Going Where You Have never Gone Before

Going Where You Have Never Gone Before

It takes practice to create the courage and momentum for change.
The speaking your desire is important.
How many of the helpful recommendations that people make on Facebook do you follow?
How much forward motion have you achieved?
The affirmation of your desires written, spoken or shared is the ticket.
I recommend you take a different route home–use it as a tailsman. Do it ever so often–it changes the momentum and directs your energy purposefully. Here’s the Daily Word:
I am healthy, whole, and well.
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Words of truth connect me with my innate wholeness, so I speak these words to my body, mind, and soul: I am healthy, whole, and well. God is my strength; I cannot fail. I am born of God, born to wholeness and vitality.

If someone greets me with the question, “How are you?” I respond, “I am well.” Hearing myself affirm the truth reminds me that I am indeed whole and well.

When I acknowledge my innate wholeness, I become a free channel for the healing power of Spirit to flow. As I affirm my wholeness and read words that empower and enrich my life, Truth fills my heart and mind, and I am healed.
My child, be attentive to my words … For they are life to those who find them, and healing to all their flesh.—Proverbs 4:20, 22


LIVING IN HELL IS FIXABLE–Preamble to the Daily Word “Envision”

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Today I got a letter from a cleint who explained how miserable her life. She complained of everything from eating to dying, from self-hatred to body image. her question was–what is the point of living?

Here is what I answered:

May your pain dissolve like sugar in water. You are crying because you have chosen to believe in defeat and suffering. You denigrate your mind and your ability to create good for yourself for your life. You are depressed and need professional help to get going again. Seek help.

Nothing anyone tells you is going to help you before you decide to help yourself. You may live in the gray and dark, see only the rain, but it will never stop until you decide to look for the good. There are many things that challenge our lives–break-ups,disability, death, body image, loneliness, poverty, racial discrimination–but there are equally stimulating and encouraging things if we fight to see them and help make it so for others-

For example–the promise of companionship, ther possibilities of love and friendship, experts and trained professionals who can work with our disabilities and bodies and coach and inspire us to achieve weight or life goals,our lost loved one can come aagin in dreams or through special sessions with mediums and aid us, we can try to live for them and make them proud. Death and life are two sides of the same coin. We come here each of us to help and to learn spiritual lessons.

Apparently, you chose the hardest task for you are really believing it is real. It is not, this is a school, a practice court for everything, but you won’t see it until you waken to your own love and your own sense of hope and self-love–then you will be out of hell. BUT NOT UNTIL YOU DO.

The point of living is to live as happily as you can…but you must know what makes you happy. Music makes me happy. Littel doggies make me happy. Children playing and laughing and their little teeth make me happy. Sunny days and lots of floating clouds make me happy. Chocolate makes me happy. Eating french fries makes me happy. Surely something makes you happy. What? Latch onto one thing and begin to reconstruct your inner world to include the things that make you happyKeep alist. Remember. Say it out loud—-wake up and seek them each day–give a smile and watch it come back . TRY.

I could go on, but I fear you are spitting and cursing and shitting on what I am saying here. But if there is just a little hope in you(and I think there is because you wrote to me)then, write yourself a letter and tell yourself what would make you happy. It all depends on you. Oh yes, consider following my daily advice on Facebook. Friend me. Shariananda Borregaard Adamz. There are also many inspirational; videos from me on YouTube. See the one on chanting and the other on meditation. This will help. http://www.bricksite.com/shariananda

Here’s the Daily Word:

As I believe, I gratefully receive.
Monday, June 9, 2014

The power of imagination is an amazing gift from God. With faith, I visualize what I want to manifest in my life. Sending forth a powerful affirmative prayer, I picture in detail what I seek to create. My vision is specific, broad-reaching, and impactful.

By seeing the result first in mind, I generate the feelings that accompany success. I may feel a sense of pride, relief, or joy as I envision a favorable outcome. I am grateful for what I know will be achieved. I internalize that sensation, and whenever I imagine my goal, the positive feelings return.

When my good comes to fruition, I welcome it with appreciation and joy. As I believe, I gratefully receive.
Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.—Mark 11:24

Young and Old

Young and Old
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I am sure we all have the experience of noticing when we start to age.
It is so strange to see a new face in the mirror or a new expressive part of our body protrude or enlarge. Or note those tell-tail gray hairs with which we make peace or dye! Hahahah

It is peculiar to think the same “me”, who ran like a deer with my childhood posse, is now remembering those days from far far away. But seeing the same me in my own eyes and heart.
Most peculiar of all is imagining, if needful, I could do it again.

I am sure surrending the thingsof Youth is a matter of consciousness.
But there are just some things I still so love from youth–among them bike riding, sour candy and running, climbing,clowns, amusement parks, zoos, and playing Monopoly. I still like surprises and lots of attention and praise.

How can my mind and spirit so love these things and my body be gradually releasing me from the force of my competitive thoughts and actions–say in softball games, two-hand touch football, or tug of wars as I talked about yesterday. It’s so surprising to just discover the process of birthdays remembered and celebrations to come–10th–100th

I have an Aunt–Beulah. She is almost 97. She reads the newspaper. Complains and moans about the world, politics, and the bad news. She makes jokes and retells the stories of the old neighborhood and of it’s changes from her excellent memory. She has had a heart attack. Has open heart surgery at 90 and still gets out tochurch and some family birthday celebrations. She has an “I love you” to anyone coming or going. This is my inspiration. I come from a line of elephants with matriarchs that show how its done. Watch me. Here’s your Daily Word:

Young at Heart
I am fearless about my bright future.
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

No matter the date on my birth certificate, I am ageless! My life is renewed with every breath, with every new moment. I do not allow my biological age to define or restrict me. In Spirit, I am unlimited and fully capable of great achievements no matter when I was born.

I gently relinquish any fears I may have about the aging process. I do not lament natural changes taking place in my body. I remain young at heart by maintaining a positive attitude, which inspires me to think, act, and appear youthful. I am free to live a joyful, graceful, and continually refreshed life, for at any age, in Spirit, I am ageless!
The righteous flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. They are planted in the house of the Lord … In old age they still produce fruit.—Psalm 92:12-14

Wise Thoughts


Today my Danish school had a school wide picnic at a local park called Sondenmarked. It was near the zoo where we had an outing a month ago. The Danish educational system integrates outings for educational purpose throughout the levels. Many of us gathered at the classroom and walked there–long walk. Others rode their bikes. But it was a good united nations of folk all full of excitement. We had all brought food and blankets and water. But before the eating commenced, we played time honored picnic games:sack races, potato carry (in a spoon), and tug of war. As I joined in, I had some reservations about how fit I was to participate. I have had some trouble with my knees, back, and I have carpal tunnel syndrome. So what I think of as my wise bone piped up–be careful. You are accident prone,and you’re no spring chicken,old girl.
But I did not listen. I still have a child’s heart and a huge hankering to play with the world’s peoples.

In my class alone, we had a Bulgarian, a Laoian, a Chinese, a Dane, and an American (me.) The flags of the many nations had been posted in the grass and just after lunch, they called a roll of who was who and those from the various countries stood up proudly. In this way we get to be together in a non instructive but learning environment. We also get to see how the others live and act in a setting outside of the specualtive difference of their dress or physical features.
My group did not win, but we played hard. I got red hands from the harsh slide of the rope as my team and I were dragged across the boundary. We also ate heartily. There were photos, and I will post them when I get them. I think I just liked seeing the appreciation of my effort in the eyes of my teachers who know I am a senior. I think I like challenging the stereotypes. And perhaps, that is thr wise thing I share today. Choose life. Here’s the Daily Word:

I see the world clearly from my heart and soul.
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wisdom is more than intellectual discernment or logic; it comes from the heart and soul. With wisdom, I look beyond appearances and perceive the divine potential inherent within every circumstance and every person, including myself.

Through my prayer practice, I develop and strengthen my ability to make wise choices. I connect with Source and open my heart and mind to possibilities I did not recognize before. A daily connection with my divine nature helps me listen deeply, see clearly, choose wisely, and advance joyfully. From within the sweet silence of prayer, new possibilities arise and my capacity for wise discernment grows.
You desire truth in the inward being; therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart.—Psalm 51:6

Pathway–a poem for the preamble to the Daily Word “Path”

Pathway (c) Sdiane Adamz Bogus (Shariananda)
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The way is open and I follow
The land is green now
The strangers smile as I pass
I see twin trees and butterflies
I look around and see the red road receding behind me
A bird flies just past my ear–fast–news coming
I can wait; this day is enough
My path is enough as it is
Here’s your Daily Word:

I am an adventurous, faith-filled, courageous explorer.
Monday, June 2, 2014

Unity poet James Dillet Freeman wrote, “Life is a road that winds among the hills of time. With every turn in the road, an old view vanishes, a new view appears. Life is a pilgrimage, a passage through eternity, a journey …”

Sometimes my path is smooth. Other times I may stumble over obstacles or tire from the climb. No matter how steep or winding the course, I follow the path before me. I know that through every twist and turn of life, God is with and within me as my light and guide. Each day calls me to journey with God in confidence and to grow in spiritual understanding.

I am an adventurous, faith-filled, courageous explorer with a fresh new day on the horizon.
You show me the path of life.—Psalm 16:11