“In the Land Beyond, Beyond, in the Region Past Hope and Fear”


When I was a youth, I once saw a movie called The 7 Voyages of Sinbad. In it the famous fictional, sailor/pirate was faced with several journeys at sea, the last of which put him up against an one-eyed cyclops and a sealed cave of treasure. Sinbad had a crew and lots of good fortune, but not without challenge. He had to grow into his role as ship’s captain and into his ease with sea travel for he was not always a sailor nor rich and prosperous.

This, I think,is the message for today’s Daily Word. Each of us is living into the future of our dreams and wishes. Each of us on a ship of dreams and hopes, sailing toward a destiny we create and discover. Yesterday I spoke about taking on the big three enemies to your development and fulfillment (1.limited thinking, 2.negative influences and 3. unhealthy habits); today I add that must you trust your own magic as you take on your challenges of heart, mind, body, and dream.

In the Sinbad movie, there was a genie in a bottle who could be called forth with a rhyme: “In the land beyond, beyond, in the place past hope and fear–I bid you, Genie now appear.” Then this genie would show up and aid Sinbad and his crew in meeting the challenge.

Well, you have a genie, I dare you to use prayer as a tool against hopelessness and fear. Use silence and visualization as tools past fear and faithlessness. For myself, I chant nam myoho renge kyo. I sing gospel. I allow music to pave the way to right thought, action, and away from unhealthy turns of mind.Know that a rhyme,your own song will bring you your own. Sing…. Here’s the Daily Word:

I recognize a world rich in opportunity.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Universe is teeming with bountiful gifts and blessings to share with me, and I am worthy of receiving them!

I have no use for unworthiness, guilt, or shame. I release any ideas or practices that serve only to deter my good. I replace negative self-talk with confident self-love and feel my doubts disappear.

When I accept myself fully, realize my divine nature, and believe in my own worth, I stand a little taller. I know I have a place to fill in this world that no one else can fill. I behold a world rich in opportunity.

I give myself permission to receive all the gifts and support the Universe is eager to shower upon me. I expect the best and receive it gratefully.
Lead a life worthy of God, who calls you into his own kingdom and glory.—1 Thessalonians 2:12

Quick and Easy–Letting Go–Not Really–It Takes Inner Work

Quick and Easy–Letting Go–Not Really–It Takes Inner Work

I find this Daily Word one of the hard ones. Mostly because it says one can “let go” of limited thinking, but “limited thinking” is a concept suggesting that one knows which of one’s thoughts limit one’s growth and forward progress. Maybe saying, “I can’t go to Mallorca this year” is limited thinking yet, perhaps, I can if I set my mind to it. Perhaps “limited thinking” is engaging in self-defeating inner-talk like “I’ll never have enough (money, time, support, –name anything). So, one must be able to identify when one is limiting one’s horizons by thinking in limited or hopeless terms. Every thought is a prayer Unity teaches.So one must be alert to those things that drag us into self-depreciation and disrespect for our ability to bring what we desire into our lives. What can trigger that kind of awakening? How do you identify when you are or have been continually thinking about “why I can’t” rather than” if we do” or “when I will” a positive change can take place.

Negative influences” like hanging around people who have no ambition or who do drugs or who are stuck in a rut–people who have no money, no faith, no trust, only body aches and misery,bad memories and bad times to share. They have no sense of their connection to Spirit and they live outside the magic and miracles of each day. These are negative influences. Being a news junkie–when the news is all bad, can be a “negative influence” draining off your sense of joy, hope, and great expectations.

Finally, unhealthy habits like smoking , or drinking too much alcohol, or skipping meals, or eating too much, or eating too many carbs or fats in the form of a diet of burgers and fast foods. Maybe failing to exercise or do anything for anybody because you’re so focused on yourself is equally unhealthy. It disconnects you and leaves you feeling alone or unloved.
So this Daily word raises some serious issues to grapple with–to let go. How you do it, is to stop–if it is a stoppable action. Only prayer and meditation can reveal some of these inner restrictions and obstacles. But the good news is, you have the power to let go, once you realize the big three:limited thinking, negative influences, and unhealthy habits. It takes time, but every thought throughout every day will manifest the freedom and power to leave the big three behind. Set loose a red balloon in your mind filled with the stuff you wish to release as a daily practice, That will be a physical “letting go”. It works. Here’s the DW:

Let Go
I let go and open my life to greater good.
Monday, May 12, 2014

Letting go can be such an empowering experience! I let go of limited thinking, negative influences and experiences, and unhealthy habits that drain my energy.

As I let go, I open the door to greater good—to new relationships, positive interactions, freedom, and contentment. By letting go, I become willing to receive new blessings.

I place my trust in a power greater than myself and know without a doubt that God is with me and within me, guiding all I do. As I loose and let go of that which no longer serves my highest good, my life flourishes. I embrace my transformation with joy and grow in God!
Listen! I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to you.—Revelation 3:20

Compassion—what is it to feel?


What is compassion? Is it the slight smile we have when we see a man kiss his new born baby?
Is it the sigh of relief we feel when we hear someone in danger has been rescued?
Is it the sharing of a wise “I know” with the one who needs to know he or she is not alone?
Is it the sense of wholeness you feel when someone touches your heart with prayer ?
Is it the urge to do a helpful thing for one who is needful?
Is it feeling drawn to embrace a cause, a mission, a crusade?
Is it the tenderness you have for the needless road side kill?
Is it the moment you forgive a trespass by one you love?
Is it when you let yourself be–no matter your faults and failings?
Is it joining the world in it’s desire for peace?
Think on this. Tell me what is “compassion”?
Here’s your Daily Word..
Compassion inspires me to love without limit.
Saturday, May 10, 2014

When someone I know is struggling, my heart is moved to compassion. I may offer help and assurance or simply hold them in prayer. The love of God within inspires me to love others without limits.

By cultivating compassion, I connect with my humanity. I realize that we are all human beings with the same basic needs. The qualities I want for my life, others want as well. Every person wants safety, love, family and friendship, opportunities to thrive, and a sense of well-being.

Compassion encourages me to act with loving-kindness. As I love others more, I grow in awareness of my true nature—I am the love of God in expression.
Be kind to one another, tenderhearted.—Ephesians 4:32

PUSH and PULL–The other side of a coin

Push and Pull
Yes, I know I was really passionate and maybe pushy about the Nigerian girls kidnapping and plight, and I asked you to join with me in sending the vibe of their return and caring for all concerned. I am still there but today the message from Unity says to allow divine timing.

So maybe the girls volunteered before we ever came to earth to allow themselves this horrendous experience so as to change things for the better on planet earth and particularly in Nigeria and parts of the wrold where people think they can act lawlessly and with impunity?

What if this is in the divine plan of unfoldment for all concerned? That’s a hard pill to swallow, but I am not saying it is “God’s will.” I am saying it is the joint intention of the souls that those girls are and the harmonizing energies of right bonding to allow, help to manifrest change and order. So, I annex this note in recognition of unseen things at work. Just as our prayers and energy are unseen and can form a critical mass to bring the girls home again. Here’s the DW:
Divine Order
My life unfolds in divine order.
Friday, May 9, 2014

In an effort to achieve my goals quickly, I may push and hurry. Perhaps I’m trying to harvest my crop of dreams and intentions before they’ve had the chance to mature. Just as seeds need nourishment and time, divine ideas yield positive results when they unfold in their natural time and order.

I align with divine order by putting God first in my thoughts and actions. I affirm: I am immersed in the natural flow of life. Attuned to Spirit, I am open to guidance. I listen, observe, and receive nuances, nudges, and intuition.

I wait or act as guided, trusting that divine order is unfolding. I reap the rewards when I align myself with God and have faith in divine timing.
The earth produces of itself, first the stalk, then the head, then the full grain in the head.—Mark 4:28

Release Our Nigerian sisters, Boko Harum!


By now many of you have heard about the young Nigerian women and girls who have been abducted from their school and are now in the hands of extremists. The group is called Boko Harum and they have been on television threatening to sell the girls. Meanwhile they go on killing others. It is so so bad. I do not typically use this column for social political commentary. But their is strength in numbers. if you can imagine the fear and uncertainty that those young women are living with. If you can imagine what may be happening to them–their very beings violated. They may be scantily dressed, cold, hungry and powerless against this confinement against their wills. Think about their families–the anxiety, the worry, the sickening wondering when and if their children will be returned. We must stand in solidarity with them and against such heinous acts.We may have no secret ops nor any special forces, but we have our hearts. We have our humanity. We have prayer and action out of faith. Pass this on. For myself and those who would stand with me for our kidnapped and endangered sisters, Release them! Release Our Sisters,now. There is strength iin numbers.

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Strength enables me to persevere when I am challenged; yet I don’t need to endure alone. The presence of God strengthens me whenever I need energy to meet any adversity.
Just as I nourish my body at mealtimes to remain physically strong, I nourish my spiritual strength through prayer and meditation. Prayer reminds me that God and I are one, that everything I need is already available to me. I connect with God’s mighty presence by affirming: My resilience comes from Spirit within. My strength is the energy of God.
As I partner with God in prayer, I become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. I meet any challenge through the presence of God that strengthens me.
The Lord is my strength and my might, and he has become my salvation.–Exodus 15:2

GUIDANCE IS USUALLY…(preamble to the Daily Word “guidance”)

Guidance is usually

a dream
a chance word
a uncanny coincidental sign
a moment of realization
someone else telling you the exact same thing as you’re concerned about
a friend calling just when you’re wondering who to talk to about it
a subtle memory that fits and applies to the situation
a gentle new idea
a startling realization while doing something altogether different
the turn of a trusted deck of oracle or tarot cards
a picture of someone related to you or who would tell you rightly
a wrong trun at the right time to end up at the perfect place
a song on the radio
a counselor whom you see
a minister whom you trust
prayer and quiet faith with sweet waiting

Here’s your Daily Word

Sailors once navigated the seas by considering the position of the stars. Today we use global positioning systems to help us navigate our roads and highways. But how do we find our way when no road map exists? What happens when we enter into uncharted territory?
The future is rarely revealed as clearly as a road map. When I am unsure of my path, I may be fearful. My heart may pound and my thoughts may race. Yet if I listen to my inner wisdom, my next step becomes clear. With faith, I follow the light of intuition as I am guided forward, one step at a time.
As I trust in divine guidance, my confidence grows. From one step to the next, I travel safely to my destination.
You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me with honor.—Psalm 73:24

All Experts Psychic ANSWER–as Preamble to the Daily Word: “Forgiveness”


As I have told you, I am doing charity readings on All Expert (dot com) Yesterday, I got this question from a user and here is my answer: It ties into today’s Daily Word:

Aries/ Taurus. 36


Aries.Taurus 36,

If you are talking about anger, which is often the response to emotional or self-perceived threat. Then you will need to put together a program for yourself.

Many of us are injured or diminished by events early in our lives, or hurt deeply without ever being able to fully heal. We carry that memory of that injury or those hurts within and when a similar situation arises, and makes us feel powerless or reduced or like this old injury might be repeated, we strike out.

You probably know this much.

There are remedies–
from seeing a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist to stress and anger management programs–you need only consult your doctor or look a professional up on line. Try not to take pills but group therapy is great.

But if you want to take charge and work through by yourself–you will need faith, and a strong will to overcome your mind’s preprogramming to tell you to fight and lash out. It is a reaction and it is fear. You want to be heard, understood, and comforted. You need that and it makes you more resentful when it seems to be so unperceived.

For myself, I was molested many times as a young woman and child. My mother died when I was young and I felt defenseless. My brothers seemed to get the best deal–by being already grown and hence free or by being the baby of the family and cared for more than I. I was plenty angry. I developed a defense system because I felt abandoned and mistreated and left to fend for myself. It wasn’t true, but it’s what I had internalized. I was a snapping turtle. It did not take anything to set me off.

I hope you can recognize the pattern–not the story.

So after many years of lashing out at loved ones and having low grades in school, and talking back to my elders and just being a pain. I finally was grown but not released. So I set off to heal myself by seeking God.

If you have a belief in God, that is the first stop in the program that I am suggesting you put together for yourself.Ask for help from heaven. You do it by asking God to help you see yourself clearly and to help you learn to replace anger and defense with love and forgiveness. It’s an easy prayer to pray. Then just say thanks for your deliverance. Light a candle and keep it burning for your awakening to a new sense of self-control and any new person who comes into your life. This may take a year or two. You will be sent a comforter, maybe a friend, maybe a teacher, may even a co-worker, who will help you see how to make those internal changes.You are not alone.

You may want to start meditation. There are all kinds, but the simplest is 2-5 minutes of silence morning and evening (same times if possible). Just sit down and listen to your self breath and close your eyes. Ignore tings that pass through your mind. But notice when you drift off–sleep is good is you dose. Just meditate a few more minutes when you awaken. That’s deep healing.

Hypnosis and Chanting nam myoho renge kyo has been helpful for me. I am so far from my old angry self now that I changed my name legally. Maybe you can move toward a marker like that.

Whatever you decide in putting your program together, I recommend you forgive yourself for all of your hurtful reactions to others–one by one. (Use your meditation to recall old clashes). You are not the only one who has ever been hurt and fought back without understanding what the causes and triggers are. Really use your meditation time to remember different times when you were angry and use your imagination to redream the actual incident and make it right in your mind. Recreate the past bad with a scene of good. The mind will free you from the guilt and sense of still being so reactionary.

I forgive and God’s good flows through me.
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

God is love, and through me God’s love finds expression. When I am loving, God’s good is flowing freely through me. But if I hold on to anger, I am unreceptive to the good God has for me—I block Love’s expression. To be an open channel for God, I discern and release any thoughts unlike Love.

I begin by ceasing self-judgment and loving myself. I am learning and growing; mistakes are a part of my journey. In the same way, I release any judgment or blame about others and choose love instead. I let go of belief in failure or limitation. I am stronger, wiser, and more loving with each life lesson.

As I love and forgive, obstacles dissolve and good flows freely in my life.
Therefore, I tell you, her sins, which were many, have been forgiven; hence she has shown great love.—Luke 7:47

NOAH–Following God’s lead—- or Not–Preamble to the Daily Word “Starting Point”


NOAH–Following God’s lead—- or Not

Today’s Daily Word gives me a chance to say a word about the new film, NOAH. It stars Russell Crow and Jennifer Connelly, with a strong performance by Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame.

Most of us who were raised in Christian traditions know the story of Noah, one of the descendants of Adam and Eve who is appointed by God to build an ark (huge sea worthy ship of logs) to gather and preserve the earth’s animals in pairs. For God (The Creator) is very disassatisfied with the behavior of humankind,who have in large part, descended into utter disregard for creation and lost inner guidance or outer morality that is a part of their divine birthright. This is called sin. According to the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible,Noah and his family were saved after 40 days and 40 nights of rain, which we know as the Deluge or Flood by which the world was destroyed, and given another chance to repopulate and act in accordance with the will of God . We are living in that time.

In this motion picture, Noah, is the historical and righteous descendant of men who coupled with the Sons of God, angels. These angels were outcast from heaven because they came to help man after the Fall (disobedience of Adam and Eve). Genetically and morally, Noah is the last of a kind of human being. The other human beings are those who have multiplied into greedy, immoral, domineering, killing kind. Noah is hard pressed to live in isolation and keep his family safe from their raids and the desolation of the world–a clear analog to the environmental challenges we face in places where clear cutting or toxic emissions have threatened us with barren unproductive land and unhealthy ozone and city smogs. Noah has clairvoyant dreams and knows himself to be a recipient of God’s laws. In a series of visions and potent dreams, he gets the call to build the ark,and his family,his wife (Connelly) three sons, an adopted daughter(Watson)help over a number of years. Except in this movie, the Sons of God,now huge megalithic stone beings(simlar to transformers except in roughened stone) aid them. They are so encased because they are being punished still by God for disobeying Him. God is profiled as very uncompromising., vindictive, and unforgiving.

Like God, Noah is a hard man. He takes his mission to be to get rid of humankind,including his own family, but to save the animals for the new, unspolied Paradise. His plan is to have the family kill each member in a cycle of deaths, so that when the sleeping animals(unique to this film) on the ark awake, only the youngest family member (Japhet) will be alive to attend to their release, and he will live alone until death. Noah is certain of this plan. He feels honor bond to obey. He asks God for signs to know for sure that is to do, yet when God gives those signs–such as the end of the rain, such as the ark striking land, and such as the birds returning with green leaves from trees, he takes them as puncutating his strong belief that all of humanity needs to die fore the world to be the pristine paradise it was with just the animals and the eternity of days unspolied by mankind. The film fails by using the snake and apple literally as symbols of the fall because God does not appear walking in any garden.

The plot includes Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, Noah’s great grandfather who is like the guru of the mountain whom time has forgotten and separated from humankind and family. It is a little absurd, and his role is as sage with a healing touch is an odd injection. There is the requisite village of sinners lead by an evil “king of men” and it is he who represents the possibility that humankind will be unredeemable. He is the devil incarnate and tempts Noah’s middle son, Ham who is torn between being a man with the desire for a mate and a boy who is as strong and committed to doing the will of his father. He helps the “king” actually stow away on the ark. Ham is only biblically authentic at the end when he leaves to go off on his own. This begs the same question as is in the bible? Does he expect to find other people? How can he? Didn’t God just wipe the world clean of everybody but Noah’s family?

The film is a long way from the Bible story in that it makes-up a psychology of the players unfound in the ancient Hebrew texts. It also pieces together some implications spread throughout the Old Testament about the Nephelim, giants who walked the land in those days. But mostly it creates conflicts implicit to the imagination, and undermines the humble Noah we imagined in Sunday school. Noah of the film had to come to recognize God’s will and his own. He had to know that God gave him a task and other choices and stepped away. After getting the passport from God, one can only follow one’s best and highest instincts. I ask you, how can you tell when it’s God’s Will that you are following or a distortion based on your own views through a glass darkly?

Starting Point
Spirit is active in me to accomplish unlimited good.
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Every dream has a point of origin—a moment when we know there is something that is ours to do. Our dreams are sparked by divine ideas. From the start of any new adventure, I draw upon my faith, because I know I am one with Divine Mind. I embrace divine ideas as they come to me, knowing I have the power to bring them to fruition.

Through the power of imagination, I envision my dreams unfolding. I cultivate them in my consciousness and give thanks for their ultimate manifestation.

I use the power of strength to persevere in my goals and use wisdom and will to make the right choices. With a spirit of success, I joyfully embark on new life adventures.
Be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating.—Isaiah 65:18

Great Days–Preamble to the Daily Word–“Express God”

Great Days

Each of these preambles for the Daily Word is a successive one linked to the one before.

It is a good thing to be able to say I feel a part of God is me, and I am wholly in the mind of God as a practical realization.

Yester afternoon, there was a documentary on tv about the origins of the “devil” in Christian art and literature, starting with the fourth century artistic representation of him as an angel.

The bible has no clear description of any horned or cloved foot guy with a tritan.

But this illustration shows him as a blue angel. He sits to the left of christ with goats and an angel dressed in red clothing sits to the right with sheep.

This is the symbolic idea of how Christ will return and separate the bad form the good as in sheep and goats.

There was more about the rise of the image of the devil from little tailsmen that were meant ot fight eveil to represening evil.

But I am sure a little Google search can tell you more or perhaps Wikipedia. I just found this little footnote to my experience of God as the color red–assuring.

I wonder what new enlightenment will follow this awakening? Here’s your Daily Word:

Express God

I am a living expression of God’s perfection.
Thursday, May 1, 2014

Every individual is a living expression of God’s perfection, wholeness, power, creativity, and joy. We have within us the pattern of perfection and the ability to bring it into manifestation.

Today, and every day, I have the opportunity to be God in expression. By fully being who I am, I demonstrate God in my own unique way. I offer love and kindness, peace and acceptance to others. I act with honor and integrity and live a joyous and fulfilling life.

I am made in the image and likeness of God, a living expression of Spirit. I am here to express, as fully as possible, the divine nature of my being.
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God?—1 Corinthians 6:19