Blue moon, Level 7,5

Blue Moon, Level 7, 5

This full moon is the second in this month, hence, a blue moon.
Many people use the expression,”not in a blue moon” to brush off the implausibility of a thing coming true or happening. But for those of us coming to the end of our 7th week or further, we can look back and see our progress with pride and stand in the moonbeam of our progress.
I fully accept that I can earn all the money I want, and I fully accept that money is manifesting for me right now. I hope this full moon brings with it a sense of fulfillment and completion for us all, beginning Level 1 to Level 9. Stay with the program and trust yourself. This shall I do as the gravitational pull of my desires and goals collide with the forces of my energy, creating my orbit of wealth, no less than our moon has done with the earth. One giant step for my mind, one leap for humanity’s and moon

Pouring Down.

Pouring Down, Level 7, 4

It occurred to me, while the raindrops of accelerated brain retraining fell during my immersion today, that John Assaraf, and Mark Robert Waldman, and the Support staff at NeurogGym put in countless hours of work to bring us this and all their programs.

I thought about how long and how many hours the actual development of the WTGOM program took. This is not just the actual work of bringing all parties and parts together, but pre-program, the break-through work and the culling of experts and technology. The education and the expansion!

I am not a mechanical person, nor am I particularly efficient or adept at the intricasies of technology even on my own computer, but I do recognize the complexities and effort that it has taken for this program, and the others to exist. I value and am awed by the successful and knowing associates whose expertise is linked to the program. I marvel that John and Mark have met so many fine and informed people over the years and have been successful in soliciting or enjoining their help. It’s remarkable.

When I think about John making these audio tapes, the studio hours of conscentration, repetition, do-overs, and the intense intention to which he has subjected himself, I am just wowed. Yes, this is his life’s work and yes, many of the gifts of his knowing are born of his own education and life path, but that he remains on duty daily, reading emails, communicating, providing inspiration.This plus the brain-a-thons and other as needful viseo and audio tapes! It seems to me to be more than a notion to be so available.

And when I think about Mark offering, authentically, his personal consultations and injecting long advices on self-development, empowerment, and drawing off his brain research the most practical instruction and encouragements, well, I just can’t do any thing but wonder at the organization of it.

The Support staff isn’t just answering our start-up questions. They are 24/7 dealing with the the online and organization of the marathon presentations. They coordinate and assist in behind the scene ways we cannot imagine. I just want to say this from my own heart and out of this realization today, thank you for all that you do. Know that I get it. I get the immense undertaking of coordination and presentation that you folks have committed to. This, and having a life,too?! Just keep up the good work and may all your goals and dreams continue to unfold as you aid us in achieving our own.

I mean this and I hope no one sees it as anything other than my personal amazement and realization. God bless you all.teamwork

Level 7, 3 Rain Rain Go Away;Come again another day

Running water sends me to trance. I have had instances where listening to the tub filling for a bath completely spaced my awareness and I flooded my bath and bedroom. I did this twice!

As a treatment in my healing practice, I use ocean sounds and drizzling rain to sooth my clients and induce my highest and most effective touch.
That brings me to today. Coach John’s voice seemed to turn into the spring showers of every April . I heard some whispered words and some of the undulating repetitions of the reinforcing affirmations,but what I was aware of was the rain that fell as I listened and coincidentally it started to rain outside my window. Simply hypnotic.

I drifted and dozed but every time there was a stop or a shift in this hyper sonal state, I awoke and took note. How parapsychological. Some part of me is always conscious and where my brain is concerned, it wants to be both alert and alseep. I would like to think of it as transition and integration,like the rain that grows spring flowers ignores the melting snow. The paradox of the waters. Come hither, stay away.

Compounded Interest, Level 7,2, Pun Intended

Compounded Interest, Level 7, 2, Pun Intended

I began Level 7 yesterday, but it was such a surprise and drubbing that I came away numb. The new level accelerates the wealth reprogramming we already have undergone. It is tri-furcated with a sub-dubbing of John’s voice. It repeats and echoes, climbing over itself, coming up from below, snaking round the inner mind, and exiting in hallways of thought and rememberance.

The previous lessons at the previous levels return like the adages of a guru, they affirm, they direct, they encourage, they declare. Where one sentence leaves off another begins, while yet another returns and rumbles beneath. It is phenomenal, like the echoes in a fun house,his voice–calm,soothing,clear, knowing, bounces about the inner cranium like a set of colored ping pong balls inside a lottery globe. It is a challenge and very foolish–I discovered–to try to follow one line of reiteration, for crossing it is another, and yet another. It all was a ticklish kind of force feeding far too advanced for my comprehension. And I think that is the point.

At this level we find just what we have taken in and what not. I was particularly jolted by phrases like “and you are” “financial destiny” “you can earn all the money you want”,”money comes from sources known and unknown”. “Double it!” It’s as if I’d met a classmate on the road of life, and we stood chatting about our old professor whose teachings we recalled: “Do you remember how he used to say,’You now have all the intelligence you need to earn all the money you want?'” “Yes, yes, he was a trip!” Yea, he was that!” But he taught us a millionaire’s mind set!” Haaa haaa
Imagine all of us at one time or the other meeting in the moment or in the future, sharing this collective experience, could we say it has been with (and brought us) a compounded interest?compounded interest

Discovered Transformations and Connections, Level 6,7 or “Thy Bliss Shall I Seek”

Discovered Transformations and Connections, level 6,7, or
“Thy Bliss Shall I Seek

I seem to be going through rapid transformation from one day of meditation to the next. I am making discoveries as I move through each day. The latest being the intersection of my life with a great swami, named Vivekananda. He has come to my attention incidentally, and I have spent a few days reading about him. His life was a spiritual ridge between the East and the West. On 9-11-1893, he spoke at The Parliment of Religions in Chicago and proclaimed all believers as sisters and brothers. It was news.

I find myself listening as though-though deceased–he has a confirmation for me. It is the message I have on my arm as a tattoo “All paths lead to God.” The highest realization being this and following that path within to recognize Your Self as God expressing.

It appears my Brain Retrain carries me to bliss. Tomorrow I begin Level 7. How much deeper?

Yesterday and the day before, I posted mountain photos, after my brain retrain session. It occurs to me that I am reaching into the ether, the God mind for my manifest wealth, for my souls blessings, and I want to stand more for that. Sojo at prayer

Swami Vivekananda
I have no fear

meditation within

Sounds of Success,Level 6,5, O Listen deeply!

Sounds of Success, Level 6, 5, O listen deeply!

During today’s brain retrain session, I allowed my imagination to create the place of sounds. It happened quite spontaneously, and I drifted purposely away from John Assaraf’s voice toward the tinkling bells, and the fibulating echoes of my listening experience.

A plane flew through a mist. I could not see it but I heard its engine putter invisibly, churning my brain and mind into pictures that followed end on end without prompting. High above, a mobile of glass rectangles, phosphorescent, semi opaque, clinked and touched, like a suspended chandelier. The bell and toasting of the sound took me briefly through celebrations and smiles. I followed without eyes or mind. I followed because I was being drawn upward and onward.

Vibrations shuddered my consciousness, like a snappy wind against clothing on a line, or prayer pendants flying in the wind, the words and colors sprayed across the Unity of things knitting all together,blessing all.

I am open now. I am high now. I may not have things or position or product, but I am there at the high place. My body knows, it shivers and my scale tingles. I see myself above the fray of my desires and striving. I see myself as a whisp of snow among others being blown like flotsam toward their own spiritual happiness. I am the result of my imagination and I abstract my wealth from these imaginings. O listen deeply.


Options, Choices, Tasks–Chasing Butterflies (Level 6, Immersion 4)

Level 6, Immersion 4–Options, Choices,Tasks-Chasing butterflies

Last night Vi and I got word of a three day workshop for Holistic Healers and Coaches that will take place in October in the USA. The last day for sign up is today. The 3-day workshop offers a shopping list of skills and coaching that match my goal list to an amazing degree. I immediately thought to sign up since it is only modestly priced and it is with an organization and leader in global alternative healing and counseling with whom I am familiar and from whom I have purchased programs.

To buy airline tickets and book the workshop hotel on such short notice pushes me too hard to ready and go. The Level 6 advice is to go for those things that achieve our highest impact goals. This will advance my knowledge and promises to increase my income and presence in the field.The problem for me is I feel open to anything that will advance my goals of visibility,income,and (ideal)clientele numbers. Last week I was ready to take on binary options. I begin to think I am chasing butterflies.

So, I suppose I’ll have to learn some discernment, and patience. My honey says it is possible to advance and succeed in myriad,spiritual ways. She says it may not be my path (or hers) to run all over the world trying to situate myself and achieve our dreams. I want to believe her because I don’t know if –at this stage of my life–I have the energy to take on and do every single task of outreach and education, nor to reach for every shiny promise. The options, choices, and tasks are many; I am one— tenacious and determined—who must choose well to do well.

Shariananda Borregaard Adamz's photo.

Tenacity for Two–Level 6, 2 Immersion

Tenacity for Two–Level 6, 2 Immersion

“What a difference a day makes,” I said to my spouse a little while ago.
We were having a late lunch in a favorite restaurant. We had just completed a marathon day at the local discount super store where we both purchased negotiated and current edition new iphones. We had to listen to the sales man and to compare with Samsung and other brands, but we knew this was a necessary step. The technical set up was sluggish but thorough. Our current phones were faltering, on and off, dropping calls and charges. Now we’re really ready for online work!

Today we were in accord and taking a leap as we did not plan to make this step until next month, but it couldn’t wait. Business was suffering and our communication was being interrupted. We plan to take two more steps:get a mobile pay application and get registered as full fledged business which involves having a special number to allow us special tax dispensations and business purchases. This was not required until now.

Yesterday, we were at our wits end because we felt overwhelmed by the prospect of so much before us to actually realize of our joint dreams–to travel the world and to teach and heal. We can only take a step at a time, but today, we took the first of three new ones.

We’re sticking through the challenges of being start-up and underfunded,but the clients are coming. The new web page is finished, and we are known to you. Thanks for following this blog and for your support. Thanks for letting me participate in your lives and hopes and dreams. Great thanks Mark and John,and Neurogym team. Vivi has her own voice,but I know she’d want me to say, tusind tak for her.v&S at Mystik Univers

Break -Through and Break Away, Level 6, Immersion 1

Break-Through and Break Away, Level 6, Immersion 1

The previous level lead me to explore the Internet for wealth building programs. There are a welter of offers and opportunities out there. I stumbled upon two, Walter Green’s FreeMoneySystem and Larry’s Cash Machine. Both of them were offering beginners guided and hands on advice in trading online in binary options. I didn’t know what binary options were, so I put out a call for information and one of our Achievers gave me a link.
From there I read up on the trading of binary options, and it appears you can register with a trading company, choose a currency, commodity, or
precious medal to follow. The trick is to predict if the trade item will be rising or falling at a particular time. You can make money by accurately predicting. But this kind of guess work belongs to the skilled and experienced. So those offering the “get rich quick” strategy of buying and selling binary options offer their services and their platform. I was taken in by these two offers because the experts, who “just want to share” their knowledge will do all the work. I just have to open an modestly funded account to begin ($250). Then, watch my money grow exponentially as their 87.5% accuracy proves time and again that your investment will make you a millionaire in 90 days.
Well, I didn’t do it. To make a long story short. It is too good to be true, and I do not see how so little can be placed in a cycle of a day, a week, or even a few hours could go very far, especially if it is being reinvested or small buys or sells can be erroneously predicted. Plus there are fees and taxes to consider. The point here is, I have taken a step away from what I know, into what I don’t know much about.
I dared to explore something I never heard of and began to think about earning money through means I am not competent in. This is what level 5 and the previous ones before have brought me to.
I am sure there is something for me like this as I expand my mind and open to learn more about creating money. I am just pleased with the break-through even if I did not break away on promises to good to be true.

Creativity–a poem (Level 5,6 Immersion) (c)SDiane Adamz Bogus aka Shariananda

Creativity,a hallway of doors inside a hotel of thought.
You follow it to an end that has never to be
You assign numbers or letters or colors to the doors,
and you know the password, you have the key

Say your name, say your name and what you desire
Inside stand your creation-machines
Peculiar pianos, fenders, pumps and horns
They give you what you desire, unseen

Your Love and Passion,answer humanity
With applied memories of childhood joys,
Pleasures repeated in your projects today
In these mirrored rooms of waters and stars

Your manifest dreams meet manifest people
Through clouds of transition,these doors open wide
Walk the hallways of your own creations
Leave no door unlocked that lies deep inside.