The Spiritual Ethers are filled with Plenty

Repeat three times frequently–A spell, a mantra, an affirmation

Silence: The spiritual ethers are filled with plenty; prosperity fills the air, and I have abundance for every need!

Silence: The spiritual ethers are filled with plenty; prosperity fills the air, and I have abundance for every need!

Silence: The spiritual ethers are filled with plenty; prosperity fills the air, and I have abundance for every need!

Here’s your Word:
The spiritual ethers are filled with plenty. I am prosperous!
Sunday, July 13, 2014

In one of his early lesson series, Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore introduced a set of affirmations to be repeated daily in the Silence: The spiritual ethers are filled with plenty; prosperity fills the air, and I have abundance for every need!

Following Fillmore’s example, I repeat these affirmations three times, unifying myself with the manifesting power of the Divine within. I then turn my attention inward and silently let the prayer permeate my consciousness and transform any thoughts of lack.

As affirmations of plenty inhabit the deepest part of me, I attract and embrace bountiful blessings. I draw forth from the ethers prosperity that fills my life!

I have been paid in full and have more than enough; I am fully satisfied.—Philippians 4:18

“Uphold You with My Victorious Right Hand”

“Uphold You with My Victorious Right Hand”
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There is a card called ” The Ace of Swords” in the Herbal Tarot. It shows a hand coming from a fluff of white clouds, holding a red hilt-sword with a crown suspended at the tip. The image floats above a blue mountains below, a wiry, curl of chamomile weaves around the entire image like ivy climbs.The hand is a right hand. It is Caucasian.

The card can mean lots of things depending on the questions asked, but I often wonder how the designer of the card imagines we can trust a card that is predisposed to a given religion. Can one draw an abstract racially and uncolored truth from an image that assumes you accept and believe in the representation in the card?

In other words, how can one avoid imposing white Christian belief inherent the readings? How can it be ignored in favor of an unprejudiced reading? Because these images only mean in the context of the seer’s mind or the viewer’s mind. The crown,the sword,the heavens(clouds) and mountains (high place) may be interpreted independently from history or as profane symbols.

For God is not a hand (or any other body part–not even the proverbial Heart of God). God is not a throne or a place. God is not male or female, God is not God, but All: toothpicks to cement, babies to ants, raindrops to candy bars.
There is no thing, no one, no idea and no thought prehistoric, ancient,or modern that is not fused with the It of God, inseparable, indivisible, unfathomable God.

God may be visualized, conceptualized as I do here, but it is the face that moved on the deep which was no face at all. It is the mighty winds that cut a path through the Red Sea, and the Voice,that spoke from the burning bush and at Jesus’ baptism. God is myth and magic and neither. And yet, Present, present, more real than reality, and we (cultures world wide) are open to hearing and knowing It; we embody a variety of Beliefs that make holy the Presence of God in our lives. So be, it.

Call it “Almighty” the Creator, the Maker, the Author of our Faith, or don’t. Hold God in your own good right hand–or pocket or wallet or in your heart.For He, She, It will always be holding you in some inscrutable way–in ITS hand (which is as good an image as any). Here’s your Daily Word

God is my strength; I am victorious.
Saturday, July 12, 2014

Many athletes succeed because, along with consistent practice, they picture themselves performing to the best of their ability. They visualize crossing the finish line, hitting a home run, or scoring the game-winning point.

When I have a weighty task before me, I picture myself completing it successfully. My practice sessions include prayer and meditation as I tap into the unlimited power, strength, and wisdom of God within.

Athletes are victorious because they give it their all. As I reach for my goals, I pursue them with perseverance and optimism. I visualize success, stay attuned to Source, and I am victorious!
Do not fear, for I am with you … I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.—Isaiah 41:10

Stream of Divine Energy


They flow like a river these days of glory and sharing.
I saw several more people today, some with significant turbulence in their lives and felt, again honored to have another day to serve. Where I could I laid hands and prayed. Where I could I comforted with showing my client she or he was not alone. In some instances I channeled the deceased. A variety of spiritual and learned gifts allow me to meet the needs of each one uniquely. The Holy Spirit is able to meet every need and flows like the quenching cool water of a drink on a hot summer day. I’ve been up since 7 AM and have attended to several clients, done some office shopping, attended the Copenhagen jazz festival venue nearest my office and organized all of the files for my clients and business.I have posted the ledger, and changed the printer cartridges. I have returned calls, answered e-mail and now, I have written this preamble for the Daily Word which uses that key phrase:”stream of divine energy” and so it is that I am moving with the Spirit. Thank you for your prayers and support, some of my oldest friends are checking in to support this unfolding. Thank you, dear ones. Thank you, God. Here’s the DW:

I am a divine being in the constant flow of life.
Friday, July 11, 2014

Divine energy moves in and through all of life. I experience this flow as Life itself through my breath, ideas, creativity, health, and wholeness. Life is an unceasing river of good.

Throughout my day, I am conscious of this stream of divine energy as I focus on every blessing I receive—a friend’s message, a hug, a lesson. I am energized and empowered. I am in the flow.

Conscious of ways I may be blocking the flow of good, I adjust my outlook from concern to confidence. A change in attitude can make the difference between failure and success. Grateful for the energy and power of Life, I am a divine being in the flow.
Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.—Revelation 22:1

Comforted at Depth–Preamble to the Daily Word

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When we hurt, get hurt, hurt someone else, it goes deep. We feel it in our muscles, and in our spit. We experience a constriction of our breath, a shallowness and maybe, a hotness within our mouths, chests, hands, and feet. Hurt runs deep.

By the same token, the ‘comfort” of the Holy Spirit, the Godness in us, flows through us like a river of want. When we cry in anquish, wishing things were different, of feeling contrite for something done or left undone, those tears and that anguish is for the love of God. It is the Presence that is watching and listening as we–in our own mind’s eye–see ourselves in such abject misery. When we cry to the stage of dry hurt, that process is the Holy Spirit bringing us closer to our peace and wholeness. It may look like great distress but it is great decompression, “comfort at depth”.

People give us platitudes and sympathies that help but we suspect they are just words; yet if they come from someone we really respect, someone we really listen to, those words, meant to lift and assure us of certain healing are themselves comfort at soul to soul depth.

Today I have come again to the plateau of a prophesy that was made to me in around 2002 when I was so down on my luck and in so much emotional and physical pain. I thought I would never rise again (unholy thinking); that I was on my way to homelessness and welfare til the end of my days. I suffered willingly and constantly. Then, a man I didnot know in the post office, whom I subsequently learned was named Isaiah, asked me why I was walking with my head down. And without preamble, he launched into a diatribe of good news, ending with “God’s going to do a Mighty Work with you. You just keep on trusting Him”. Since that day, I have lived toward the fulfillment of that prophecy.

Now that I am in Denmark,my life seems to have been leading here all the time, and as it unfolds with these new opportunities for service and exposure, I glimpse the manifest Mighty Work taking precious and profound form. Today I weep for the joy of God’s touch on my life (comforted am I at depth). I was brought through a really, very, unbearably hard time to this moment. Praise be to God. Here’s the DW:

One with Spirit, I am comforted.
Thursday, July 10, 2014

God’s love is the soothing salve that relieves my pain. Any wounds of mind, body, or spirit are healed by the presence of God. Even if I feel grief or suffering, I know I am not alone. I need only turn my attention to the Presence within me.

Whatever happens in my life, God provides what I need—wisdom, strength, and support. I am gently eased through this situation one moment at a time. The presence of God reassures me that I am safe and secure.

God is present in every breath I breathe and every beat of my heart. No thought or experience can ever separate us. One with Spirit, I am comforted at depth.
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea.—Psalm 46:1-2

Unholy Thinking

Unholy Thinking

Today I read for 9 people. They came every hour or so to my office location in Norregade, a street in the central Copenhagen. They each were different and each was a gracious gift given by God for me to provide heart and soul service. I helped one man focus his job search. Another lady overcome her sense of displacement since retiring. I helped a young man make peace with his grandfather’s untimely death. I helped a young woman see the necessity for boundaries in the care of a housebound relative. I aided another young woman in making a decision to avoid being guilt-ed into marriage, and to follow her heart. I supported another young woman in releasing the past and embracing a new path between two other choices. It was a good day. I did good work facilitated by prayer and some meditation and the presence of angel and spirit guides.
I think if there was one message that I gave to each person, it was to change their thinking from self-condemnation, prolonged doubt, and fear of decision. In cases where the person had no religious or inner spiritual resources, I assured them that I had enough Christian experience and faith for the both of us. But by the grace of God many of them did have their brand of belief and trust. It doubled the energy and power to answer their questions or clear their distress–most of which we cause ourselves.

It is unholy to think little of yourself, that you can just find anyone and think that one will be your designer mate. One can manifest a great love with a simple list. Ask me about it in an email–
It is unholy thinking to second guess yourself when you let a relationship go, or quit a job or move in with a long distance lover. It is unholy thinking to hold onto old romance memories and “what if” after a challenging life event is over. Why would you want to live in the hell of circular, agonizing review? It’s unholy. So in today’s daily word, this phrase “unholy thinking” is used–Seems i needed to speak to it. Here is the full text

The grace of God has prepared for me a way of life that is altogether good.
Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The grace of God is not something that we must earn by making sacrifices or doing penance. It is a free, wholesome, impartial gift from God that none of us can escape. Even the most forsaken soul may cherish the hope of infinite grace.

The grace of God is more than mercy. It is complete forgiveness and full, unbounded love. It offers redemption from unholy thinking and living to every person who will accept it. Through grace, God reveals the true nature of the Divine within each person.

Abiding under divine grace, you are spiritually secure and your steady, unimpeded progress into the kingdom of perfection and all good is assured. The grace of God opens to you the swift, glorious, positive way of Truth.

For by grace have ye been save

Loading the Gun


I had a partner once who liked to use the expression “loaded for bear,” to mean ready to take on the biggest and baddest challenge; it was also a sexual expression meaning ready to make babies with a boat load of sperm. The expression of course also is a term derived from bear hunters who knew it took a strong bullet to kill a charging bear. I tell you now, the season of plenty is fast approaching, and if you’re busy with reviewing your wish lists, and resetting or adjusting your targets from the new year, go sit on the front porch and keep an eye for what’s coming down the road. Your mind is the shotgun and what materializes from your constant and dedicated focus on fulfillment is the fierce bear of your dreams and goals..
I am busy answering phone calls, e-mails and requests for readings as a result of having placed an ad in a Copenhagen publication that offers deals–my deal was a low cost reading/treatment and the response has been tremendous. I can hardly catch a minute to meditate. But I will.
This is the dream that I have held as long as I can remember embracing my psychic gifts to serve humanity. The crows are crying out and they are walking about as if the treasure ship has become beached. The magic and the signs are everywhere. I sit now astounded and overwhelmed, while Vivi smiles Mona Lisa style, knowing her visionary genius has helped me realize this much of the dream for our lives. God bless the sister-girl, my wife. Here’s your Daily Word:

True answers are revealed as I quiet my mind and open my heart.
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Albert Einstein is said to have asserted, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Rather than provide a solution, some thinking may even perpetuate my problems. If I catch myself repeatedly mulling over a problem, I pause. I release the struggle and relax. For every life question in my mind, there is a Divine answer in my heart.

The place from which my problems are solved lies deep within me—where wisdom lives. Resting in my heart, I perceive the presence of wisdom and activate it simply by becoming aware of it. I shift my attention from a busy mind to my knowing heart. All worries dissipate. All struggles cease. In Divine time, the answers come.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.–Luke 12:34

Crows are Landing


Some of you have seen my discussion of “crows’ and their significance on You Tube. If you haven’t, I recommend it, especially if you have crows flying near you, or above you and around where you can see and hear them. They are harbingers of the fulfillment of spiritual law–that could mean they announce a letter full of good news, prefigure a new job or job offer, and they can tell you when transformation in your life is near.

Today the crows on are the ground and giving me lots of love. (You know I feed them here and there as I go about my life, always carrying scraps of left overs for them and their friends the magpies, gulls, and pigeons.) They were symbolizing the awesome response to my recent advertisement in a Denmark publication. The ad was for an hour long reading at a greatly reduced rate, and the response was more than I could have hoped for in a summer when most people are away.

Finally, I am in business. I hope the word goes out more and more. And today I did my first readings for the early birds taking me up on the offer. I started the day excited, but did not get up early enough for all of the last minute things I needed to do, including meditate. So, I was hurrying and I did not give the construction on the roadways and train ways enough consideration. But as I was bustling through the transfer underground to get to the other side of the street, I realized that I did not need to rush. What has be given has been given and I will be in my appointed place at the appointed time. And when I did that, time slowed, the bus came right away, and I managed to arrive at my office just in time to meet my first client. I am so grateful, And I just want you all to know that my hustru orchestrated this earthly project and Heaven has helped us begin–I look forward to explosive success. And to be put to great purpose in the lives of those I am sent. Saadan! Here’s your daily word:

On Time
I go with the flow of time.
Monday, July 7, 2014

I live in an orderly universe where seasons change and new life emerges at the appointed time, where flowers bloom and apples ripen as designed and where I accomplish what is mine to do easily and naturally.

I need only look to nature for assurance that there is “a time for every matter under heaven.” In the summer, leaves do not rush to turn to gold and fruit does not hurry to fall from the tree. Nature is in concert with the rhythm of life.

Pacing myself, I willingly flow with life, and I find peace. I am not rushed. I meet my goals and maintain my health. I stay mindful of what is important to me and seek balance in all endeavors. With gratitude, I am fully present to this moment in time.
For he has appointed a time for every matter, and for every work.–Ecclesiastes 3:17

Splendid Days

Splendid Days

If you play Candy Crush online, you know the little goofy girl who wanders through candy land helping various characters out of sticky sweet situations. It usually takes about 15 stops along the trail to the junction of the next set of challenges with the geometric and rainbow flavored candies. But when you finish a set of stops, and hence an episode: say says, “Splendid Days!”

These are most splendid days I am living, and yesterday,the Fourth of July, I realized again the privilege it is to be here in Danmark and to wave the American flag. For you all I have put a special video for you on YouTube and embedded it here. I send you fund and joy and love. For it is so apparent to me that I am surrounded by it in this magical world, filled with unexpected surprises. At this very moment, I am running an add on, and it is working to bring new clients to my door and to expose me and my purpose for being here. And Vivi has been such a big help–all the technological support I can use give with grace and expertise and warmth, and I am so grateful.
So enjoy–see the video on YouTube:as Oracle Shariananda sings the US National Anthem.

Here’s your Daily Word:Faith
Claiming my divine power, I am able to do anything.
Saturday, July 5, 2014

My human nature may sometimes focus on limits and doubts, believing some challenges are too difficult to overcome. However, I am also a spiritual being and the power of Spirit is available to me the instant I claim it. My faith in the Divine within empowers me to go beyond my doubts and aim higher than ever before.

To build my confidence, I contemplate inspiring stories. David’s faith allowed him to conquer the giant Goliath. Daniel’s faith shut the mouths of the lions and delivered him safely out of the den.

My faith gives me confidence, courage, and clarity. I am able to accomplish all that is mine to do.