Meditation Saved Me


In 1973 I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation in Los Angeles, CA.
This was during the time when self-help and transactional analysis were in vogue. I had only just arrived from the East coast and was definitely open to the experience of finding myself and my place in life. I was 28 and unemployed. I had come to California to be with a person twice my age, but I was optimistic and needy. I did not yet know the few relatives I had in the state, so I had to make new friends and contacts as best I could. Church is always a good place to start. But I had become an enemy of church because of the doctrines against homosexuality and because I was trying to make peace with my own. I was disoriented in California because the culture was less restrictive around social interaction, dress and more permissive. I foudn myself trying and doing things I had not tried or ever knew existed. Oh, nothing too damning, but it included challenges to my Southern Baptist fundamentalist upbringing. I was confused and directionless. Then, one of my new acquaintances introduced me to meditation. I went to a free lecture and I did a session that immediately calmed me down, and introduced me ot myself.
It was hard at first to sit still, to keep my eyes closed, to silence the rushing thoughts and images in my head; I couldn’t do a full twenty minutes. But I kept trying because my heart rate slowed, the nervous sweating and agitation I always had gradually disappeared, and I started to sleep better. That was over 40 years ago. I have continued to practice and I have achieved what they promised:cosmic consciousness. A blend of Self-awareness, thought mastery and Spiritual wholeness–God consciousness if you will. It was the beginning of my discovery of my psychic gifts. Today, I still meditate. Of all the spiritual practices that have served my life, it is still #1. I have even developed my own special methods to teach others and to heal them. The Silence is healing. Here’s your Daily Word:

In meditation, I connect with my Source.
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meditation is a deep and powerful way of connecting to the Divine, realizing oneness with All That Is, and allowing the deepest desires of my soul to surface.

I begin my meditation by choosing a quiet place and time of day. I sit comfortably for a period of time. I close my eyes, relax my palms on my lap, and breathe naturally.

I may contemplate or repeat a spiritual idea or scripture. Should my attention wander, I gently return it to that idea or refocus my attention on my breath. I am still and silent, as I connect directly with the Source of my being. Concluding with an affirmation or prayer of gratitude, I am ready for the day ahead.
The meditation of my heart shall be understanding.–Psalm 49:3

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