Tenacity for Two–Level 6, 2 Immersion

Tenacity for Two–Level 6, 2 Immersion

“What a difference a day makes,” I said to my spouse a little while ago.
We were having a late lunch in a favorite restaurant. We had just completed a marathon day at the local discount super store where we both purchased negotiated and current edition new iphones. We had to listen to the sales man and to compare with Samsung and other brands, but we knew this was a necessary step. The technical set up was sluggish but thorough. Our current phones were faltering, on and off, dropping calls and charges. Now we’re really ready for online work!

Today we were in accord and taking a leap as we did not plan to make this step until next month, but it couldn’t wait. Business was suffering and our communication was being interrupted. We plan to take two more steps:get a mobile pay application and get registered as full fledged business which involves having a special number to allow us special tax dispensations and business purchases. This was not required until now.

Yesterday, we were at our wits end because we felt overwhelmed by the prospect of so much before us to actually realize of our joint dreams–to travel the world and to teach and heal. We can only take a step at a time, but today, we took the first of three new ones.

We’re sticking through the challenges of being start-up and underfunded,but the clients are coming. The new web page is finished, and we are known to you. Thanks for following this blog and for your support. Thanks for letting me participate in your lives and hopes and dreams. Great thanks Mark and John,and Neurogym team. Vivi has her own voice,but I know she’d want me to say, tusind tak for her.v&S at Mystik Univers

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