The Surprising Advent of World Peace–Connect the Dots–Preamble to DW

The Surprising Advent of World Peace–connect the dots — [Follow my weekly video topic at my]

1.The Pope holding prayer and peace talks at the Vatican. Amazing!

2.The President of the USA defending our right to restraint against expected military intervention in Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt…

3. The world’s outcry against the kidnaping of the Nigerian girls

4. The all-nation joint effort to find Flight MH300—unity, cooperation, shared concern

5. The talk between Iran’s President and Ours about uniting to beat back the Isis rebels

6. The snactions against, of all nations, Russia for invading Ukraine!

7. The work by glamorous Angelina Jolie to stop sex slavery and crimes

8. The work by Prince William and David beckham–what bed fellows–against illegal poaching in the habits of endagered and targeted animals.

9. The rising up of the peoples of the world to protest corrupt and oppressive governments: of all places, China! Egypt, Thailand, Syria, Nigeria, Iran, Ukraine

10. The whistle-blowers revelation of distrust between supposed friendly nations–spying–

11. Same gender marriages that reduce internal angst and civic unrest over equal rights.

12. Looking for the good in the bad news–connect the dots Here’s the Daily Word:

World Peace I set an example for peace in the world.Tuesday, June 17, 2014 World peace is born from peace in our hearts and in our households. I foster peace within me by maintaining my spiritual practice. I observe my thoughts, feelings, and words and commit to my personal growth and healing. If I do not feel at peace, I seek to understand my true needs and fulfill them in a conscious and compassionate way, which nurtures peace of mind. I work to resolve any conflict with others through respectful and honest communication. I speak my needs and listen with my heart. I welcome opportunities to understand any differences. Peace begins with me. The example I set and the energy I radiate cultivate peace on earth. Whatever house you enter, first say, “Peace to this house!”–Luke 10:5

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