Options, Choices, Tasks–Chasing Butterflies (Level 6, Immersion 4)

Level 6, Immersion 4–Options, Choices,Tasks-Chasing butterflies

Last night Vi and I got word of a three day workshop for Holistic Healers and Coaches that will take place in October in the USA. The last day for sign up is today. The 3-day workshop offers a shopping list of skills and coaching that match my goal list to an amazing degree. I immediately thought to sign up since it is only modestly priced and it is with an organization and leader in global alternative healing and counseling with whom I am familiar and from whom I have purchased programs.

To buy airline tickets and book the workshop hotel on such short notice pushes me too hard to ready and go. The Level 6 advice is to go for those things that achieve our highest impact goals. This will advance my knowledge and promises to increase my income and presence in the field.The problem for me is I feel open to anything that will advance my goals of visibility,income,and (ideal)clientele numbers. Last week I was ready to take on binary options. I begin to think I am chasing butterflies.

So, I suppose I’ll have to learn some discernment, and patience. My honey says it is possible to advance and succeed in myriad,spiritual ways. She says it may not be my path (or hers) to run all over the world trying to situate myself and achieve our dreams. I want to believe her because I don’t know if –at this stage of my life–I have the energy to take on and do every single task of outreach and education, nor to reach for every shiny promise. The options, choices, and tasks are many; I am one— tenacious and determined—who must choose well to do well.

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