Aglow Like Wonder and Delight

Aglow Like Wonder and Delight

Today’s Daily Word asks us to shine at the thought of the lives we are living. It asks us to polish our aura and halos with the joy of recognition of our happiness in the moment.
That I do now as I report on this last class day of school (before vacation in July) at Frilandet Museet (museum) in Lyngby .This morning I visited the barns and houses of the way of life of Danish people in the past: the daily farm life. Along with my classmates, we walked about and witnessed the remains of the farmware, and its buildings and tools. The community of people back then had to do some hard labor to live in the thatch shelters, they made the roads and ways with carefully selected boulder stones. They had to innovate bathtubs of wood, beds and bedding, the means to sew on old fashioned spinning wheels and to keep livestock. We actually saw horses, chickens, and lambs. Walking the thickly treed paths, and feeling the essence of the place was envigorating and calming. I respected the work that it ook to live without the transformative technologies we have today. It was a demanding life to work closely with one’s neighbors without phones or telegraph. They had to even establish firehouses with big bins of water to be ready for accidental fires. But what I respected most was their artistry in constructing thatch roofs, and housing that had good proximity for their needs. I simply celebrated this little “tur” as the Danes say by being impressed. I am aglow with the continum of life. And although we had a sudden thunderstorm, my classmates and teacher and I managed to have a share-alike lunch on the grounds with a hundred or so visiting school children,all jabbering and frisking about. Their energy fed this moment in life too. Thank you God for delight and wonder. Here’s your Daily Word:

I am aglow with vibrant life.
Thursday, June 26, 2014

To function at optimum health, I nourish myself with nutritious food and drink, plenty of exercise, and time for renewal and rest. Such care and attention feels good in the moment and pays dividends for years to come.

My healthy body knows exactly what to do, and I support it. I voice encouraging and uplifting words to and about myself, rather than criticism or fear. Whether positive or negative, the thoughts and words I tell myself also feed my body. Positive self-talk invigorates and supports my intention to maintain a vibrant, healthy body.

I am physically and spiritually alive and well. I am wonderfully aglow with light, life, and vitality.

I pray that … you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul.—3 John 1:2

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