Discovered Transformations and Connections, Level 6,7 or “Thy Bliss Shall I Seek”

Discovered Transformations and Connections, level 6,7, or
“Thy Bliss Shall I Seek

I seem to be going through rapid transformation from one day of meditation to the next. I am making discoveries as I move through each day. The latest being the intersection of my life with a great swami, named Vivekananda. He has come to my attention incidentally, and I have spent a few days reading about him. His life was a spiritual ridge between the East and the West. On 9-11-1893, he spoke at The Parliment of Religions in Chicago and proclaimed all believers as sisters and brothers. It was news.

I find myself listening as though-though deceased–he has a confirmation for me. It is the message I have on my arm as a tattoo “All paths lead to God.” The highest realization being this and following that path within to recognize Your Self as God expressing.

It appears my Brain Retrain carries me to bliss. Tomorrow I begin Level 7. How much deeper?

Yesterday and the day before, I posted mountain photos, after my brain retrain session. It occurs to me that I am reaching into the ether, the God mind for my manifest wealth, for my souls blessings, and I want to stand more for that. Sojo at prayer

Swami Vivekananda
I have no fear

meditation within

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