Creativity–a poem (Level 5,6 Immersion) (c)SDiane Adamz Bogus aka Shariananda

Creativity,a hallway of doors inside a hotel of thought.
You follow it to an end that has never to be
You assign numbers or letters or colors to the doors,
and you know the password, you have the key

Say your name, say your name and what you desire
Inside stand your creation-machines
Peculiar pianos, fenders, pumps and horns
They give you what you desire, unseen

Your Love and Passion,answer humanity
With applied memories of childhood joys,
Pleasures repeated in your projects today
In these mirrored rooms of waters and stars

Your manifest dreams meet manifest people
Through clouds of transition,these doors open wide
Walk the hallways of your own creations
Leave no door unlocked that lies deep inside.

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