Mind Is Money and the Energy Thereof: Money and Energy,Immersion 1, Level 3

Money and Energy, Immersion I, Level 3

Today, I advance to Level 3, “Attracting Wealth”. I have arrived to this new immersion with hope and boundless energy. It’s as if some rope that bound me to a tree or hobbled my hands and feet has been cut, severed clean like slicing an apple in two.

In fact I was up until 2:00 AM this morning,flowing on the burst of energy that has exponentially grown each day. I wrote my journal entries before and after my brain-retrain session; I did editing on two web sites, one of a friend and the other my own. I answered questions via All Expert, and I booked clients. I ended the afternoon at the Swan park where I go to feed the birds and enjoy the rippling circular pond with the inverted “as above,so below” reflection of the Danish cottages and apartments in the silver water. I spent a long time there, singing to the birds. I returned home,later called friends in the USA, my brother among them. We had a rousing catch-up chat. Finally, to bed.

Now I have done my new brain retrain meditation, and I am off the hook!
This immersion had me almost jumping out of my seat. I was able to imagine great wealth:my main house and it’s spacious entryway of frosted glass and spiral staircase, my business ventures, my presentations before audiences, my adopted older kids, my travels, my mail, the contents of my safety deposit box, my visits to former living places and to places I’ve been but not when I had all this money! My wife was home suprisingly, as she travels for her Charities and to Board Rooms (in the future).When John suggested the “anchor” I became like a three stage rocket, burning and thrusting upward, full of fire and combusting readiness. What a beginning! Time is not money. Mind is money and the energy thereof.

The Supreme Court Ruling as Prosperity and Blessing

The Supreme Court Ruling as Prosperity and Blessing

My day started with good news. The USA Supreme Court has approved same-sex marriage and hence paved the way for my wife and me to come to the USA as a married couple. This is something we have been waiting for. It lessens the strain of our being recognized as a legitimate couple in the USA when we apply for an extenuated visa or green card. It also reduces the immigration paper work and legal riggermarole.

I am also immensely glad that this political eventuality has come about because I am one of the many out black lesbians who helped fight for the cause by writing and publishing, marching, voting, advising, and standing up when the call came forth. During all of my 20s,30s,40s and 50s I participated in rallies and initiatives, and in the 1970s I had my first marriage in the Metropolitian Community Church of Long Beach,CA. Had it survived, our union would have been 40 years old and legitimate only now. I am not sorry for the end of that era or union(it taught me a lot about commitment and maturity), but I am happy that those who may have married back then as a spiritual ritual are now fully fledged. Be Blessed.

Many of you know that I live in Denmark now, and have married here, where same gender marriages are established and common place. This has reduced the strain that I felt in the USA, and I am still getting used to being a wife and having a wife! (smile).

This ruling by the Supreme Court is angelic synthesis from my point of view, a doorway to greater prosperity because I am not limited by legalized and limiting bias to my sexual orientation, nor by descrimination against my gender. Again, blessing be on this day, and on the lives of all in the USA who have joined h

Winning the Game of Money–Helping Others and Being Helped

Level 2,6–Helping Others and being Helped–We All Want to

I am responding to John’s invitation to share who I am and what I have to offfer. This connects in to today’s immersion simultaneously. In his balanced and instructive voice, in the audio John says,”with each passing day, more and more we realize people want to help us achieve our financial goals, and we want to do the same for them. So, his offer today, is a realization of that programming and an opportunity to do just that.

Yesterday Dave Sjol shared some documents from Mark Waldman’s wisdom treasure chest,among them, “My Daily Neuro Cheat Sheet and “20 Proven Ways to Build Life Long Satisfaction.” He sent me copies free of charge and expressly. It was generous and exemplified what John is hoping we can do for each other in the Achievers Community. These addendum to the program and my life will help me, enable me to be even more efficient and empatic in what I do. What do I do?

I am a clairvoyant spiritual healer,public speaker, and educator. I am an author and poet. I advise and lay hands, draw upon my inner God-given knowing and wisdom and teach other’s how to do the same. I use prayer,trance,sound therapy and chakra visualization techniques. You may have already noticed a certain quality of empathy,sincerity, and willingness to encourage and support in my posts. I have been giving of myself self since I started this program, sharing in such a way as to inspire aid and awaken others. I do this for a living. I desire to be a global name, serving the Most High, financially secure, and living well as I aid those that God sends me.

My goals that you can help me with—
1. Becoming a client–I can work with you online, via email or Skype.
I can see you in my office. I can talk to you by phone.
You can pay through Pay Pal,direct deposit to my account, or send cash.
2. Providing me services for promotion and visibility in exchange my advice
3.Introducing me to a publisher for my books, alternately,publishing them
4.Helping me gain more media attention, interviews,demonstrations,etc
5. Inviting me to speak

I am a certified Life Coach, Certified hypnotist, certified Massage Therapist, and I hold a Ph.D. in American Literature and Composition. You may find out more about me by Googling “Shariananda” “Oracle Shariananda” or SDiane Adamz Bogus (sometimes Diane Bogus)
My web address is www.bricksite.com/shariananda (testimonies there)
My email is shariananda!gemail.come
Phone in denmark: +45 3966 6999 or +45 5056 3717