Attitude of Gratitude–Preamble to Daily Word “gratitude”

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Today I prayed to God for forgiveness (in this way I forgive myself).
I have been complaining and pissing and moaning about wanting work, a new place to live (more space),a new phone, a new car, a better income and mulling over my health as if it is all down hill.

I hardly ever act this way, but I see that I still have old programming about “things”, my own timing (not divine), and what it means to “age”. I apologized for my inability to think positively about my knees (which have been giving me trouble since I came to Denmark). I apolozied for not being more patient with my progress and my acquistion of more “comforts.” I apologized for thinking hard of V because she misunderstands my need to ocntribute. I have been in a slight funk and it was not clear to me until just yesterday.

So after an acupunctur treatment today, I painlessly walked from the doctor’s office to the train statio, and I stopped at a church along the way. I asked for forgiveness, and talked it over with Spirit. I offered gratitude for what I do have, especailly Viv’s good attention to my needs and education. I felt contrition and relief. To close, I asked for a “red car” passing as a sign that my prayer had been heard. I waited patiently for 3 minutes, a small red stationwagon zoomed by. That proof was not to prove God but to affirm I can create something out of nothing, and that I am in the flow of Spirit. I am so grateful to come back to myself–again. Here’s your Daily Word:
I am grateful for all!
Friday, May 30, 2014

Even when circumstances are not what I hoped for, I find an aspect for which to be grateful. Even when my outer world changes, I am grateful for the unchanging spirit of God in me.

Spirit gives me life. I draw on perfect life with every breath. Spirit provides me love. I am loved unconditionally and I share that love with others. Spirit provides me peace. I liberate myself from burdensome thoughts and struggles as I reconnect with inner stillness.

I am thankful for all that Spirit provides. Although outer conditions shift and change, I remain centered in gratitude for the divine gifts that are mine.

Thank you, God, for everything!
Since we are receiving a

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