Mind Is Money and the Energy Thereof: Money and Energy,Immersion 1, Level 3

Money and Energy, Immersion I, Level 3

Today, I advance to Level 3, “Attracting Wealth”. I have arrived to this new immersion with hope and boundless energy. It’s as if some rope that bound me to a tree or hobbled my hands and feet has been cut, severed clean like slicing an apple in two.

In fact I was up until 2:00 AM this morning,flowing on the burst of energy that has exponentially grown each day. I wrote my journal entries before and after my brain-retrain session; I did editing on two web sites, one of a friend and the other my own. I answered questions via All Expert, and I booked clients. I ended the afternoon at the Swan park where I go to feed the birds and enjoy the rippling circular pond with the inverted “as above,so below” reflection of the Danish cottages and apartments in the silver water. I spent a long time there, singing to the birds. I returned home,later called friends in the USA, my brother among them. We had a rousing catch-up chat. Finally, to bed.

Now I have done my new brain retrain meditation, and I am off the hook!
This immersion had me almost jumping out of my seat. I was able to imagine great wealth:my main house and it’s spacious entryway of frosted glass and spiral staircase, my business ventures, my presentations before audiences, my adopted older kids, my travels, my mail, the contents of my safety deposit box, my visits to former living places and to places I’ve been but not when I had all this money! My wife was home suprisingly, as she travels for her Charities and to Board Rooms (in the future).When John suggested the “anchor” I became like a three stage rocket, burning and thrusting upward, full of fire and combusting readiness. What a beginning! Time is not money. Mind is money and the energy thereof.

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