the work of our hands–Preamble to the Daily Word

the work of our hands

Whatever you do, it is yours to do, until it isn’t.
Do what you can to show others the joy you find in what you do
Model the pleasure and the privilege it is to have work for your own hands
Bosses and co-workers alike– be on good terms as far as you can without compromise
Remember blessed are the peace makers
Extend the hand of fellowship in courtesy and smiles
Take pride but without undue ego in your mastery and seniority
If new to work, just be grateful that you have work
My work is to write and speak, to heal as I can with hope
Find the spiritual truth in what you do, step into the light of your vocation
This is the work of our hands. Here’s Your Daily Word:

My work blesses me.
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I use my present employment as a vehicle to share my gifts and enrich my life. Whether my work is at home or outside the home, volunteer or paid, I strive for a job well done.

If I am seeking employment, I begin by thanking God for the gifts I bring to the world. I seek to serve with a generous heart and receive bountifully.

If I already have a job, I express gratitude for it every day. I bless my coworkers and my income. I stay present to what is mine to do and release the results to God. When supervising others, I am considerate and encouraging.

Whatever my calling may be, my work is a blessing to me. I appreciate and celebrate it.

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the work of our hands.—Psalm 90:17

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