Sounds of Success,Level 6,5, O Listen deeply!

Sounds of Success, Level 6, 5, O listen deeply!

During today’s brain retrain session, I allowed my imagination to create the place of sounds. It happened quite spontaneously, and I drifted purposely away from John Assaraf’s voice toward the tinkling bells, and the fibulating echoes of my listening experience.

A plane flew through a mist. I could not see it but I heard its engine putter invisibly, churning my brain and mind into pictures that followed end on end without prompting. High above, a mobile of glass rectangles, phosphorescent, semi opaque, clinked and touched, like a suspended chandelier. The bell and toasting of the sound took me briefly through celebrations and smiles. I followed without eyes or mind. I followed because I was being drawn upward and onward.

Vibrations shuddered my consciousness, like a snappy wind against clothing on a line, or prayer pendants flying in the wind, the words and colors sprayed across the Unity of things knitting all together,blessing all.

I am open now. I am high now. I may not have things or position or product, but I am there at the high place. My body knows, it shivers and my scale tingles. I see myself above the fray of my desires and striving. I see myself as a whisp of snow among others being blown like flotsam toward their own spiritual happiness. I am the result of my imagination and I abstract my wealth from these imaginings. O listen deeply.


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