Then Will I Hear–Preamble to the Daily Word

Then Will I Hear

Sometimes we put off until tomorrow what we can do today.
But tomorrow is not given, and it is best to make haste while the sun shines for a stitch in time, saves nine….

These sayings are old school wisdom, yet appropos to today’s Daily Word. The scripture suggests that the Living God, a corporal figure, will hear us with real ears should we pray. It’s as if it is an on/off proposition. If you pray, then I will hear you. But prayer is not a lucky rabbit’s foot.
Unity teaches that all of our thoughts are prayers.

Thus, our inner dialog is a prayer. Whatever we put our minds on, again and again is heard by the God in ourselves and that set of thoughts manifests as the environment we live in and the situation of that environment. It includes what we perceive as others’ behavior or motives, other’s attitude. If we can see it and name it, we know it ourselves from the inside. Do we pray from judgment, doubt, confusion,fear,anger?

So you must listen to what you are telling yourself about how you are, and what you want, and who has hurt you or what you will not do and what you can’t do. “It takes one to know one,” kids would retort in response to name-calling.

Once you have learned to govern your thinking, to drive your thoughts like so many wild horses into the corral of spiritual thought (forgiveness,enthusiasm, joyousness,prosperity,expectation of good,etc). Then your life will look like you imagine in all aspects. Your gratitude will allow God within and without to hear you. Here’s your Daily Word:

The light of a new day is dawning in my consciousness. I walk serene and sure.
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let us unite in prayer for the realization of spiritual light, which will illumine our ways in the days to come. In scriptural symbology, a new day represents a degree of unfoldment in spiritual consciousness. When the light of a new day dawns in our consciousness, it dissipates any condition of spiritual darkness that may have preceded it, just as the sunrise following the dawn dissipates the night and makes all things clear and beautiful.

As the light of a new day dawns in our consciousness, all indecision and all uncertainty are done away with. We see before us opportunities for realizing our good, for practicing good will toward all people, for loving God with all our hearts, minds, and strength. Each day, each moment offers us new opportunity.
If my people … pray … then will I hear … and will heal their land.—2 Chronicles 7:14

One thought on “Then Will I Hear–Preamble to the Daily Word

  1. My goal here then is to clarify the uselessness of metaphysics, and then transition from empiricism (as a counter to moral rationalism),
    and move more directly into skepticism. Cosmology attempts to analyze this connection between what we know
    to be true and what we believe in. There is a wonderful science fiction story ‘ a John Collier
    story ‘ that brings this idea home.


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