Good Things Happening–Patient Steps

Good Things Happening–Patient Steps

Well, I have been here almost a year and a half as of July 1. Little by little Vivi and I have paved the path before us and our future. We got our papers of temporary residency and identity in order. We worked with the State Church and the Immigration office to marry and validate that marriage. We waited through processing and meanwhile we sought work. Vivi got a new position, and I did not get the Copenhagen U interview. But we did a psychic fair and that launched workshops and our joint gifts working with people. We were waiting for the further establishment of our presence on the scene and offerings as Light workers. The Word-of-Mouth has begun and Viv remembered and connected me with a firm that rents offices by the hour for therapuetic works. With that in place, I could see people in my own office on a by-appointment basis. No overhead! Easy and in order is how it work s with God and the Holy spirit–when it’s right.

Then we connected with Kobenhaven Business Services and have been attending free workshops to learn the ins and outs of doing business in Copenhagen/Denmark. We have drawn up a business plan and we are considered part of the entrepreneurial team that is striving for this years prize of thousands in support operations. Meanwhile, Viv has put up a web page for me. The page allows you to make an appointment or ask a question to be answered by mail, on skype or in my office. I do a weekly video of readings and other topics. Visit me: Last week the Danish magazine Ud & Se did an article on the Red cross Cycle program and featured me prominently. This is a boone. So, we have our ducks lined up.

Now we are about to launch an offer to the whole of the area for either a three card reading, a 1 question ask or a touch reading for only 349dk. We expect to be busy in July until the end of the year–with a small psychic fair in August and another in October, the work and the livelihood is building brick by brick. This we have had to be patient for, taking one step after the other, not sure how it would unfold, but it is unfolding. May your dreams and plans follow the moment by moment, step by step realization of your purpose and needs also.
Here’s your Daily Word:

With energy and strength, I wait.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Patience is an act of confidence that all is unfolding as it should—even when the process takes longer than I had hoped or expected.

Patience is not laziness or indifference. I don’t have to push or force a result in order to feel as if I am making progress. But just as a farmer cannot hurry or worry a harvest into existence, I cannot rush results that must unfold in their own time.

True patience is a silent energy, one that restores and strengthens. I deny power to any feelings of doubt or impatience, and while I wait, I pray. I stay focused on the present moment, comforted by a quiet faith, and patiently expecting the greater good to come.
May you be made strong … and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience.—Colossians 1:11

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