In His Love [In Her love]–A preamble


In His Love [In Her Love]

As a clairvoyant spirit healer, I see many people on the matter of love.
Some have lost it and want it back. Some have thrown it away by being untrue, or in the spite of divorce or out of jealous hurt. Some have never had the experience of being in love or having been alone since the last relationship, some are seeking it with an aching and lonely heart.

The young think love is a one time forever phenomenon, placing all their utopian dream eggs in the one basket, only to discover that there are challenges,differences, ideals and ideas about how the love one is to act or be or obey. Beyond the passion of attraction and the need for autonomy, young love must gain practice through experience,usually the surprise and heartache of break-ups. But such is Love’s way to teach balance and acceptance. It teaches us how we must work with others. There is self acceptance and self knowledge to be gained and the love of another can teach that and breach that. True love is only true as long as the two make it so.

Love in later life may come again after divorce or the death of a partner; it may come after lots of disappointments or long isolation and one has given up. But when it does come, one treasures the beloved, knowing the rarity of connection, companionship, and the lessons of lost loves. Love is never an always and forever given. It is given when both give (and receive with intentionality).

Yet sometimes,in late life love, there may be a gap between the last and the new love during which one falls to self-doubt and worry,ie, That love may never come again, that one is undesireable, unacceptable, and unable to attract a partner now that youth,beauty,and waistline have gone their own way. But these are illusions; for if we were ever loveable, we still are. Love seeks its own. Love finds its own.

But not until you decide what you want in a partner and manifest that.

This is what I advise my clients to do. I learned it from Patricia Fuqua, the author of How to Find Your SoulMate. It takes some work, but the exquisite experience of waiting and being fulfilled is worth the intense focus,and the earnest faith. One must make a list of and evaluate the relationships that one feels work. Look around among family (mother and father),uncles&aunts, and other models you value. Write down the traits these marriages have and then you will have sense of your own values.

Counter that list with the things that you feel do not work in marriage(.i.e monogamous partnerships). This will ready you to design your next partner. Best done by making a list of your own traits,beliefs,likes&dislikes,physical attributes and abilities, work, character traits, and desires. Take three weeks if you want to, get it clear to yourself. Then,you are ready to write the list of your designer love–it can be as sentences or phrases, but remember,be careful what you wish for.
If you want her or him to not smoke because you are allergic and you think it’s a nasty habit, then put that on the list. If you like to feel tucked away and cherished in his or her arms,then ask for a love that is taller, strong, and affectionate. Ask for everything, just make sure it corresponds to what you know about your own pet peeves and character.

In about 90 days, the pot ought to boil. The Universe offers three or more possibilities when we know what we want, use your free will and intuition to recognize your highest, best, and true love. It can take w while as it did for me, but I dated a lot while I waited for my true love. Oh yes, review your list once a week, keep it under a burning white,red or yellow candle when your’re home. Start a new one off the old flame before it goes out. Be prepared to wait, and let the magic of your attraction bring candidates to you.

You are worthy of the love of your life at any age, just embrace your self love and know not just anyone will do. Design, design, design to come into His Love or Her Love. It’s God’s good pleasure to give you the desire of your heart. Here’s the Daily Word

I activate the healing power of Divine Love.
Friday, July 25, 2014

Love heals. Love is an energy that harmonizes any discord I might be experiencing in myself or in the world. Love is a light that reveals the truth of my wholeness.

Divine Love, everywhere present, is the very nature and essence of my being. Turning within, I recognize and activate the life-affirming and restorative power of Divine Love within me. I deserve to experience the health and wholeness inherent in me. I attract health by adopting practices of self-care and making decisions that improve my life in all aspects.

Established in the awareness of Love’s rejuvenating power, I express the truth of my essential wholeness and well-being today and every day.

The Lord, your God, is in your midst … he will renew you in his love.—Zephaniah 3:17

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