up from below, snaking round the inner mind, and exiting in hallways of thought and rememberance.

The previous lessons at the previous levels return like the adages of a guru, they affirm, they direct, they encourage, they declare. Where one sentence leaves off another begins, while yet another returns and rumbles beneath. It is phenomenal, like the echoes in a fun house,his voice–calm,soothing,clear, knowing, bounces about the inner cranium like a set of colored ping pong balls inside a lottery globe. It is a challenge and very foolish–I discovered–to try to follow one line of reiteration, for crossing it is another, and yet another. It all was a ticklish kind of force feeding far too advanced for my comprehension. And I think that is the point.

At this level we find just what we have taken in and what not. I was particularly jolted by phrases like “and you are” “financial destiny” “you can earn all the money you want”,”money comes from sources known and unknown”. “Double it!” It’s as if I’d met a classmate on the road of life, and we stood chatting about our old professor whose teachings we recalled: “Do you remember how he used to say,’You now have all the intelligence you need to earn all the money you want?'” “Yes, yes, he was a trip!” Yea, he was that!” But he taught us a millionaire’s mind set!” Haaa haaa
Imagine all of us at one time or the other meeting in the moment or in the future, sharing this collective experience, could we say it has been with (and brought us) a compounded interest?compounded interest

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