Traveling Circus

“Traveling Circus”

Vivi and I always get revved up pretty high before a psychic fair. As you know, this coming Saturday and Sunday we will be at Astrologihuset in Copenhagen for a Mini-Messe Aug 2, and Aug 3  2014. Low prices for readings. 150 Dkk. The location is
Teglvaersgade 37, 4. 2100 Copenhagen West. Info at . I am also giving a talk on healing inner trauma and doing a guided meditation into the deep reaches of the chakras. I am a tour guide with plenty of inner experience. But no matter how cool and calm and experienced I am, and Vivi is, we get speedy and anticipatory. There’s so much to do. We spent this morning double checking the TO DO FOR FAIR List.

We have to make sure we send out notices to clients and interested parties and friends. We have to review our brochures, revise and change old copy and try to get the material off in time for printing and shipping. We have to get our packed materials from the basement: reading tables, chairs, banners, paraphrenalia. (candles, timer, bells, cash box, etc). It’s a scramble even when we are not in a hurry.

We also have to get ourselves in the state of mind that allows us to meet differing people, energies, personalities and problems as would-be clients stroll past our booth. So our meditation time has to increase and silence exponentially. Since this is our first time at this particular fair, we will be the new kids on the block. Fortunately for us, we have booth number 1–that is fortuitous
Then there’s the setting up: getting the equipment tables, massage table and chairs set in just the right geometric arrangement in the space that we have. We have to decorate and post signage and we have to put clipboards,pens, and treats within reach. Luckily for us this time the fair asks all of the psychics to charge the same amount for a 20 minute reading, so there will be no hard competition and shunning from those hoping to get a lot of insight for a reasonably low price. These events are always a feast for the eyes, mind and senses. Gems and flutes,practitioners touching and talking to rapt persons, people on massage tables in vibrating chairs, and seated before an aura machine getting their etheric body read by kyrillian photography. You may see people in feathers and buck skin; in silken gowns or toole capes. You will see skull caps and turbans and many ringed hands. Here and there a healer is fanning the air, stroking the unseen, of holding steady the Reiki forces that he or she aids in moving through the prone person’s healing body. There are products for sale:drums,creams, lotions, pills, jewelry,clothing,and all kinds of readings from all kinds of oracle, tarot and mystic decks of cards. Or none at all…

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of someone crying, relieved of the burden of a issue or problem, or releasing tears of joy or the bottled up anguish of not having clear insight or aid. Yes, it can be a thrilling experience to go to a psychic fair. It is so much more than fortune telling and spirit mediumship. It is informational, offering workshops on dreams, meditation, health, higher consciousness, new technologies and mystic tools–from gem stone rings to pyramids, from hugh crystals of Amethyst or Obsidian to digederoos and scented candles, from totems of bears, whales, big cats or elephants to little crosses and pins. Go see for yourself sometime. And while I do not think it is a travelling circus, for us, Vivi and me, by the time we get all of our stuff in the car, dress, and set up, we feel like the ring masters of the greatest show on earth.

Explore your life purpose. Shari

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