My Relatives–Preamble to the Daily Word “Discovery”

My Relatives

I am far away from home. I have two brothers:one in Africa, the other in Illinois. I love them very much. They both have wives and children. Iam very fond of their wives and children, but I have been on the move so much that I am like a comet that circles their lives every now and then. I’m not very there for them, but this does not prevent me from feeling close and connected to them.

There are my sisters in law Binta and Dorothy. My nieces and nephews Mitchell, Deidra, Melvin, Siketta, Marsha, and Akasha, Saskia,Sonia,Lawrence, Lawrence and Lawrence, plus Akasha’s new baby boy. (Blessed be!) Also, I have one aunt left of the many brothers and sisters of my parents. She is 97 this year. My extraordinary role model! Still community minded and politically astute–a satirist even!
I have some ancestral second and first cousins, among them my cousin Margie in Ohio, her sisters Jean and Betty and their families. My cousin Willie “Mac”and Deborah Dawson,both avid family histornians and archivists;I have my first cousins Judy (aka Jewel), Susie (aka Jackie)Lionel, Diane, David and wife, and Mike –all in Chicago, and my cousin twice removed TC Bibb in Alabama. Any other relatives I’ve long since fallen out of touch with, and do not carry them around missing in my heart, but I pray for them as I do all of humanity. I am thankful that I have a tribe.
I am grateful to have their blessing or indifference to my exploits and adventures. I am glad to be here and all is well with them–so I can leap forward witht their acceptance and wonder. Thank you, God. I envision their lives a whole and fulfilled. Here’s your Daily Word–
God’s world awaits my discovery.
Thursday, June 12, 2014

As the school year comes to a close, students are filled with a sense of anticipation. I, too, am excited about what is to come in my own life. What new experiences await me? What can I discover about myself and the world?

I take a moment to become consciously aware of my surroundings, even that which may seem insignificant. As I notice a squirrel scurrying about, a couple holding hands, or the laughter of friends at an afternoon picnic, I note how God shows up in the everyday activities of life.

God’s world awaits my discovery! I seize every opportunity to notice and appreciate it. I am constantly learning and growing. I am filled with exuberance for life.

When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart.—Jeremiah 29:13

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