Break -Through and Break Away, Level 6, Immersion 1

Break-Through and Break Away, Level 6, Immersion 1

The previous level lead me to explore the Internet for wealth building programs. There are a welter of offers and opportunities out there. I stumbled upon two, Walter Green’s FreeMoneySystem and Larry’s Cash Machine. Both of them were offering beginners guided and hands on advice in trading online in binary options. I didn’t know what binary options were, so I put out a call for information and one of our Achievers gave me a link.
From there I read up on the trading of binary options, and it appears you can register with a trading company, choose a currency, commodity, or
precious medal to follow. The trick is to predict if the trade item will be rising or falling at a particular time. You can make money by accurately predicting. But this kind of guess work belongs to the skilled and experienced. So those offering the “get rich quick” strategy of buying and selling binary options offer their services and their platform. I was taken in by these two offers because the experts, who “just want to share” their knowledge will do all the work. I just have to open an modestly funded account to begin ($250). Then, watch my money grow exponentially as their 87.5% accuracy proves time and again that your investment will make you a millionaire in 90 days.
Well, I didn’t do it. To make a long story short. It is too good to be true, and I do not see how so little can be placed in a cycle of a day, a week, or even a few hours could go very far, especially if it is being reinvested or small buys or sells can be erroneously predicted. Plus there are fees and taxes to consider. The point here is, I have taken a step away from what I know, into what I don’t know much about.
I dared to explore something I never heard of and began to think about earning money through means I am not competent in. This is what level 5 and the previous ones before have brought me to.
I am sure there is something for me like this as I expand my mind and open to learn more about creating money. I am just pleased with the break-through even if I did not break away on promises to good to be true.

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